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Last update: 2019-01-10

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The most innovative resort that helps its inhabitants to discover themselves using hypnotherapy. You seem to have lost your memories and now you have to recover them with hypnotherapy. Can you escape the Inventis resort? Is there another way out then being hypnotised?? Who is that lady in your dreams and did I just see the snack machine stabbing someone with a stun rod?

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The goal
You lost your memories and now have get them back. After that it is up to you wether you want to escape with your mind intact, become a submissive or go the other way and dominate to take over the resort itself. What will you choose? Either way you will have a lot of fun going through the experiences and interacting with the characters within the story.
Note: You can play both as dominant or submissive in this game. I wanted to cater to both sides in this game.

Updated: 2018-09-17
Censorship: None
Version: 0.30
OS: All
Language: English

Hypnosis, Domination and Submission, Male/Female dominant and submissive, M/F + M/M +F/F, Threesome, Sissy, Feminization

Install instructions: :

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Welcome to Inventis.html” to start playing.


The village of Aritz Zonak has been fulld for now. In this update you can find a few neat things like:
* Sexy scenes with Dyani as a man/m2f
* Sexy scenes with Askook as a man/m2f
* The transformation that will start your sissy path
* The jungle guide book has been updated with some fun info
The new update has brought the total word amount to 43k.
With this version comes a few quality updates which help you improve your playing experience. This is done through coloring of text and a guiding text in crimson red for helping the player.
The new images for the scene with Bob are also included in this version as well as new description for various locations and actions.
Adds a few days in which you can prepare for the big journey outside the Inventis Resort. Also added are interactions with Bella and Bob among more things.
v0.13 Hotfix
Fixes the bug with the dildo after purchasing it. The bug with the snack machine has also been fixed. I was swapping to more clean and efficient code which ironically created a few bugs which now should be ironed out.
Showering can now also push you over the max energy limit as its influence is small.
Lastly I have added a MUTE BUTTON in the form of a radio as suggested in your inventory.
Some quality of life changes
Added and upgraded a few drawings for more viewing pleasure
Added a M/F sex scene
Added a M/M sex scene
Added day 6 with the safe cracking hypnosession
Added Elizabeth perk on lvl 5
Added the private book collections
Added the Mark of Catula
Reduced the need to click back when not having enough credits.
When masturbating by hand you can get willpower back to a maximum of 3
You get dominance up to neutral with masturbating with your hand while the dildo decreases it down to 0
Put in a requirement to get Lucas his perk.
Put in a requirement to get Elizabeth her perk.
changed coupon passages
Removed strength and energy gain from library.
Added 2 straight and 1 gay character update which can be seen here below.
Added levels 2-5 for Bella which includes making out with her.
Added levels 2-5 for Jenny which includes Tanning with her.
Added levels 2-5 for Lucas which includes workouts with him
Added the improve lifting skill
Upped the lust cap from 10 to 12
A status shows you at what level you are with Bella, Jenny and Lucas.
Code cleanup regarding variables
Fixed bug with pill not being added if you already had one
Changed some code for efficiency
Fixed not being able to work after eating unless talking to the chef again
Fixed a bug of being able to buy a daily gym pass even if you have a lifetime membership pass
Lowered the energy so the loop of being able to work and eat for infinite energy has been fixed
Added explanation about willpower
This version will have a story till Day 5 of the game. After that you are free to explore the resort as much as you want.

Welcome To Inventis

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 100

Welcome To Inventis: screenshots

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