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The game centers on a demon kingdom besieged by humans.
The previous demon king sought peaceful coexistence with humans,
but he and his human queen were lured to a peace meeting with one of the human kingdoms and murdered.
Thrown into disarray by the surprise attack,
and threatened by a mysterious plague that has fullly prevented the birth of new demon babies,
the demon kingdom is facing full extermination.
With the fate of the kingdom on her shoulders,
the orphaned demon princess seeks out a lone alchemist
,her tutor as a child to find a cure for the plague and stave off their human attackers.
The alchemist, a student of biology, c
omes up with a daring plan: use forbidden magic to conceive an army of fast-maturing,
short-lived super-soldiers to combat the human menace while he searches for a cure.​

Last update: 2021-10-14
Released: 2011-12-23
Creator (developer): Ninetail/Dualtail – –
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (Translated)

2dcg, male protagonist, monster girl, monster girl, simulator, strategy, pregnancy, ahegao, rape, tentacle, bdsm, lactation, titfuck, handjob, anal sex, vaginal sex, oral sex, sex toys, urination, bestiality, multiple penetration, turn based combat, loli, fantasy, adventure,

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Translator Notes:

Patch Description
A mostly functional patch for the interface of Venus Blood -Abyss-.
This patch does not translate the story, only most everything else.
Another game, another patch. A similar warning to before, I am not at all proficient in Japanese and accuracy of translation is not guaranteed. That being said, far more effort went into the translation than just blindly copying and pasting the output of google translate.
Like in the earlier games, I have included the translations of the story choices in separate patch(patch4.xp3). These translations are likely less accurate. And if you are having trouble through some combination of opaque choices, a lack of context, or inaccurate translation, I have included an alternate version that also displays the results of the choices right next to the choice to remove any guesswork.
If you have any corrections, suggestions, bug reports, or whatever, feel free to post them on the thread.
The interface patch is full at version 1.0, barring any updates. If anyone wants to make a full translation patch, I’d be happy to help them.
Whats new (last changes)
1.0, 5/1/2017 – Initial release.
1.01, 11/30/2019 – Fixed bug with Sweeping and Penetrating attacks not working. No other changes.
Patch v1.01:
PSD Source Files v1.0 (Not needed unless you plan on editing the patch):
Note: Seeing as Ninetail is doing an official translation of Venus Blood Frontier, which you should definitely go buy, I will not be making any more patches of the Venus Blood games.

Developer Notes:

A golem who survived the last attack on Gurizani thanks to her master Primates salvaging parts to repair her, making her also very similar to humans.
Golems, which all look similar to Aion, are known to be as strong as a company each, making them very valuable assets on the battlefield and they were mainly responsible for killing veterans and nobles that were courageous enough to fight instead of fleeing deeper into the demon world.
The Triacetate family is from a lineage of heroes which have the blood of dragons flowing within their veins. Here, the young and inexperienced Florensia enters the Labyrinth to fulfill her destiny by slaying the new demon lord, Lucina Velvet Gurizani.
Garnet Toikurosu
A harpy who became the general of the Gurizani army after the death of the previous one during the golem war. Childhood friend of Salacia and close aide of Lucina. Usually very mature, only Quilt is able to anger her swiftly given their shared past.
A high-ranking demon merchant who travels all over the demon world.
Originally taken in by Febris, Quilt’s mentor, after her death she now serves him faithfully. With her near immortal body and perfect memory she can assist him with various task, which also includes participating in experiments, as subject.
While merely being and wanting to be very affectionate rather than being actually sexually assertive, she is still a massive masochist. Never minding any pain and instead turning such into excitement or straight up pleasure.
Albeit using a bow in battle for ranged attacks, she is able to heal other units and also performs the role of a front-line guard.
Lucina-Vel bed = Gurizani
The central heroine of the game. Being born to a human princess and a demon lord who now after their assassination wants to continue their legacy. Like them, she aims towards the coexistence of humans and demons.
However with her country being embroiled in a devastating war with the humans, she now seeks help from and gladly accepts the conditions of Quilt, the protagonist, while also becoming his fiance.
The protagonist was previously in charge of her education which resulted in Lucina becoming very fond of him.
Sarakia corduroy
Serena Opekotto
While growing up in an orphanage, she dedicated herself to the prominent religion of the region which worships the goddess Sharia. She survived a ritual which turned her into a Saint who can turn prayers into powerful light and healing magic.
Sole daughter of the hell king Agilis Flannel Rodoria and a water dragon. She is send to Gurizani as goodwill ambassador but clashes with Lucina and wants to recruit Quilt for her country, even offering to become his fiance.
Shanan and Lucina often fight over their breast size and who’s better endowed.
Agirisu flannel = Rodoria
Hell king of Rodoria, a pure fire dragon and father of Shanan. While respecting the previous demon lord of Gurizani and their non-aggression treaty, he is conquering the rest of the demon world and mercilessly killing anyone who oppose him with his incredible power. An absolute ruler.
A mysterious figure who controls the war between the humans and demons.

Work Around for Japanese Games for Windows 10

Venus Blood: ABYSS

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 70

Venus Blood: ABYSS: screenshots

Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 0Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 1Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 2Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 3Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 4Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 5Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 6Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 7Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 8Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 9Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 10Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 11Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 12Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 13Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 14Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 15Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 16Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 17Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 18Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 19Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 20Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 21Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 22Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 23Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 24Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 25Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 26Venus Blood: ABYSS screenshot 27

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