Umichan High Stakes v0.7 Deluxe

Version:0.7 Deluxe
Demo version:No
Last update: 2019-08-23

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Umichan High Stakes

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 66

Umichan High Stakes: screenshots

Umichan High Stakes screenshot 0Umichan High Stakes screenshot 1Umichan High Stakes screenshot 2Umichan High Stakes screenshot 3Umichan High Stakes screenshot 4Umichan High Stakes screenshot 5Umichan High Stakes screenshot 6Umichan High Stakes screenshot 7Umichan High Stakes screenshot 8Umichan High Stakes screenshot 9Umichan High Stakes screenshot 10

xGames opinion:

Finally after playing the games of this Umichan series piece by piece finally figure it out if this game was actually first game that you must be played before the next or any other Umichan for at least knowing the other game context. I supposed to say this one is the first one among other canon-non-canon series or different routes from any other Umichan series games (I will also edit the game that I currently play it to recommend others play this first instead that one if I found out there was a series related to this one). The gameplay is actually relaxing for a visual novel game there is an option where you could relay on game instruction but also you can just explore anywhere you want to for finding routes/stories on your own. There is no complicated endings or anything. It’s also animated and quite unique open-world style experience.
There is a minigame like:
Umichan Maiko Agent Academy

Umichan Maiko Agent Academy

or other side-character short perspective like:
Umichan Sorani

Umichan Sorani v0.1.4 Deluxe [COMPLETED]

and much more.

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