Umichan Sorani v0.1.4 Deluxe [COMPLETED]

Version:0.1.4 Deluxe
Demo version:No
Last update: 2019-08-23

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Umichan Sorani is published on xGames as a part of our large adult games collection. Free download of this game is served with just a few clicks. Games like Umichan Sorani are are always available for you on daily basis by xGames.

Umichan Sorani

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 69

Umichan Sorani: screenshots

Umichan Sorani screenshot 0Umichan Sorani screenshot 1Umichan Sorani screenshot 2

xGames opinion:

Umichan Sorani is another series of many kinds of Umichan game’s this one particular takes on a visual novel with the simple of premise objective. Collecting money and exploring things while carefully not to get caught doing prostitutes stuff and again like other Umichan series there is no complex or details into many of the stories. There is some mechanic like the boobs thingy same as the game that I reviewed before from the game called Umichan Maiko Agent. Unfortunely the game isn’t fully, I mean this one is the public release version of the game the full one has many features on it I guess. Even though it was quite good. I feel like the games somehow is continuation of before/after another game from Umichan series I might be also wrong about the stories since there is a lot I mean a bunch of games they made.
This one actually side character stories from if you are wondering

One Comment on “Umichan Sorani v0.1.4 Deluxe [COMPLETED]”

  1. Playing umichan sorani was the most simplest game I’ve ever played set up. The lack of events will make it easier for girls who have not discovered that side to become hoes without guilt. This game umichan sorani only seems to be one day. Which is a real turn off. This is the first time where I’ve played as a female entirely. which was interesting. There should be a romance option rather than just giving some. There should be more spending options to keep the players hooked on longer. The longer someone spends on a game the more success you have. Honestly it may take longer but combining there games and concept could be very beneficial.

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