Thirstchasm [v3.2] [Carpetwurm] v3.2

Demo version:No
Dev patreon: carpetwurm
Last update: 2023-05-21

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Rumor has it that lewd things have been going down in an abandoned testing facility, known as the Chasm. Many thrill seekers and exhibitionists have gone missing though, so it may be dangerous to go alone… Explore procedurally generated dungeons and fuck your way to the top in this lewd action-adventure game, inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and various other sources. Meet (and possibly, fuck) multiple Monsters, NPCs, and bosses! Thirstchasm solely features Male on Male content, with over 20 unique animated sex scenes!
Last update: 2023-05-20
Released: 2019-12-10
Creator (developer): Carpetwurm – – – –
Censored: No
Version: 3.2
OS: Windows
Language: English

2D Game, 2DCG, Adventure, Animated, Anal Sex, Ahegao, Combat, Creampie, Exhibitonism, Furry, Gay, Humiliation, Internal view, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Rape, Stripping, Tentacles

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

The Finale
-Added ending cinematic after reaching the end of the game.
-Removed crashdumper
Lonely Rolling Mask
-Removed Ko-Fi splash screen
-Made level sizes 5×5 and 7×7
-Added another custom control cheatcode.
-Replaced Ko-Fi link with an link
-Buffed every enemy and boss.
>Fixed issue with accessing non-existent rooms
>Fixed issue with the game trying to fade non-existent music
>Fixed an issue with map generation, that sometimes causes crashing
>Fixed an issue with Gelly and RFB animations
>Fixed issue with RowFlicker flickering non-existent entities.
>Fixed issue with Ashley’s death crashing the game sometimes.
Thirstchasm: Final Chung Edition
-New splash screen thanking Ko-Fi supports for getting TC this far.
-New Wolf Pack ambush room.
-Props that spawn on the ground
-Know-it-All and Monstermind skills
-Naughtilis Boss Fight
-New NPC mechanic, with NPC negotiation and dialogue.
-Bryan and Ashley (NPCs)
-Made the Tentacle ambush exclusive to the Factory level.
-Blunt Blows now topples enemies for a longer time.
-Balanced the Alpha Wolf boss fight.
-Secondary levels are now 8×8, instead of 9×9
-Killing toppled/stunned enemies rewards the player with 1 EXP.
-Defeating bosses rewards the player with 3 EXP.
-First time being hit in a new room will topple the player.
-There is now text telling whether an enemy is toppled or stunned.
-Distinct sound when an enemy is about to attack.
-Boss rooms now spawn adjacent to the ending room, and no longer spawn on the main path.
-Passive enemies now have a chance of walking around aimlessly.
-Minor improvements to map generation.
-Keeping your clothes on doubles the EXP you earn.
-Fixed the problem with ambush room QTEs allowing you to press RIGHT and not lose.
-Fixed a problem with pressing the action button when prompted, and causing the player to use their active ability at the same time.
-Fixed issue with destroying two enemies with one dom.
-Fixed an issue with leaving a room not returning the player’s sword
-Fixed an issue with being knocked out of the room while out of HP.
-Fixed garbage collection issue. (Finally.)
Off of hiatus – a small update to clean up for v3.0
-Custom controls
-Changed the QTE in ambush rooms, it now shows general direction arrows rather than telling you which key to press. (In order to be less confusing)
-Made unobtainable enemy animations more apparent in the Gallery menu.
-The game is now Flash-friendly again, meaning it’s e621 compatible!
-Fixed the loop point on the main BGM (was looping incorrectly before, according to Dino.)
-Fixed the memory issue when doing multiple runs within a single session.
-Fixed the notification text getting stuck when pausing the game.
Solidifying the game’s design
-Added a more procedural cumsplatter system, that randomly spawns small cumsplatters on the ground. Big cumsplatters now spawn under the player after fucking an enemy. If the player walks over a big cum splatter, they trail cum for a little while.
-Added passive enemies in trap rooms, attacking them makes them aggressive.
-Added EXP points, earned by either dominating enemies or winning ambush rooms.
-Added a skill system.
-Added 8 new passive skills, and 3 new active skills.
-Added a boss battle system.
-Added the Alpha Wolf boss fight.
-Added the Factory level
-Added a new ambush room
-Added the Gallery (accessible from the main menu)
-Added sound effects
-Added a new OST (composed by A Dinosaur, )
-Winning an ambush room no longer rewards the player with Energy.
-Losing an ambush room now rewards the player with Energy instead.
-Removed static cumstains baked directly into the tilemap
-Special rooms (Such as ambushes, the start room, boss rooms, etc.) now connect to all adjacent rooms. (Before they had a chance of walling themselves off from eachother, like how empty rooms do.
-Optimized the map generation code
-Ambush rooms are now fullly optional, and no longer spawn on the main path between the start and exit.
-Game overs now play the submissive loop of the last enemy to attack the player. (Which means the original game over loop has been removed from the game – it isn’t that good anyway, trust me.)
-Fixed a bug where when walking out of a room, if you turn around quick enough it causes the game to load the incorrect room.
-Fixed a minor bug where if you held up and down on a menu it’d cause some pretty funky animation problems
-Fixed a bug where the player was invulnrable while swinging their sword
Fixing up the game for v2.0
-Changed the hitboxes on the player’s sword, making combat more “realistic” (rather than being able to hit enemies that are nowhere close to your sword)
-Shortened how long enemies stay toppled/stunned for.
-Changed the Kobold’s attack hitbox, making it able to hit the player without needing to actually be overlapping the player.
-Fixed bug where enemies despawn when touching a toppled player, despite not triggering a scene.
-Fixed bug where ambush room quicktime events would generate the same keypress twice in a row, making it so that there were less actual keypresses needed. (Aka when you would get ambushes that’d only need 2 or 3 presses)
-Fixed bug where starting a new game too quickly would cause the game to softlock
-Enemies no longer stay toppled/stunned (among other things) when leaving and re-entering rooms
-Fixed bug where the player would continue to see ambush loops that they’ve already fully seen
-Fixed issue that caused everyone’s antivirus to flip out. (a.k.a. I had to remove the exit button from the start menu)

Developer Notes:

Thirstchasm is an extremely unstable game. Black screens during animations and infinite level generation are known issues, with no known way to fix them. These issues are likely due to the game engine the game is built on, hence why I gave up developing it. You can try running either the Flash or Windows version of the game to circumvent these issues, or buying the Animations pack which has all of the in-game animations.

Thirstchasm [v3.2] [Carpetwurm]

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 0

Thirstchasm [v3.2] [Carpetwurm]: screenshots

Thirstchasm [v3.2] [Carpetwurm] screenshot 0Thirstchasm [v3.2] [Carpetwurm] screenshot 1Thirstchasm [v3.2] [Carpetwurm] screenshot 2Thirstchasm [v3.2] [Carpetwurm] screenshot 3Thirstchasm [v3.2] [Carpetwurm] screenshot 4Thirstchasm [v3.2] [Carpetwurm] screenshot 5

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