The Imperial Gatekeeper v1.15 [COMPLETED]

Demo version:No
Last update: 2019-08-31

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The protagonist Til was a decorated warrior in battle,
but ended up being dispatched to work in the “immigration bureau” after the war.
Though feeling very disgruntled, Til made his way to his new work “station.”

: Features

* System
The functions in this game are played with a mouse.
The player becomes the “gate keeper” of the immigration bureau station.
Be sure to thoroughly examine their paper work to be sure they aren’t dangerous!
As the stages progress, you can access more commands.
You can do a physical exam command to give them a full body check,
or use de-clothing commands to strip them down, as the commands get lewder.
You can be sure to work as a proper gate keeper and gain the trust of the people,
or take advantage of the absolute power you posses…!
* Erotica
Mostly erotic scenes based around pose art sexual assault.
You can sexually touch the bodies of the characters who come to your station.
As the game progresses you can access more commands,
and end up enjoying sex within your station.
There are a rich variety of characters that are ripe for violation!
There are also CG included erotic events for the main character.
Though low in number currently (ver1.0), there are lots of variations.

Last update: : 2019-08-27
Released: : 2019-08-14
Creator (developer): : Tengsten
Censored: Yes
Version: 1.15
OS: Windows
Language: English

Touching, Violation, Nameless Sex, Coercion

Install instructions: :

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Ver1.15 Patch Notes 2019/08/14
[Bug fixes]
-If you allow passage of a slaved person,
the character’s movement becomes suspicious.
-Between examinations, you can use a clean cloth even if there is no target.
-Corrected the coordinates of the beastman’s ass hole.
-Corrected the conversation text of some characters.
Ver1.14 Patch Notes 2019/08/13
-Added a function to allow viewing of erotic event CG in Memoir mode.
-Added a function to check the marked character in the “Notebook”.
-Added a function to repeat the current action when the left mouse button is held down
during physical examination. (Excluding the butt hitting)
-After clearing the scenario, the inspection days can be rest in My Room.
-Adjusted the status selection of Mob Character.
with “Front is sensitive” does not have the erogenous zone ass and anus.
with “Back is sensitive” does not have the erogenous zone Boobs.
@Increased the chance of a gFirst SEXh becoming a gloverh and a reduced chance of becoming a gRelativesh.
-In the mission list, corrected the stage 2 mission “Incident in Eisen”
to not be displayed until the endgame. Changed the notation of conditions.
-In the mission list, adjusted the display of achievement conditions for some missions.
Completed missions will no longer display the numerical value of achievement conditions.
-In Easy mode, wanted criminals always appear first
if they meet the conditions for appearance of wanted criminals.
-Fixed motion when using “Clean Cloth” from the item field.
-“Beast man Vusi” can now be arrested in the sandbox.
-Added facial expression differences for male mob characters. Adjusted their text.
-Added a standing picture to the Beast Man type. Turning are now possible.
-Adjusted the face and hairstyle of the noble woman type.
-After clearing the scenario, adjusted the text of the guards of stage 3.
-Other minor corrections to text and images.
Ver1.13 Patch Notes 2019/07/20
-At stage 2 Hana re-appearing event, Fixed the movement of Character picture.
-When there was a defect in the papers,
it was corrected because there was a rare case such
as <Not Found> that an incorrect description might appear.
-Fixed the picture of the hand and the semen to be displayed correctly
when the climax is made by tapping on the ass.
-Fixed a bug in which costumes and hairstyles were not read correctly
when a wanted criminal was judged once and re-appeared.

The Imperial Gatekeeper

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 91

The Imperial Gatekeeper: screenshots

The Imperial Gatekeeper screenshot 0The Imperial Gatekeeper screenshot 1The Imperial Gatekeeper screenshot 2The Imperial Gatekeeper screenshot 3The Imperial Gatekeeper screenshot 4

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