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Last update: 2019-01-10

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The eWardrobe is set it in the near future, where pretty much everything is the same except most modern homes have a cloud-based electronic closet, which allows them to manage a huge clothing library. You play as the job-hunting Danny Jones, a young man who’s spending the summer at his aunt’s cottage in a new town. Danny didn’t bring any clothing him, and his aunt’s eWardrobe thinks he’s Sasha, his “partygirl” cousin.
The eWardrobe is currently in its alpha stage, with a few deep storylines and choices that are both cosmetic and plot-changing.
It is free to download, but please do not play unless you’re old enough to use erotic entertainment.

Updated: 21/10/2018
Censorship: None, all text
Version: v0.5.3
OS: Windows
Language: English

male-to-female transformation, mental changes, involuntary, bimbo
Here is 0.5.3. It continues through to the end of Week 7’s Wednesday. The storylines with updates here would be the Dante romantic path, the live-streaming path and there’s some new Sails’ content. No new images this time, so if you have still the old image pack you can just download the .html file and replace the old with 0.5.3.
Hope you all enjoy it. I’m working on the next update now.
42k new words
Three new date scenes.
Three new sex scenes. Danni can finally have sex with some new romantic partners. M/F, M/F, F/F.
Danny’s secret can be “shared” with two different people. How they react is very dependent on the Danny you have made
The eWardrobe widget got a minor upgrade, and a few other systems were updated to keep up with the new content.
There are 6 new renders.
Bug fixes.
-Two new in-game days, through the end of Thursday of Week 6.
-46k new words.
-6 new renders (1 in both paths, 3 in the Destiny path, 2 in the Justine path), bringing the total count to 19.
-The eWardrobe has a settings button! Use it to change the background and font theme, text size, window width and even disable hyperlinks if that’s your jam.
-There is now a shortcut when putting on your work clothes, so getting ready in the mornings should now be faster.
-Danny will give a ballpark estimate of how many pills are left in the bottle. Remember that Danny isn’t a very reliable narrator, so his count might be off
-Improvements to the appearance tab, passage structure, some Danny variables, etc.
-Bug fixes.
The current file is V 0.4.65(l).
Warning: V 0.4.65 deals with the immediate aftermath of the events of 0.4.5 and some players may find the implications of violence or non-consensual sex to be upsetting.
Whats new (last changes):
-A brand new eWardrobe system! Your clothes and appearance have been totally revamped by Kazeto, full with a shiny new display and interface.
-Over 48,000 words of new content
-Monday and Tuesday of Week 6 are done. Monday alone is almost 30k words. New characters are introduced in these days, minor characters are fleshed out, and a long awaited for TF mechanic finally appears.
-3 new dates with 3 characters in those days.
-Over 100 passages and tens of thousands of duplicate content removed, primarily from Week 1 and the old appearance/clothing system.
-Some old images were redone, and new images were added, bringing it up to 13 renders spread out through Weeks 1 and 2.
~60,000 words + ~177,000 words = ~237,000 words
995 passages + 295 passage = 1,290 passages
Lots of typo fixes.
Internal code changes (thank you, Kazeto)
Update on 08/15/2017:
~36,000 words + ~49,000 = ~85,000 words
160 passages + 280 passages = 440 passages

The eWardrobe

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 17

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The eWardrobe screenshot 0The eWardrobe screenshot 1

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