Summoned by Accident

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Last update: 2020-09-18

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What Is SbArPg?

Summoned by Accident is an text based rpg focused mainly on m/m content with character driven plot. In it, you explore and run into inhabitants of the world. Some friendly, some foe. Inspired by other text based games and some video.​

Last update: 2020-09-18
Released: 2020-09-08
Creator (developer): Team Zorro] –
Censored: No
Version: Update 10
OS: Windows
Language: English

Big ass, Furry, Gay, Male protagonist, Adventure, Fantasy, Anal sex, Oral sex

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Update 10
What’s New?
Harold can now be met in the park if you played around with him. Warning! Playing around with him one too many times can prevent you from leaving the cuddly bearcat. Comes with both top and bottom gameovers!You can now ask Greg what happened after the first MSQ if you did it with him. Leading into meeting new people for your new job. Of course, if you don’t want to hangout with those two, you can always get others to help you on your shift.Kevin’s 2nd hangout scene is now in where you, him, and Chase talk for a bit. Changes if you played with Chase before and are still his type.While in the shower, you can have your cuddle buddy help get you off with a little tongue action.Nocturnal can now work with you and comes with two gameovers depending on how you handled his job introduction.Soro can now work with you and comes with a play scene and gameover depending on how you answered him in the job introduction.Kevin can now work with you if you did his 2nd hangout event and changes a bit if you became his sweat rag before.Chase can now work with you if you did Kevin’s 2nd hangout event and scene changes if you’ve played with him before are are still his type. Even further if your full body is his type.Bloodthirster can now “work” with you if you ask him before having sex in the gym. You must have had sex with him at least once for this to proc.Explorer’s got a new dream to be had with their cuddle buddy if they did at least 1 of Kevin’s hangout at work.Residents have some new events that can be repeated in the repeated scene section in the chests. Dealing with Trald, his stream, him catching horny wolves in the forest, and telling Kuri all about it.Update 9
What’s New?
The goo stranger in the alleyway in the western district now has follow up scenes. Find him in the gym after encountering his first event in the western district.For those who have be transformed by your new friend, there’s a gameover for subbing to the Black Panther 1 too many times downtown.After unlocking the ability to vore from any of the 3 guys, Zorro has someone to help keep you from offing yourself… At least at first, he doesn’t pay your sub! You can off yourself if you want to!Added in an energy system.If you can reform, the goat at the cv arena will now have an reform scene.Added Doctor Professor Darrius to the gym after he teaches you how to vore.Players who can distract him from working out and have musk and inflation unlocked have an additional scene after the first one at the gym.Added another bot and top scene in the glory hole.Trald can now vore players if they are his student and met with Darrius in the gym. After helping him with his problem that is. With a little help from Kru.Added more a few more events in the gym.Fixed one of the shower scenes not working and erroring along with more bug and spelling fixes.
Update 8
What’s New?
Trald’s 2nd hangout event added! Comes with Blood and Brass events + a bunch of gameovers, and a warning.Vore and Transformation kinks repeatables. They will continue to appear again and again like every other event till you click yes to it, but don’t worry if you don’t want them. These both have a quest tied to them. Just don’t do it and they’ll never be unlocked.Added Winter’s 1st EventUpdate 7
What’s New?
Added intro to job if went to the park with Kevin for ZorroAdded meeting Chase at DOR during early mornings for dem smexy kitty bois~Added text when did Chase’s DOR event when you meet him other placesAdded Brass into Neighborhood at nightAdded another bot and top scene to the GH’s in the arenaAdded Trald at DOR when recepitionists are properly distracted and friends of mice and those who help him hunt!Added Pet Trald hangout at home
at nightAdded Working for Kuri and events (more to come as always)Added Taurus Guard eventAdded new win/loss for drunk wolf + losses for bulky wolf and boar fightAdded Ability to take a shower in houseVore and Transformation kinks repeatables. They will continue to appear again and again like every other event till you click yes to it, but don’t worry if you don’t want them. These both have a quest tied to them. Just don’t do it and they’ll never be unlocked.Change the side bar to be a cellphoneUpdate 6
What’s New?
Added in Greg’s 2nd hangout scene.Added in multiple events to the cv arena.The player can now have a pet! After Zorro and Kuri take away the wolf destroying Trald’s plans. The player can have a follow up scene with Kuri in his shop and ask about it. This will bring about a scene where the player is forced to have the wolf as a cuddle buddy. This allows the player to sleep and past time while the wolf is in bed, and when the wolf is awake, they can bring him with them to pass time outside. He’s nocturnal. We will be adding a morning pet as well in a later update. When you bring him outside, he will stay with you as long as you don’t go into a building when the sun is out.Added a special scene that can play when the player is playing with the wolf late at night.The black panther can be encountered downtown in the morning. Mostly only for subs, doms will have a scene added later.Tons of new conversations added to ZorroLots o bugs and spelling fixesGen can now be encountered and his event play out in the neighborhood. Requirements still apply, but no longer do you have to run into him.You can now worship the bulky wolf’s paws again after winning.Blocked off some win scenes to the rat if you didn’t have the right flag.Added in 10 more save filesAdded in auto savesAdded in ui animationUpdate 5
What’s New?
Bar now sells drinks! Use these drinks in battle to cheese and any win. Basically health pots. They don’t however work in park’s boar and wolf fights. They’re something else. But does work against Ruvin! Each bartender sells 1 different drink making up to 4 pots you can use to help. You can only hold one of each however.Coffee shop now sells coffee and tea. Use these to change your character to being handsome or cute. It’s basic right now and appearance tab does show which you are, but this will be updated and added onto with the updates to come!Kuri’s shop now sells drinks to help you gain or lose mass. You need to use these items anytime you want to work out and gain muscle, get definition, or lose weight. While on the other side, if you want to lose muscle, lose definition, or gain weight, get the right items and tell Zorro to cook for you. They don’t last forever though.Added in the ability to workout! Go to Gen and ask him to help you workout! He’ll send you to his brother who will give you a bit more insight on the matter. Gen only works out during certain times when Trald is upfront, so be sure to make time. After reaching certain milestones for the first time, a scene will play out. There’s only two at the moment but more will be added in! You need to drink Kuri’s shop items to gain or lose anything. The game will tell you when you’ve gain something.Added food into the game! Talk to Zorro and ask him what’s the deal with the food in the house. This will open up two new shops he will host in which you can buy food and have him cook meals. It will also bring along a new place to dig around in the house. Just in case you want to waste food by snacking on it. You need to drink Kuri’s shop items to gain or lose anything however.Updated explorations! Now, you no longer have to explore to find new areas, they auto come unlocked! However, due to background changes, pressing the back button won’t cycle through everything anymore.Appearance tab has been changed but not finished. It only really tracks if the player is handsome/cute and how much muscle they have, along with the things it tracked before. While the game is saving everything else, this won’t be shown till next update when we change the appearance tab once again to show everything.Things that tracked who trained the player to determine their looks now requires the looks to match.Aero has some choice words for those he likes and are friends with his friend”Fight” with a boar at the parkCouple more events at the park with helping your poor goblin… Friends?Ferron’s 1st hangout eventCouple of events with Boss in the neighborhoodA musclebound orcA Leon event out in the parkHelping Kevin beat the heat (not really) in the park as well!MOAR pics!!!Background stuff done to the menu and inventoryProbably another event or 2!!!! Somewhere!!!!!You can now worship the bulky wolf’s paws again after winning.Blocked off some win scenes to the rat if you didn’t have the right flag.Gen can now be encountered and his event play out in the neighborhood. Requirements still apply, but no longer do you have to run into him.
Update 4
What’s New?
Gen’s 2nd hangout eventTrald Meet Up At The Park and 1st Hangout Event”Fight” with a wolf at the park”Fight” with a horse in the western districtMore win scenes with certain kinks for the drunken wolf and ratPicture of Leon and the Black PantherA repeatable scene with the Drunk WolfBetter way to keep track of time and moneyAn Update Button!!! Only use this if you’re loading a save file from version 3 to 4BACKGROUND STUFF!!!!Aero’s ShopUpdate 3
What’s New?
Trald’s 2nd Lv up event (1st one is properly working now)
Xav’s 2nd Lv up event
Zorro’s 2nd Lv up event
Rat fight added to the wester district (must have done 1st lv up event)
1st Main Story Quest (Changes based on which of the 6 guys you ask to bring. Must have done 2nd lv up event and have met Kuri before)
Gen’s 1st hangout scene in the neighborhood
Kink Unlocks are now repeatable not vore or transformation
New events in the Cv Arena that requires vore and inflation kink to be unlocked.
MOAR Smexy Pictures!!!!
A Clock!
Money Tracking!
Quest Tracking!
Tracking of when you’re ready to lv up and hangout scenes for the guys!!!
No longer needing to be dressed to visit the Black Panther Or Jogging With Gen
Background smuff!!!
Update 2
What’s New?
Gen’s 1st hangout eventGreg’s 1st hangout eventGrisus’ 1st hangout eventKevin’s 1st hangout eventTrald’s 1st hangout and lv up eventsXav’s 1st hangout and lv up eventsZorro’s 1st lv up eventMakeshift inventory systemTransformation systemAbility to get moneyAbility to find Kuri

Developer Notes:

What’s The Game About?
You play as a visitor to the world who’s trapped here till you can get a way back home. Luckily, your first encounter is with a short blue fox that seems to have the hook up. Able to get you a place to stay and even allows you to explore the city till your heart’s content. Meeting plenty of inhabitants of this world and learning the similarities and differences of the two. Take care! You just might not be able to return to your own when the time comes.
What Do You Do In The Game?
Explore the city you find yourself living in and make friends with people are so willing. Learn the differences of what goes on when the sun is up and when the sun is down. Find and discover parts of the city you like and things you want to avoid. Even ask your newly acquired friends to teach you a thing or two, just remember when one agrees, you can’t have anyone else do the same. Basically, when you do one thing with someone, you might miss out on another with someone else. Experience what you want… For the ish part. Discover events that unlock kinks, among other things, and find events and battles throughout the city. Or don’t and don’t notice that they’re going on around you.

Win: – – – –
Summoned by Accident

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 8

Summoned by Accident: screenshots

Summoned by Accident screenshot 0Summoned by Accident screenshot 1Summoned by Accident screenshot 2Summoned by Accident screenshot 3Summoned by Accident screenshot 4Summoned by Accident screenshot 5

Enter an world of meetings with your secret wishes. Get this from MEGA or other file hostings right now, unzip, easy install in a couple of minutes and play this interactive game.

Be a good man and take what you really want. It will be not just simple robots, there will be a lot of familiar characters that you will met.​ Will you find love and happiness? Will you be a good man? Will you user your power and authority? Start now!

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