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Last update: 2021-11-24

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You are in debt, what do you do?​

Last update: 2021-11-25
Released: 2021-11-20
Creator (developer): Goodnight Developers –
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (Edited MTL)
Translator: /

2dcg, animated, male protagonist, monster girl, big ass, big tits, mini games, censored, japanese game, oral sex, handjob, footjob, female domination, rape, vaginal sex, titfuck

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes:

Earn coins by spinning pachi slot-style slots ! Successful
Chance Zone [Hunting Mode] will start a tiny bonus ! Don’t miss the
familiar blackout production of slotters .

The protagonist was burdened with debt and fled to
the back casino run by Succubus .
Aim to win 1 million yen worth of prizes at slots You can use coins
at the back casino, which has been renovated from the hotel, and refresh yourself at restaurants and public baths.

Includes slimy moving Live2D animation and pant voice!
More than 50 types including differences are included!

The bonus card gacha also includes one cut from the previous work!
Aim for a comp with the extra coins!
Appearance Incubus

Sally (CV: Yukiko Shinomori) At the
back casino, she acts as a guide.
The hero is also put in the mouth
and steps into the back casino.
Coins for renting the room are collected
and turned around, and it is said that
Sally directly squeezes the vitality of the customer and uses it as the
room fee.

Tina (CV: Yukiko Shinomori) At the
back casino,
I’m in charge of patrols of the amusement park, but sometimes I skip
and play by myself.
When the coins run out, it seems that
he approaches the big hit customer and asks for a

Karin (CV: Yukiko
Shinomori ) A
succubus with a bad succubus.
At the back casino, she is
appointed as a restaurant caterer, but
she has nothing to do with customer service and often
causes trouble with customers.
The customer who caused the trouble is said to be quiet and return
after being taken to the backyard

Early (CV: MOMOKA.) A
charismatic succubus that was also liked by the 5th Demon King.
At the back casino, you can
do various chores such as cleaning and cooking .
It is said that some of the customers are
fans and some of them
present their bodies to the awesomeness .
Appearance Incubus

Hannah (CV: MOMOKA.) The
strongest succubus that everyone recognizes.
Being a manager at the back casino.
However, thanks to the various devils doing it, I
rarely do it, attacking people to kill time,
and often seducing customers to repair coins and vitality.

Translator Notes:

Translation status: UI & Help tips COMPLETED included functional buttons, some unfunctional images remained untranslated.
Overall translated: 96%.
Some of the buttons too pretty for me to translate.
Succubus Slot

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 88

Succubus Slot: screenshots

Succubus Slot screenshot 0Succubus Slot screenshot 1Succubus Slot screenshot 2Succubus Slot screenshot 3Succubus Slot screenshot 4Succubus Slot screenshot 5Succubus Slot screenshot 6Succubus Slot screenshot 7Succubus Slot screenshot 8Succubus Slot screenshot 9Succubus Slot screenshot 10Succubus Slot screenshot 11Succubus Slot screenshot 12Succubus Slot screenshot 13Succubus Slot screenshot 14Succubus Slot screenshot 15

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