Straight!? v0.17.2

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Last update: 2019-01-25

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Straight!? is a work in progress visual novel that specifically focuses on mature gay themes. The story follows the main character, Zack, from his first day of college after meeting his new roommate, Braden.

In contrast to other games, this game relies heavily on dialogue and character development to tell the story of acceptance, friendship, and the existential journey as one comes of age. Frequent conversations and banter will give insight to the two main characters and move the story of their relationship forward. While there is sexual content, the story builds first–capitalizing on the teasing factor as we struggle along with the main character. Updates move the story forward episodically, simulating a serial novel as the story unfolds. This game is both heavy and thought provoking while having comedic moments. Game quality also increases as the game draws out. The dev had zero experience in the start and is learning with each update and addition to the team.

Last update: 2020-01-25
Released: 2020-01-25
Creator (developer): Aaryn –
Censored: No
Version: 0.17.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac

3DCG, Male Protagonist, Gay, Dating Sim, Romance, Corruption, Character Development, Slice of Life, Self Exploration

Install instructions:

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Whats new (last changes):

Change Log v0.17.2
-Lots of typo fixes
-Slight rearrange of dialogue in the final car scenes on the way to the beach to improve the conversational flow at the suggestion of a supporter
-Corrected a beach CG where Zack and Mikhail’s shorts suddenly changed from trunks to their normal outfits during the beach intro conversations
-Made adjustments to the beach activity choices. There was a contuinity error here where, based on the order of your choice, certain objects appeared in game before they were retrieved. The order has been reworked while still allowing the player to choose which beach activity they want to do first
Change Log v0.17.1
-Image and typo fixes/enhancements
Change Log v0.17
-Massive story addition and completion of Chapter 8 as well as the conclusion of Part 3 of the story. Sorry about the cliffhanger… don’t hate me
-All new images in this update are now rendered in 4K UHD quality and converted down to 1080p. This should result in enhanced image quality of all the new images added in this update ONLY. All future images will be rendered in 4K as well. This should also not affect the game size either. So those who previously were downloading the full edition as opposed to the crunched edition actually have better image quality now than they previously did with 6 gig file size.
-Modified dialogue choices in cafe in Day 1 conversation to prevent references to Zack being gay before he tells Braden he may like the D.
-Corrected spelling errors but probably still missed just as many
-Slight wording change in post-park conversation to clarify “first kisses.” For those confused, the park kiss was Zack’s first kiss and Braden’s first kiss with a dude.
Change Log v0.16.2
-Corrected some hair glitches and odd reflections in a few CGs
-And guess what: More Typos!!
Change Log v0.16.1
-Corrected typos
-Converted all .PNG files to .JPG now, reducing overall file size from 6gig down to 1.2gig.
Change Log v0.16
-Updated splash screen with pics created by Jordyn to replace the previous text warnings that were frequently missed (ex: not to use old saves, and a new warning about the game being a work-in-progress to hopefully curb some of the judgemental criticsm about the earlier parts of the game that have yet to be refined)
-Update font color changed in the chapter select to draw more attention to the Update feature there
-Began the first half of Chapter 8.
Change Log v0.15.1

-Change a time reference during the Mikhail/Zack talk at the end of Chapter 7 to reflect the appropriate day referenced.
-Correcting color on “straight” text that was overlooked
-Fixed typos and learned grammer that I didn’t apparently figure out in grad school

Change Log v0.15

-Finished Chapter 7: Deeper
-Fixed “Embarrassing Story” text color
-Braden bent over CG (you know what one I’m talking about) was redone to make his starfish less frightening
-finished the CG reduction on the dorm room folder, reducing overall game file size by another 240MB (not huge but it helps)

Change Log v0.14

-Continued the plot line of Chapter 7: Deeper with 5 new environments and over 200 new pics that expand the world our further than we’ve gone before.
-New custom made adult warning screen that’s light years ahead of my google image from before (Thanks Jordyn!)
-New custom made main menu screen with movie that beyond kicks ass! Like, this shit almost brought me to tears the first time I saw it. All praise goes to Lazy-Jake!
-Corrected some CGs that still had fireflies in them from v0.13 (Thanks to supporter lex0 who did this for me)
-Prophetically, there was a great battle over the game name given that it had somehow appeared two different ways “?!” vs “!?” over the past year. It’s now “!?” so Blayke will stfu.
– Dinner Conversations are now denoted with orange text so you can tell the difference between them and normal conversation choices cause they special.
-Added an obscure literary addition that I’ve wanted to for a long time. Based on the name of the game, the word “straight” will always appear in red text throughout the entire story. It’s an idea I got from one of my fav books.
-Began optimizing image files in the game to reduce file size by 15%. Thus far, overall game size was reduced by 500mg in the standard edition.

Change Log v0.13.1

-Reduced Chapter 7 introduction during the black screen and lowered Zack’s anxiety level based on feedback
-Fixed typos (mostly just me misspelling “embarrassing” again cause I’m fucking retarded
-Fixed bug from the bar scene with a missing CG based on a conditional statement from the “girlfriend” cafe talk

Change Log v0.13

-Known bugs: You may experience flashes and lighting changes. This is due to my using a combination of old and new CGs in the same updates. This has always been the case but the lighting in the recent updates is better. Once the game is full, all CGs will be redone to ensure they all match with lighting. I still have much to learn before then.
-Game now has a taskbar icon after a fucking year! Yay!
-Also changed the in-game textbox to make it a bit smaller. Font was adjusted smaller to compensate for the change. Hopefully this will make the textbook less distracting so you can see more of the art (and all it’s flaws!)
-Few random spelling changes as always
-Started Part 3, beginning with Chapter 7

Change Log v0.12.2

-Bug fix during bar scene that was crashing Mac copies ( I misspelled “dissolve” during a scene transition)

Change Log v0.12.1

-Typo fixes

Change Log v0.12

-Fixed 2 more instances of crashed images causing problems in the MAC version (one with the splash screen and another in the doctor office)
-Fixed 9 images in the doc office where Zack’s face was somehow morphing into Braden’s (creepy AF)
-Completed story for Chapter 6 and Part 2 of the game.

Change Log v0.11.1

-Typo/Grammar changes based on beta feedback
-Tightened up a little of the writing

Change Log v0.11

– Massive typo overhaul! Thanks everyone for the feedback. In Particular, Timmy, who took the time to make me an actual word document with all the typos he found that was 20 fucking pages long! Thanks, Bruh! and Barbara who sent me about 400 individual messages with typos (not really but it was a lot ). If you guys didn’t know “embarrassing” has 2 r’s in it. Apparently, I graduated college and never figured that out…
-Chapter 1: Fixed a mislabeled line of text while Zack is fixing the shower light. Text mistakenly had Braden’s voice rather than Zack’s.
-Chapter 2: Fixed the intro for Chapter 2 where the black background appeared to have disappeared.
-Chapter 3: Fixed an error with a missing graphic when Braden comes out of the shower. Seems this was causing some error with MAC versions.
-Started writing Chapter 6 which picks up right at the end of the events of Chapter 5

Change Log v0.10

-Fixed a few random typos
-Concluded Chapter 5 (and pissed a bunch of people off)

Change Log v0.9

-New Game is now divided into Part1 and Part 2. Part 1 is composed of the first 4 chapters. This update starts with Part 2 and Chapter 5
-Added first part of Chapter 5
-New dinner conversation unlocked during early bathroom interactions during Chapter 5. Don’t scare Braden to unlock.
-Chapters are now named to make it more like a novel and to help give you an idea of where you would jump to during chapter select
-Fixed some typos (as usual). Thanks to those that let me know

Change Log v0.8.2

-Ton of bug fixes and spelling corrections
-Few minor CG additions to better track who was talking at the time during the early parts of the story
-Zack sleeping CG with the weird lighting and white skin tone is fixed. Thus, Zack will not awkwardly change colors while he sleeps like a fucking chameleon
-Choice menu transitions now have an animation that I’ve been trying to get right since v0.2
-Fixed a bug in Chapter 1 that let you find the pool for the first time twice. It is now automatic when you return to Ernie to get the tools.
-You now have an option to go directly to school after finding the singlet. This will allow you to talk to Ernie one day sooner and reduce repetition.
-Changed Dr Hodges’ and Coach’s font color so that it’s not the same as Zack’s
-Fixed flashing window bug when Zack comes back into the room depressed by himself
Chapter 3 start screen now has its appropriate black background like all the others
-Chapter 3 is now split into 2 parts due to the length during my playthrough. It felt uncharacteristically long in comparison to other chapters thus far. Chapter 4 now starts with the awkward interactions following Zack catching Braden at night in bed. Subsequently, the next update will start Chapter 5 instead of the previously planned Chapter 4.
-Added a label to the game changing choice on whether to touch Braden while he’s sleeping or not during Chapter 4 (Previously Chapter 3 in past updates). While this was always planned for a game split, I wanted to make it more obvious that this choice really mattered. Now it will tell you that you are effectively choosing between a “pervy route” and a “respect route.”
-Images folder is now reorganized by location category rather than one large folder with every image
-Renamed early choices for “Bathroom” to “Shower.” This will make a better distinction between the two locations once the actual bathroom opens up in Chapter 2.
-During the poker event, Zack’s mouth will now be open when Braden teases him for staring

Change Log v0.8

-Adding coding in a few scenes to disable accidental skipping of scene transitions that are based on time or pauses
-Added Dinner Conversations for the following topics: Braden’s name(Unlocked during Chapter 2 intro), Braden’s past girlfriend history(Chapter 3 during massage), and Room Decorations(Unlocked randomly after fixing the heat and waking up the next morning) These can ONLY be unlocked through a new game.
-Finished the poker sequence and ended Chapter 3

Change Log v0.7

-Moved story forward
-Fixed a couple clipping issues on CGs
-Corrected Typos
-Added a jump to the newest “Update” from the “New Game” menu. This will give some of you options for the upcoming updates. If you want to start the chapter from the beginning you can. If you want to jump to where you left off, now you have an option. The jump will move back a few screens into the previous update. Kinda like watching a recap from the “last episode” on your favorite TV series.
-There’s now a warning at the beginning of the game to NOT use old save files. If I was a better programmer, I could probably avoid this but I’m not so I’m kinda stuck with it. The “jump to update” feature was my work-around.
-There may be some bugs with the dinner conversation. This was originally my goal for this update and I got distracted and moved the story forward more than I thought I would. Dinner talk was moved in the script file and I did a few changes to prep it for dialogue. Moving this sets me up for next update but may have caused a few bugs. If you run into any let me know.

Change Log v0.61

-Bug Fix Chapter 2 that prevented choices after class

Change Log v0.6

-Added first portion of Chapter 3. There are limited activities at night right now because of all the new writing but the next update will flesh this one out
-Added a ton of new visuals to freshen up the after-school activities
Known Bugs:
-I will try and address these in the next update. When trying to correct some of the visuals, my surface pen is malfunctioning so I can’t do any drawing correctional errors
-Player has reported being able to give the singlet more than once
-Chapter 3 visuals. At urinal, Braden appears to have leprosy on his scalp in 2 pictures. It’s a tearing issue
-A CG of Braden in the dorm room has 2 fingers that are poking through his stomach
-When the dorm door is open, the room across the hall has a flashy window

Change Log v0.51

-Fixed typos
-Corrected missing Zack visual

Change Log v0.5

-Chapter 2 story is now fulld
– Bug: Fixed leg hair issue in Doctor Office
– Added more dialogue to Chapter 1 daily events. These will appear on a random basis exaclty like those added in Chapter 2 during v0.4. However, some events are not updated yet including after adjusting the heat in the room: studying and shower. These will be addressed in the future.
– Night sleep events with Braden now only occur 1 time for each clothing tier. Having it every night was annoying
-Replaced a couple old Zack CGs in Chapter 1 where the tone was off and it was driving people crazy.
-Fixed an abnormally dark daytime dorm CG early in Chapter 1. Lighting is now corrected

Change Log v0.4

-Massive stat change: All visible stats and requirements have been removed. Game progression is now based on achieving the previous checkpoints or obtaining items. You just don’t have to grind stats or relationship points to move the story forward anymore.
-Game is now divided into Chapters based on the conclusion from last update
-Added chapter selection at beginning of the game. This will prevent players from having to start at the very beginning every single update.
-Updated Main menu graphic for better quality
-Corrected some typos (I feel like this will just always be included)
-Default font change

Change Log v0.31

-Bug fix

Change log v0.3

-Old saves will not work. I’ve added new variables
-The heat is now working in the dorm room and characters will dress appropriately
-Added a quick graphic for the screwdriver and other new items. This should add more attention when you obtain items due to there not being an inventory
-Replaced more old Zack images from v0.1 (Original render had blue eyes)
-Some basic grammar and writing changes in the earlier builds to make the story flow a bit better.
-There are now ways to open up further conversation and work with Ernie, the janitor. He gives a reoccuring event to build points
-Pool is now open but has some pre-requisites. You can unlock this through relationship with Braden during some evening activities if you have enough attendance
-Lightened more Braden sleeping pics
-Ernie relationship points are now more useful and will unlock more items, jobs, and may have a little something to do with that pesky shower wall and locker room lighting
-Added a cumulative stat feature. Now when you earn a stat or skill point, the game will immediately tell you what your current total is
-Slight changes to stats requirements for events. Initial discovery of Ernie now requires 5 Attendance (previously 3).
-The game now has full nudity in one scene
-Bug?: I still haven’t figured out a way to cap the stats so that will be pushed off for now. Though, I’m unhappy about it (And it’s annoying af). For now, all events are unlockable with Sneak = 10, Ernie = 5, Attendance = 9

Whats new (last changes) v0.2

-Added Day 2 story
-Day 3 starts a Sandbox that is now repeatable and will slowly be modified based on choices, relationships, or items acquired. This is basically a base for Tier 1 of the story
-You can now meet Ernie the Janitor after school sometime after Day 3. If he’s not there, you may try back after a few days
-Attendance Points are gained when you attend school. These only impact ability to find the janitor right now but will play a larger role in later updates
-Corrected some typos
-Relationship points for Braden and Janitor added. These do not do a lot now but will play a more prominent role later
-Replaced some v0.1 nighttime pics that were really freaking dark
-New Skill: Stealth. Stealth is gained and utilized as a skill when sneaking or peeping on people. The more you do it, the more points you get. If you gain more stealth points, you may have access to more scenes.
-Added in some creep stuff while Braden is sleeping. For those not interested, it’s avoidable and won’t impact the story. Just leave Braden alone during the night.
-The Save/Load screen is now working!!
-Added Adult content splash screen because this game is fucking naughty
-Adjusted some images during the initial meet between Braden and Zack. Hopefully this will make it easier to orient to characters in the beginning

Whats new (last changes) v0.1

Note: There is not a clear cutoff ending as in v0.1. If you get the heat working and have seen a boxer option during Braden’s sleep cycle, you’ve hit the end of the content.
Win/Linux: – –
Mac: – –
Others: *
*unofficial compressions/ports are not release by the dev, use at your own risk. thanks for the compression

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 94

Straight!?: screenshots

Straight!? screenshot 0Straight!? screenshot 1Straight!? screenshot 2Straight!? screenshot 3Straight!? screenshot 4Straight!? screenshot 5Straight!? screenshot 6Straight!? screenshot 7

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Try to be a good man and take what you really want. And it will be not just simple robots, there will be a lot of familiar characters that you will met.​ What will you do? Will you be a good hero? Will you abuse your power and authority? Start now!

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