Starwatch Academy v0.2.5

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Dev patreon: jadeddreams
Last update: 2023-03-31

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Starwatch Academy is set in a distant future where humankind has begun space colonization and experienced initial contact with other races and entities. These events lead to the foundation of the Starwatch, a space-faring elite division of the Alliance navy with its dedicated academy for promising recruits. What will you become at the academy?​

Last update: 2023-03-31
Released: 2023-03-31
Creator (developer): Jaded Dreams – – –
Version: 0.2.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Text based, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Transformation, Oral sex, Exhibitionism, Ahegao, Handjob, Female domination, Male Domination, Vaginal sex, Sci-fi, PoV

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run the html file in a browser.

Whats new (last changes):

Version 0.2.5
This content update adds Day 4 of orientation week. It is also our biggest content update up to now!
– Content: Orientation Day 4.
– Feature: Added statistics on player status page.
– Improvement: Updated some placeholders with original artwork.
– Improvement: Color coded Day 3 atrium choice that affect affinity with Julianna.
– Bugfix: Combat music will no longer continue to play if you attend day 3 holodeck simulation without being ahead of class.
– Bugfix: Fixed some crashes specific to some iOS mobile devices. This was fixed with versions 0.2.4a and 0.2.4b.

Version 0.2.4

This release fixes issues found in v0.2.3. Due to a critical bug found in v0.2.3, previous saves are incompatible with this version.
– Content: Day 1 Curie and Diane sex scenes now have exclusive new art.
– Content: Curie’s notebook has been updated with Day 3 content.
– Improvement: Converted all images to WEBP format. This will reduce images by an average of 60% to 80%.
– Improvement: Reduced the size of paperdoll images to 75% of their original size to improve performance.
– Improvement: History is now limited to 5 states.
– Bugfix: The game will no longer forget the player’s initial appearance after experiencing a temporary transformation.
– Bugfix: The game will no longer forget the player’s original gender.
– Bugfix: Fixed some spelling issues.
– Misc: HTML file was renamed to “index.html” to comply with requirements for online play.

Version 0.2.3

This release introduces new story content, new features and further fixes for mobile devices. As there are major changes to how the game operates, previous saves are incompatible with this version.
– New story content: Orientation day 3.
– New TF event on Curie’s path. The event will differ based on if you decided to get laid or remain professional on the first day.
– Character “Maki” has been added.
– Character “Julianna” has been added.
– Paperdoll has been implemented.
– Inventory has been redesigned.
– Character Sheet has been redesigned. Work in progress.
– Clothing item icons have been updated to match their new appearance.
– Character profiles have been updated with original artwork.
– A lot of placeholders have been updated with original artwork.
– Almost all remaining visual elements have been ported to new UI.
– Further improvements to dialog windows on mobile devices.
– MC will no longer be misgendered in battlegroups simulation.

Version 0.2.2

This release introduces new story content, features and various updates and fixes. It is also a milestone release for us as we are now above 50.000 words in total story content!
– Added new story content to conclude the first day of orientation.
– Replaced atrium and bedroom images with original artwork.
– Time of day has been implemented.
– Character “Ann” has been added.
– Improved sidebar, dialog windows and textboxes on mobile devices.
– Some sidebar elements have been ported to new UI.
– Music volumes have been adjusted to be consistent.

Version 0.2.1

This release fixes issues found in v0.2.0 and implements the codex in the game. New story content will be released in v0.2.2.
– The codex has been implemented and is now accessible from the character menu. We have implemented many additional triggers throughout existing content to create a cohesive notebook. As these triggers are not retroactive, we recommend starting a new game to have a full notebook.
– Character “Edward” has been added.
– Character “Valerie” has been added.
– Improved performance when using high contrast mode.
– Added “Enable small images” gameplay setting. This will constrain all images to a maximum of 15% of the viewport’s height.
– Fixed two conditions in orientation that would prevent players from going back in history.
– Fixed some spelling issues.
– Dialog windows have been ported to new UI. This affects the save, restart and settings menus.
– Minor UI updates.

Version 0.2.0

This release begins orientation week and will invalidate previous saves due to the large amount of code changes.
– Avatar creation has been revisited to provide initial appearance states.
– Body modifications system has been implemented.
– Inventory system is now usable.
– Clothing system is now implemented.
– Character profile is now implemented. Work in progress.
– Character “Thomas” has been added.
– Character “Letho” has been added.
– Character “Jaime” has been added.
– Fixed some spelling issues.
We are looking to change the way we work on updates so they are more regular and not as spaced out as they currently are. Have fun out there and happy holidays!

Version 0.1.1

This release fixes some issues found in the initial release and lays the foundation for v0.2. This release will invalidate previous saves.
– Fixed female start path displaying male start content.
– Fixed some spelling issues.
– Added high contrast mode. It can be enabled in the settings menu.
– Introduced general code performance improvements.
– Inventory system is now implemented.
Version 0.1
The initial release of Starwatch Academy.
– Character creation has been added.
– Avatar system has been implemented.
– Reputation system has been implemented.
– Character “Curie” has been added.
– Character “Diane” has been added.
– Character “Eva” has been added.

Developer Notes:

Starwatch Academy is my attempt at giving something back to the community after enjoying the work of other authors. Although I initially started this project alone, I got lucky and found an experienced writer and an artist willing to help me flesh out this game. We created “Jaded Dreams” as a group name for this game and possible future games.
My current goal is to gather initial feedback on the story, premises of the game, the overall look and feel and possible technical issues that may already be experienced.
I hope you will have fun playing this game as much as I have fun working on it.

Starwatch Academy

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 54

Starwatch Academy: screenshots

Starwatch Academy screenshot 0Starwatch Academy screenshot 1Starwatch Academy screenshot 2Starwatch Academy screenshot 3Starwatch Academy screenshot 4

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