Space Ranger Kimmi!

Demo version:No
Last update: 2022-07-25

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The Universe is a dangerous place! Thousands of worlds have banded together to form the Allied Sapient States, a Democratic Coalition of Humans and Aliens living (and loving) side-by-side! Hunger, Poverty, and outdated notions of Moral Relativism are all but eliminated within the borders of the A.S.S.!
However… all is not well in the rest of the Galaxy! Beyond the borders of the A.S.S., endless legions of malcontents and evildoers plot the destruction and subjugation of the good peoples of the A.S.S.! Only one force stands in their way, the SPACE RANGERS!
These brave men and women, Heroes all, have dedicated their lives to preserving the ideals of the A.S.S.: TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND LOVE FOR ALL!

Last update: 2022-07-27
Released: 2022-07-25
Creator (developer): LordSheep – –
Censored: No
Version: Episode 01, Act 1
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

VN, Female Protagonist, 3DCG, Sci-fi, No Sexual Content

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Episode 01, Act 1:
First Release!Meet Kimmi, our protagonist!A shower scene (based on choices, missable, might affect things later)!Some upskirts (potentially missable, based on choices)!Boobs!

Developer Notes:

Hello, World! I’m LordSheep, and I’m working on my first Visual Novel: Space Ranger Kimmi!
It’s (hopefully) going to be a light-hearted retro-sci-fi adventure series, in the tradition of Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, and other pulp serials of ages past. But with boobs!
The whole concept is thus: Space Ranger Kimmi! is a TV serial. Made on the cheap. So you will sometimes see continuity errors, lighting fixtures hanging into the shot, edges of the set, crew members in the background, obviously re-used props, costumes, and actors, that sort of thing.
I assure you, all of these “mistakes” are deliberate. Even the ones that aren’t. ESPECIALLY the ones that aren’t. It’s an artistic choice.
I’m still fairly new to Daz and Ren’Py, but I think I’ve learned enough to not totally suck at what I’m trying to do. It’s going to be a simple story, fairly kinetic, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

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Mac: – – – –

Space Ranger Kimmi!

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 48

Space Ranger Kimmi!: screenshots

Space Ranger Kimmi! screenshot 0Space Ranger Kimmi! screenshot 1Space Ranger Kimmi! screenshot 2Space Ranger Kimmi! screenshot 3

Welcome to the adult world with your wishes. Free download from MEGA or other file hostings, unpack, easy install in a couple of minutes and play this interactive game.

Try to be a smart man and take what you really want. And it will be not just simple robots, there will be a lot of familiar characters that you will met.​ Will you find love and happiness? Will you be a good man? Will you user your power and authority? Start now!

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