Slave Merchant Ruchika [COMPLETED]

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Last update: 2022-07-10

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Slave Merchant Ruchika is brought to you by xGames as a part of our large adult games collection. Free access to this adult game is available via few clicks. All new games are are always available for you on daily basis by xGames.

Ruchika, a slave trader, was able to capture a rare demigod girl (Sophia) by chance.
When he sells her as a slave in the market,
a great aristocrat who happens to be there buys her for a huge amount of money…
enough money to live and play for the rest of her life.
However, the wealthy man said that he was here on a secret mission and did not have any money,
and that he would like to buy her in his own domain in three days.
They spend the night in the city, but that night a storm comes.
The road to Magnate’s estate, where the wealthy man lives, has become rough,
and Ruchika is unable to use her carriage.
She has no choice but to take Sophia with her and head out on foot,
as she has to deliver Sophia to the millionaire in three days.​

Last update: 2022-07-10
Released: 2022-03-08
Creator (developer): Kunka Kunka Empire-
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English(DLMTL + Manual Translation)
Voiced: Japanese

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Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

March 08, 2022 Bug fixes
February 21, 2022 Bug Fixed a bug in the negotiation skill.
(The latest version (v2) cannot take over the continuation data)

Developer/Translator Notes:

Slave Merchant Ruchika (SM Translations)
I don’t speak a great deal of Japanese, this is an MTL
However, its a Mix of DeepL/Google/Bing.
I speak average English so made sense of what I could.
The Game is playable and understandable to a decent degree.
Was just bored and wanted to mess around with Translator++

And wanted give back to the community
Combat system.

As a slaver, Luchka can negotiate and bring enemies on board.
It can be money, items or their own bodies. ……
Enemies who become friends will make combat easier.
The game is only available to humans, but each has its own characteristics that give you an advantage in battle.
Eroticism in combat.
Monsters will attack you with sexual harassment. (Note that this cannot be seen in auto-combat.)
Of course, it is possible to negotiate sexually from here. (Cut-in to sexual harassment during battle!).
As you progress through the events, Ruchika will learn to negotiate erotically.
When negotiating with your body, the higher the level of erotic negotiation, the higher the probability of becoming a companion.
You can also use it in town and sometimes become a companion without fighting.
Depending on the negotiation, you can join 20 different characters!
There are three ways to negotiate: (1) offer your body, (2) negotiate for money, (3) negotiate for items.
Voice actor (Luchika): Paco Shirakawa
Voice actor (Sofia): Narumori Ria
After clearing the game, you can watch H-scenes at any time in the recollection.

Slave Merchant Ruchika

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 56

Slave Merchant Ruchika: screenshots

Slave Merchant Ruchika screenshot 0Slave Merchant Ruchika screenshot 1Slave Merchant Ruchika screenshot 2Slave Merchant Ruchika screenshot 3Slave Merchant Ruchika screenshot 5Slave Merchant Ruchika screenshot 7

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