Servant Valkyrie v1.12 [COMPLETED]

Demo version:No
Last update: 2022-08-10

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Dietlinde is a highborn female knight.
They take the kingdom army to fight the emperor army, and was defeated.
She is taken into the underground “Valhalla” facility…
What awaited the defeated female knight was endless days of lewd labor…
Humiliation, violation, corruption, and more from a female perspective in this multi-ending RPG!!​

Last update: 2022-08-10
Released: Japanese 2020-05-19, English 2022-08-10
Creator (developer): kuronekoguri –
Translator: SpawnyS –
Censored: Yes
Version: 1.12
OS: Windows
Language: English (Edited MTL)

2DCG, 2D game, Female protagonist, RPG, Turn based combat, Slave, Corruption, Creampie, Vaginal sex, Tentacles, Big tits, Humiliation, Fantasy, Group sex, Censored, Oral sex, Anal sex, Multiple endings, Japanese game, Sex toys, Monster, Masturbation, Bestiality, Rape, Virgin

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Fixed the flag setting bug of masturbation and whore end.
Fixed the bug of virgin/non-virgin notation after clearing.
Fixed other minor bugs.
Fixed a bug that the message does not appear when touching the “crossbreeding” marker.
New game mode “Later Story” is implemented.
Added NPCs who can control the stage of pride in the reminiscence
Fixed a bug that caused a standing picture to remain visible in certain events.
Corrected some item description text.
Added hints for ending conditions
Pattern selection for specific ending recollections added
Fixed some flag settings

Developer Notes:

Lots of erotic play, right from the beginning of the game!
Erotic status effects and levels; 4 status types.
Multi-scenario and multi-endings!
[H scenarios]
– Impregnated by demons
– Anally teased by nobles
– Pubes plucked and sold off by an old man
– Tits suckled by an old man pretending to be a baby
– Violated on stage while people watch
and more!
* Varies from soft sexual play to hard gang-bang and humiliation scene
Pose art can be customized with vibrators/anal beads (5 types total).
Includes message fast-forwarding, window closing, screen display size change, diagonal movement, dashing, and reminisce mode from the menu.
and more!
25 base CG, 300+ pages with variations
Main H events: 50 scenes (62 including ending)
Mini H events: 20+
Endings: 15 (19 incl. within-scene branches)
Playtime: Varies due to the nature of the game

Ending Guide:

Recollection Ending
~End No. 1: Beautiful, Noble, and Pure.~
Trigger Conditions
*The player is a virgin and proud of her virginity.
*Fight with a certain person at the end of the game.
*Choose the answer in the last option.
~End No. 2 Chosen Future~
Trigger Conditions
*You are a virgin and you are proud of your virginity.
*Choose the answer in the last option.
~End No. 3 In A Faraway Land~
Trigger Conditions
*Corrupted by the Grand Aristocrats
~End No. 4 With Subhumans~
Trigger Conditions
*Corruption By Orcs
~End No. 5 Seedbed~
Trigger Conditions
*Used by Sorcerer
~End No. 6 Productive Punishment~
Trigger Conditions
*Advance to the second half with a certain level
of pride.
(This does not occur when pride is at its highest)
*A certain person who visits at midnight proposes to
proceed with the event.
~End No. 7 Complete Training~
Trigger Condition 1
*The event of All parts training has occurred.
*All parts of the body have been trained.
Trigger Condition 2
*Proceed to the end with almost no pride.
*She has undergone training many times.
In addition to this, there is one more condition,
in which case it will be either
End No. 7 or End No. 14 at random.
~End No. 8 Together in Valhalla~
Trigger Conditions
*Advance to the end of the game with a certain level
of pride, and receive a certain request.
*Generate events in hidden places and sympathize
with a person’s thoughts.
*Proceed to the end of the course in that state.
~End No. 9 Whore~
Trigger Condition 1
*Advance to the end with pride considerably lowered.
Trigger Condition 2
*Advance to the end with the pride lower than
a certain level.
*The development level of any part of the body
is above a certain level.
Whore (Breast)
Whore (Ass)
~End No. 10 Masturbation~
Trigger Condition 1
*proceed to the end with a pride below a significant level
Trigger Condition 2
*The pride of the person who is the most proud of all
the parts of the body is below a certain level.
*The degree of development of all parts of the body
is below a certain level.
Masturbation (Breasts)
Masturbation (Ass)
~End No.11 Days of Tranquility~
Trigger Conditions
*Advance to the end with pride slightly lowered.
~End No. 12 Deployment~
Trigger Conditions
*Proceed to the end with pride high.
~End No. 13 Eternal Punishment~
Trigger Condition 1
*Rest in bed in your room several times.
Trigger Condition 2
*Attempt to escape from Valhalla at a certain location.
~End No. 14 Itadaki Masu~
Trigger Condition 1
*Advance to the end of the course with the loss of pride.
Trigger Condition 2
*The total development level of all parts of the body
is 150 or more.
*Advance to the end with pride considerably lowered.
~End No.15 Prisoner of Lewdness~
Trigger Conditions
*Caught by a Lewd Demon in a certain place

Servant Valkyrie

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 39

Servant Valkyrie: screenshots

Servant Valkyrie screenshot 0Servant Valkyrie screenshot 1Servant Valkyrie screenshot 2Servant Valkyrie screenshot 3Servant Valkyrie screenshot 4Servant Valkyrie screenshot 5Servant Valkyrie screenshot 6Servant Valkyrie screenshot 7Servant Valkyrie screenshot 8

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