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Last update: 2019-12-20

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You have been bullied for too long. At a low point, you find the opportunity to have control over your bully. They’d look very pretty if they were just a little more… feminine.
You play as a protagonist who is feminizing their former bully (who can be a tomboy or a guy), turning them into either your lover, your submissive, or your plaything.

Last update: : 2019-12-16
Released: : 2019-12-11
Creator (developer): : Discarded Union –
Censored: No
Version: v0.7.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

2DCG, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Bdsm, Blackmail, Female Domination, Futa/Trans, Gay, Handjob, Humiliation, Male Domination, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Sissification, Spanking, Stripping, Trap, Voyeyurism, Feminization, Romance, School Setting,

Install instructions: :

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

New Content:Added a new plot thread for the relationship route “First date”:Added a new scene “An opportunity”.Added a new scene “A question”.Added a new scene “Somewhere nice”.Added a new plot thread for the arousal route “Hit the gym”:Added a new scene “Something else to do”.Added a new scene “Work out”.Added a new plot thread for the obedience route “Toyed with”:Added a new scene “Online shopping”.Added a new scene “A reminder”.Added a new scene “Under the Mistletoe”:Note this event only fires on (in-game) Christmas day.For now, when you have fulld all other events you should get a option to fire this event early.Fixes:Another big set of spelling fixes.Updates:Added new Patrons into credits.0.6.1:
New Content:Added a new scene “Regret”.Added a new scene “Hanging/checking out”.Added a new plot thread “Self Pleasure Control”.Added a new scene “Thinking”.Added a new scene “Telling”.Added a new scene “Asking”.Added a new scene “Agreement”.Added the ability to buy the girl’s uniform if you didn’t during “Shopping”.Updates:Added new Patrons into credits.Fixes:A big set of grammar & spelling fixes thanks to a player reporting a bunch.Known Issues:The “Regret” scene usually directly follows the “Shopping” scene, but it will instead fire on the next evening if you load an old save which has already seen that event. This may result in the scene being a little wrong in terms of when things happened. This is a compromise to avoid forcing players to replay.0.5.0:
New Content:Added a new plot thread “Uniform”Added a new scene “Soup of the day.”Added a new scene “A suggestion.”Added a new scene “Shopping.”Added a new scene “Covering for cards.”Added a new scene “Selfie.”Updates:Changed the way we describe gender expression based on the gender identity of the character.Added new Patrons into credits.Fixes:Small grammar & spelling fixes.Event system fixes for bugs that caused crashes.Event system fix for issue where the game could continue infinitely in rare conditions.Missing from this release:The new artwork is still not here yet, but our artist is back and actively working on it again.0.4.0:
New Content:Added a new scene “Don’t Fret”Added a new scene “First Shift”Added a new scene “A Dramatic Announcement”Added a new scene “Performance”Added a new scene “Post-show”Fixes:Fixed crash in the “The Empty Classroom” scene.Small grammar & spelling fixes.Updates:Added new Patrons into thanks section.Missing from this release:The eventing system is currently very bare-bones and doesn’t have any fluff around events and choices. This system will get improved over time.The new artwork is still not here yet, sorry. I’m working with our artist to try and get it sorted.Known Issues:This release will break compatibility with old saves. Hopefully this will be the last release where that is necessary, it corrects some issues with the way data was being stored in older versions.0.3.1:
New:Patron credits.Fixes:A few small script errors.0.3.0:
– Missing from this release:
– The first new artwork will drop in a minor release after this, as due to day-job issues our artist wasn’t able to finish the work in time for the release.
– There is no inventory view for now. This will be added in later releases.
– There are no patron credits in this version—these will be added for the public release, so no last-minute patrons are left out.
– New Features:
– Dyslexic-friendly font toggle in settings.
– Patreon backers can access the toolkit, allowing them to directly manipulate core game stats.
– To use this, download the file as well as the release for your platform, and place patron.rpa in the game directory.
– New Content:
– Added a new scene shared between the routes (“Makeup”)
– Added a new scene for the arousal route (“Walking In”)
– Added a new scene for the obedience route (“Reining In”)
– Added a new scene for the relationship route (“Leaning In”)
– Added a new set of small scenes (“A Job”)
– Updates:
– Switched to new logo.
– Added VFX to “Rain” scene.
– Rewrote “Route Pick” scene.
– Placeholder Content:
– Added new placeholder backgrounds that have a little more fidelity and exist.
– The “Nothing for now.” option in “Makeup” is disabled as it would just end the game for now.
– Known Issues:
– This release will likely break compatibility with old saves. You can try them, but I suspect they won’t work as expected. This shouldn’t happen often, but when core systems change it can be inevitable.
– The toolbox can fullly break things (and also get you access to some content that isn’t accessible normally), so be aware that things might go wrong if you make drastic changes with it.
– The cash earned animation sometimes doesn’t hide properly.
– New content:
– Added a new scene on Day 4 After School (“Observation”)
– Added a new scene on Day 5 Morning (“Rain”)
– Added a new scene on Day 5 After School (“The Empty Classroom”)
– Add a very short temporary tutorial segment to the start of the game, explaining reaction icons until we do something better.
– Updates:
– Slightly reworked a few small sections in the intro.
– Bug Fixes:
– Fix various grammar and spelling mistakes.
– Fix bug where the contact links didn’t work (including the one to report bugs, sigh).
– Fix a bug where speech backgrounds were incorrectly being cached with the default character names in.
– Made sure we don’t go to sixth form at the weekend.

0.1.0: Initial release

The game is currently essentially text-only, but this is temporary. An artist is now on the team.
Right now, the game is just the introduction, segment which sets up the characters and setting—the pace is currently a bit fast, because having a first version without any fun scenes would be a drag, but hopefully it gives a good idea of what is to come.

Developer Notes:

This is the first game from Discarded Union, hoping it will give a good impression. All feedback is very welcome, and if you enjoy the game, please consider backing it on .
This version of the game currently doesn’t have any custom artwork, only some placeholder stuff. The search for an artist is underway.

Please Be Aware: This is an early version of the game and doesn’t have any custom artwork! All the current art is placeholder, including stick-figure references for the first scene. The search for an artist is underway, and it will be replaced soon. That said, there is a good amount of content, so if you can enjoy it as a primarily text-based game, please do give it a go.
Also note that the player and bully are customized, so all gendered, gay, and trans tags are optional based on the options you pick.

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 25

Sculptor: screenshots

Sculptor screenshot 0Sculptor screenshot 1Sculptor screenshot 2Sculptor screenshot 3Sculptor screenshot 4

Welcome to the adult world of meetings with your secret wishes. Free download from MEGA or other file hostings, unpack, easy install and play this adult game.

Try to be a smart man and get what you want. And it will be not just simple robots, there will be a lot of familiar characters that you will met.​ What will you do? Will you be a good hero? Will you user your power and authority? Try now!

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