RPGMCompletedObscurite Magie: Ancient Relics and Lewd Monsters

Demo version:No
Last update: 2023-04-14

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RPGMCompletedObscurite Magie: Ancient Relics and Lewd Monsters is brought to you by xGames as a part of our large adult games collection. Direct download of this adult game is served via few clicks. New and only best games are delivered to you is always here.

Saria is a female mercenary who travels frequently and accepts requests for payment.
She is well known for her sword skills, and is often asked to deal with monsters or troublemakers.
One day, she is contacted by a man named Rewell who asks for her help in his research.
He was developing a powerful weapon called Magical Sword Prestoria, and had set up a research facility
outside the mysterious Bilistock Ruins, which was once home to a cult researching “Forbidden Magic”.
His request is to explore the ruins and test the sword in combat, while also collecting any
relics that haven’t been found yet. These relics contain data that would allow Rewell to improve the sword further.
Saria agrees to the terms after seeing the blade for herself.
However, the ruins are home to unusual monsters. This request might not turn out to be so simple…​

Last update: 2023-04-14
Released: 2019-04-29
Creator (developer): Instant Flowlighter
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English(Fan Translated)
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Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Translation Whats new (last changes):

V1.0.0 (13th April 2023): Initial Release

Developer/Translator Notes:

This is a full English translation of the game using Machine Translation tools as a base, and then manually edited and tested. Every line of dialogue should be edited to hopefully make sense and correctly formatted.
I used Translator++ to go through the whole game, including the plugins. The initial dialogue was done through Google Translate, but then edited with help from DeepL, Kakao and occasionally Bing and other such engines.
While I can’t read Japanese, I did my best to make the dialogue suitable for an English reader. As such, some dialogue was changed from the original.
The Plugins were done manually, only translating what is seen by the player as to not break anything. This mainly includes parts of the menus (like the gallery option) and the text that appears when you pick up items from chests or use Easy Mode.
Ontop of this, I have photoshopped almost all the images used in the game that serve as part of the intro/ending or the tutorials the game has. The only one not done is the developer logo, because it has the english name in it already. This was done using GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program. I did my best to replicate the original style of the game, although I could not find the same font used and instead used “Arial Unicode MS” for most of it.
I’m very happy with how the images turned out though.
I played through the game at least 3+ times to make sure that dialogue made sense in context, and made changes as I played through the game. This helped me fix some of the more annoying issues like missing punctuation and also word wrapping issues. All the text in the game was manually word wrapped, so none of it should go off screen. I even had to seperate some dialogue boxes into two just to make sure I could keep the person’s name at the top when the text overflowed. I’m sure there are still some mistakes hiding somewhere, but I put a lot of effort into hunting down issues like that and fixing them.
This game was my first translation project, so I used this game as a learning experience on how to translate a game “properly”. I think I did a good job with it, but not being able to read Japanese does limit my ability to provide a quality translation. Also, I didn’t have access to RPG Maker MV to edit the game directly, which would have allowed me to fix some of the bugs present in the game. There are quite a few that I was unable to fix, but you can avoid most of them.
This is also my first time actually uploading a translation, so hopefully I’ve done everything correctly. It took me about a month from first starting to finally get this translation to a point where I was happy to share it.
I mention this in greater detail in the text files included with the translation, but this Translation was not made to be fully “accurate” to the original game. What I mean by this is that I have changed some dialogue I know was not the direct translation to, and even added new dialogue during multiple parts of the game. This could be considered overstepping the bounds of what a translation should be, but I believe the game is overall better to play with what I changed. I just want to make it clear beforehand that if you compare this translation with the original, there will be a lot of differences and I especially think how I describe “Obscurite” as a concept in this game is just outright incorrect to what the developers intended. So I guess don’t take this translation as canon for the rest of the series.
Also, a lot of the CGs have just non stop lines of sex noises, so I had to break up this montony and added words here and there when I could. I think this part of the translation is the weakest part, but I didn’t really enjoy translating the sex noises. It’s difficult to make it sound good for an english reader, so I did what I could.
The Translation files themselves in the “Translation Files” folder.
Multiple text files that I wrote myself to aid the player with the game. These include:How to InstallGoes into more detail about how to unpack the game and suchTranslation and Game InformationDetails known changes I made, bugs and other detailsTranslation Whats new (last changes)Just to keep track of if I update anything after uploading thisCG GuideYou can instantly open the gallery at any time, but you might want to find them through gameplayEquipment and Magic Door guideThe game has a lot of locked doors and some hidden equipmentGame Tips + Ending GuideExtra info on some things the game doesn’t explainStory sDon’t read this one, It’s just me ramblingOptional SavesI added these just for those that would want to skip straight to the endings. You don’t need them to view the gallery as you can unlock it at any time.Optional Image InstallIn the original game, Saria’s naked standing CG has no vagina. This bothered me so much I went out of my way to photoshop one onto her. However, I don’t think it looks that great tbh.The folder contains the raw images used so you can compare them together and decide if you want to use it or not.
The game is designed around being a simple HRPG with easy access to scenes and low difficulty.
It follows typical RPGMaker MV combat with turn based mechanics, and many enemies possessing weaknesses and resistances to different types of magic you can use.
You can enable Easy Mode in the options to instantly kill enemies when walking into them. The game also lets you start out immediately at Level 20 if you wish.
All of the gameplay takes place within the ruins, which you descend layer by layer going through enemies and discovering more about the ruins and what it was
used for. You will also encounter many locked doors, for which you need to find magic keys to unlock them and take the treasure inside.
The game can take around 3 hours to beat, but much faster if you use the provided easy mode and skip dialogue.

RPGMCompletedObscurite Magie: Ancient Relics and Lewd Monsters

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 54

RPGMCompletedObscurite Magie: Ancient Relics and Lewd Monsters: screenshots

RPGMCompletedObscurite Magie: Ancient Relics and Lewd Monsters screenshot 0RPGMCompletedObscurite Magie: Ancient Relics and Lewd Monsters screenshot 1RPGMCompletedObscurite Magie: Ancient Relics and Lewd Monsters screenshot 2RPGMCompletedObscurite Magie: Ancient Relics and Lewd Monsters screenshot 3RPGMCompletedObscurite Magie: Ancient Relics and Lewd Monsters screenshot 4RPGMCompletedObscurite Magie: Ancient Relics and Lewd Monsters screenshot 5

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