Playboy The mansion + Gold Edition [COMPLETED]

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Last update: 2018-12-21

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Playboy: The Mansion is the first full-scale game made for the publisher of the world’s most famous magazines for men – Playboy Enterprise, Inc., who decided to expand their offer by a video game.

Playboy: The Mansion is a manager game inspired of the bestselling The Sims series with elements of economic strategy. The game is more than just a mansion manager. It lets you feel like Hugh Hefner himself and create your own erotic empire full of barely clothed beautiful women. Your job is to invite prominent people (actors, politicians, musicians and sportsmen) and keep them happy in a way the real Hefner would, i.e. give them all the luxury they can imagine. And there are lots of these in Playboy: The Mansion: tennis courts, zoo, garages with hot cars, movie theatres, pools, and even the famous Grotto.
The money needed for expanding the mansion comes from selling Playboy magazine issues designed by the player (the cover, layout, etc.). Therefore, you have to provide what is the most essential for the magazine – pictures of naked or barely clothed women. You can take photos yourself, inviting models for photo sessions in your mansion.
The game features 3D graphics and free-roam camera (zoom in/out, rotation, etc.).
Two play modes: the career and missions.
Complex management of a financial empire, including hiring the crew, throwing parties, etc.
The game includes real photos of the famous Playboy Mansion.

Censorship: None
Version: Completed
OS: PC/Windows
Language: English
Genre: Simulation, Dating, Singleplayer, Managenment, Strategy
Instructions Original:
1. This file contain .iso, Use a mount program to install.
2. In the 3rd ‘next’ you can select english language.
3. Progress through the installer
4. Play the game
Instructions Gold Edition:
1. Mount cd 1 and progress through the installer
2. Mount cd 2 and progess through the installer and place it on the same folder as cd1, do the same with cd 3 and 4
3. Copy the crack files from DEVIANCE (cd1) folder into the main folder
Extra info:
I did not test the Gold Edition.
Gold Edition Contain 4 CD iso
Require any mounting tool

Download Link(s):
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Download Link Gold Edition:
Playboy The mansion + Gold Edition

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 39

Playboy The mansion + Gold Edition: screenshots

Playboy The mansion + Gold Edition screenshot 0Playboy The mansion + Gold Edition screenshot 1Playboy The mansion + Gold Edition screenshot 2Playboy The mansion + Gold Edition screenshot 3

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