Pieces of my Heart v0.3.1

Demo version:No
Last update: 2020-07-29

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Date beautiful women and solve tricky puzzles in Pieces of my Heart, a premium animated jigsaw puzzle game. Fifteen beautiful women are looking for love, by solving their puzzles you unlock their hearts and companionship.​

Last update: 2020-07-29
Released: 2020-07-28
Creator (developer): Kinky Fridays –
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.1
OS: Windows
Language: English

2d game, 2dcg, Anal Sex, Animated, Big Tits, Dating Sim, Exhibitionism, Male Protagonist, Point & Click, Puzzle, Vaginal Sex, Voiced

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Subscriber Build 03.1

New Features/Fixes:
– Aurelie scenes/puzzles added
– Mildred scenes/puzzles added
– Emoji code added to messages (won’t be visible until translations are done)
– Puzzle logic/message timing fixed
– Hand rotation defaults fixed
– Audio transitions fixed
– Video transitions updated
– Save bug fixed
Temp Features/Known Bugs:
– Lust Bar Speeds: As a simple means of testing and fixing, the lust bar now fills super quickly, please enjoy painting Olivia with semen to your heart’s content.
– Aurelie puzzles can sometimes hide puzzle pieces, fix incoming in the next patch.
– Puzzle options menu configuration incorrect.
– Cum colliders are missing for some of the girls, these will be modified after all content has been added to the game.
– Messages for girls displaying the Olivia script, this is because it is tied into the localization package, it will auto-correct once the localization is full.

Subscriber Build 0.3

New Features:
– Left or Right main hand selection.
– Skin tone selection.
– Rotations set to 90-degree rotations only.
– Date greeting SFX.
– Difficulty selection idle.
– Transitions between screens.
– Loading screen.
– Option menu setup.
– Background animations.
– Puzzle background animations.
– Large polish changes, bugs fixed, messages, transitions, etc.
Temp Features/Known Bugs:
– Lust Bar Speeds: As a simple means of testing and fixing, the lust bar now fills super quickly, please enjoy painting Olivia with semen to your heart’s content.
– Save bug: After completing the first puzzle of a date, if the player returns to the menu and selects a second date it will skip the first puzzle. This is being worked on right now.
– Puzzle scene default hand: If swapping to left hand in the menu, players will notice that it is reverted once they enter the puzzle scene. This is not intended.

Subscriber Build 0.2.1

New Mechanics
– Animated Puzzle Pieces: The puzzle scenes now have animated puzzle pieces making it easier (or harder maybe) to find connected pieces. We will be adding more background effects to the scenes to make this effect even better.
– New Sex Reward Rig: This new rig includes both the foreplay/petting rig and the sex rig together. Meaning that going from sex to fingering and back to sex is now superfluid and smart. Cum now carries over to foreplay actions.
Temp Changes
– Lust Bar Speeds: As a simple means of testing and fixing, the lust bar now fills super quickly, please enjoy painting Olivia with semen to your heart’s content.
– Finish Puzzle Button: As a way to allow players easier access to reward content a temp button has been added on puzzle scenes to skip the game content and get to the reward scenes.
– Animated Backgrounds: We have started the rollout of animations to the UI, for now we are limited to the main menu but the rest will follow soon.
– Achievements Menu: New achievements menu, empty for now.
– Credits Menu Move: New credits menu, empty for now.
– Fanfare: Complete a puzzle and be greeted to the new Fanfare layout.

Subscriber Build 02

New Mechanics
– Messaging System: Dates will now contact the player via the Titter dating app during puzzle sequences. Playing on harder difficulties will reward the player with more messages than easier levels.
– Collectables/Unlocks: During the messaging dialogues players will be given an option for responding to the date. Selecting the response the date responds favorably too will reward the player with a selfie image. There are six to collect, three cute and three lewd.
– Foreplay/Petting: After completing the second puzzle players will first be given a chance to interact with the date in petting mode. During this mode you can use your hand/cursor to finger the mouth, vagina and anus. You can also grope the breasts and rub the inner legs. This is a very basic interaction and will be changed in the next build.
– Cum/Money Shot: After the player builds up their lust bar enough they can start the ejaculation. Currently it will ejaculate towards the cursor, so have fun aiming your load. Feel free to go back in and build the bar up once more to ejaculate again.
– UI Overhaul: Enjoy the new user interface, animations to come soon.
– Theme Music: New theme music.
– Puzzle Timer: Beating a full level now saves completion times, times are visible on the difficulty selection panel.
– Options Menu: Configured for audio and skin color selection.
– Player Customisation: Choice of penis/hands/cursor color via the options menu.
– Jigsaw changes:
– Easy mode no longer has rotations for pieces.
– Puzzle pieces should no longer snap diagonally.
– Cosmetic changes for pieces.
– Simple Fanfare added for puzzle completion.
– Zoom level modifications.
– Added options menu in puzzle mode.
Known Issues
– Loading Times: Slow loading times are to be expected at this point.
– Foreplay/Petting: Mode is inconsistent, cum does not carry over when returning to petting mode.
– Audio Normalisation: Audio levels inconsistent, will be addressed in the next build.

Alpha 0.01

– Two puzzles for the Olivia Cinema date.
– Timer mechanic (basic implementation).
– Piece rotation mechanic (Q and E keys).
– Shuffle area mechanic (Space-bar and S keys).
– Zoom mechanics (mouse wheel).
– Basic puzzle design.
– Temp music setup.
– Three difficulties (easy 5×5, medium 10×10, hard 15×15).
Puzzle/Scene 01:
– Idle one animation.
– Simple background audio setup.
– Simple vocal audio setup.
Puzzle/Scene 02:
– Basic sex mechanics with Olivia date.
– Pause, Slow, Fast, Cum animations.
– Lust bar mechanic.
– Basic cum play mechanic.
Functional main menu:
– Basic gallery mechanic.
– Basic date selection (one character).
– Basic date bio/information page.
– Basic options menu.
Features missing:
– UI overhaul.
– Audio overhaul (SFX, Sex SFX, Music OST, Menu SFX).
– More girls to date (planned 15).
– Date messaging system.
– Foreplay mode (sex scene interactions).
– Cum painting mode (paint your dates in ejaculate – nice rhyme)
– Unlockables (images from dates, extra girls to date).

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Pieces of my Heart

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 84

Pieces of my Heart: screenshots

Pieces of my Heart screenshot 0Pieces of my Heart screenshot 1Pieces of my Heart screenshot 2Pieces of my Heart screenshot 3Pieces of my Heart screenshot 4Pieces of my Heart screenshot 5Pieces of my Heart screenshot 6Pieces of my Heart screenshot 7Pieces of my Heart screenshot 8Pieces of my Heart screenshot 9Pieces of my Heart screenshot 10Pieces of my Heart screenshot 11Pieces of my Heart screenshot 12

Welcome to the adult virtual world of meetings with your secret wishes. Free download from MEGA or other file hostings, unzip, easy install in a couple of minutes and play this porn game.

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  1. Seeing this game was not interested in the slightest, then a few moments later I was more curious about this game, then I installed this game on my Android, then I played a few minutes, apparently the game that I was not interested in now I liked it. You have to try this game, it sounds normal but try it. a puzzle genre game that is designed so that players are more comfortable playing the game. when you meet the main character you will be invited to play the game. games that stimulate someone’s intelligence and one’s IQ to solve a problem in it, you must complete the mission there are, and there are stages of the puzzle the stages or levels you want to choose from easy, medium, and hard. if you are difficult or unable to solve the hard level puzzle you can choose the easy level. Graphics and arts are very good, and the language easy to understand from all walks of life, and puzzle gameplay is not that hard, very melodious music, and great atmosphere. the advantage of this game is this game is small in size, so your memory isn’t full quickly. the drawback of this game is that this game doesn’t have the slightest flaw. games that are designed in such a way by us, games that are simple but very amazing, sound ordinary in the end they are making it into a unique one.


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