Paraphore v1.0.0 [COMPLETED]

Demo version:No
Last update: 2019-03-28

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Paraphore is a text-based erotic game developed by Kittery and FallowWing. The game depicts furry creatures and a variety of extreme kinks.​

Thread Updated: 2019-03-28
Release Date: 2018-04-30
Censored: No
Version: v1.0.0
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Sequel: Semiphore

Text Based, Adventure, Furry, Incest, Futa/Shemale, Urination, Food Play, Lesbian, Gay, 2D Game, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist

Install instructions

Load swf file in your flashplayer

Whats new (last changes):

> Key Items
– Added Septricard
– Added Auto-Chip
– Added Privacy Ring
– Added seeds for Roxelle, Red, Cade, Septrica, Marei, and Som
Unlocked Zeit & Trickster UI skins for all players
– One is found at the end of a very short Bright Forest encounter
– One is found after asking a question at the Apothecary lobby
> Dev Menu
– Enabled the Dev Menu for everyone, not just donors
– You do have to 100% the game to get the password though
– Donors don’t have to fuck around with a password, they just get access straight up
> Endings
– Added Mynt Ending
– Added Mint Ending
– Added Protocol Ending
– Added Septrica Ending
– Added Meteorite Ending (unlocks when you find all other endings, all journal entries, and all seeds)
– Added Credits
> Scenes
– Added Missing Page 13
– Added Missing Page 14
– Added Missing Page 15
– Added Missing Page 16
– Added Cade & Strawberry wedding scene
– Added law lore to the L.L.L. by guest writer
– Added Init piece to the History section of the L.L.L.
– Added Tech section to the L.L.L.
– Added tiny nonsexual ferret dude + Fuckmeat scene to Violet Meteorite
– Added Apothecary tour with Marei
– Added Marei & Thelly arc ending scene
– Added scene where you break into Septrica’s
– Added bomb shelter sequence used by multiple endings (+7 photoshopped arts)
– Added two small Red scenes after her Apothecary therapy scene: one in the forest, one in the city! Guest writer: Taylertots
> Art
– Marei’s Present by Fuf
– Roxelle (2 + an animation) by Fuf
– Wolfish Red by Fuf
– Archie Falls by Fuf
– Septrica’s Speech by Fuf
– Gryphon presenting by Leveretry
– Gryphon in gown by Leveretry
– Gryphon w/ party hat by Leveretry
– Bomb Shelter photoshopped arts (7) by Kittery
– AUTO-SHOP alt face by Kittery
– Dead Bunny by Kittery
– Marlene’s Dive by Kittery
– Thelly by fredek
– Som Shoots by Aogami
– Septrica & Som (3) by Cubber
– Meteorite by Cubber
– Red’s Grief by Cubber
– Mynt’s Dress (10) by Cubber
– Ominous whistle
– Doorbell
– Power blinking
– Admin gained
– Mint appears
– Shelter fan
– Breaker flip/unflip
– Rox shooting
– Metal footsteps
– Added text appearance noises for Mynt, Mint, ???, and Protocol
> Music
– Forgotten Friend by Rocketfuzzy
– Kill Me (music box) by Rocketfuzzy
– Dissonance Rupture by Rocketfuzzy
– Gunpoint by Rocketfuzzy
– Credits by Rocketfuzzy
– Bridal Chorus by Rocketfuzzy
> Bugfixes & Optimization
– FINALLY fixed the bug where you can’t gather glowberries or gain items!!! It was caused by going to your pet’s house.
– Fixed the mynt ambience playing forever whenever you clicked “Load a mod”
– Fixed massive lag whenever you returned to the daydream journal
– Fixed a broken “I gotta go” option in Kemp’s truck crash scene
– Added a warning which will hopefully trigger when someone gets the bug where they can’t gain any items, if you see that warning immediately write down what you just did recently in game and tell us please and thanks!!
– Added a “This will lock you out of story content” warning to the LLL intro’s move along button
– Removed “Advanced Gramphics” joke setting from the settings menu, cause it made a big buggy mess and needed to be punished
– “You’ve got mail” sound now fades out properly, also if you click any buttons it will now stop playing
> Misc
– Added two 3% chance alternate Main Menu easter eggs
– Added Endings menu and unlock system to the daydream journal
– Retconned Missing Page 5 date to Year 0.7
– Added a WASD button hint the first time you play the caves minigame
– Added missing music credit for the goblin nightclub
– Retconned the number of missing pages to 16 down from 20
– Retconned ‘yaoi mangas’ to ‘yuri mangas’ in the prose engine section of the LLL
– Minor ‘dress’ retcon to Missing Page 4
– Fixed anachronism when Vanylla finds the password
– Retconned ‘prose engine’ to ‘interpretive loop’ to prevent confusion between ‘prose engine’ and ‘The Engine.’ The former is Mynt’s core, the latter is the core of the island’s environment and ecosystems
– Retconned Missing Page 3’s corruptive rp buddy from a person to an ero game instead, to prevent confusion when Wendy also mentions a totally different rp buddy (archbishop) in the same scene

Dev Menu password:


PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 95

Paraphore: screenshots

Paraphore screenshot 0Paraphore screenshot 1Paraphore screenshot 2Paraphore screenshot 3

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  1. The link is no longer available. Was really hoping to download this game. Good game, just disappointed about the link.


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