Paize Knightess Ellen and the Dungeon Town of Sodom v1.10 [COMPLETED]

Demo version:No
Last update: 2022-05-23

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Unreasonably Erotic “Kukkoro Female Knight RPG”
A blonde, dignified and strong female knight. Do you want to humiliate her, take away her escape, hunt her down, and impregnate her?
The dungeon is a relic from the time of the demon king, from which endless demons spring, but at the same time, the dungeon is also a place where “treasures” spring, and adventurers who want to make a fortune gather in the dungeon. The town flourished around the dungeon.
Ellen, a knight of the Kingdom of Paize, was on her way to the dungeon town of Sodom.
Recently, “monsters” have been coming out from deep inside the dungeon, causing damage to the residents. The knights of the kingdom were asked to investigate and take down the goblins, and Ellen was on her way to the town as a member of the advance party., with Lilia, an apprentice wizard, by her side.
Ellen and Lilia put the whip to the horse and rode down the hill at once.

Last update: 2022-05-23
Released: 2021-06-19
Original Title:
Creator (developer):
OS: Windows
Language: English (edited MTL)
Censored: Yes
Version: 1.10

2DCG, 2D game, Japanese game, Censored, Female protagonist, Handjob, Rape, Big tits, Masturbation, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Creampie, Group sex, Multiple penetration, Monster, Tentacles, Pregnancy, Multiple endings, Turn based combat, Sex toys, Virgin, Exhibitionism, Titfuck, RPG

Install instructions:

1. Make sure your system locale is set to Japanese(Japan).
2. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

July 14, 2021
Bug Fixes
v1.10 Fixed freeze in brothel dungeon with TP 80+ masturbation
Jul 06, 2021
Added bug fixes
v109 Room after clearing the game (can refer to virgin ED, play against those two)
Jun 26, 2021
Bug fixes added
v108 It is possible to go to the brothel dungeon from the post-clearance reminiscence room
Jun 23, 2021
Bug fixes added
v107 Added recollection battle room, incorrect history in shower with Lilia, pregnancy slot in yorozuya
Jun 20, 2021
Bug fixes added
v105&106 Added a bug of standing picture, unable to save at a branching point, virgin ED, etc.
Jun 19, 2021
Bug fixes added
See ci-en for details.
Pregnancy process in the stairway sometimes freezes.
Progress bug in the brothel dungeon, etc.
Extension of the effect of [leotard}

Translator Notes:

This was my first attempt at translating something back then. It’s not a DMTL, it’s just a roughly edited Google-Translate MTL.
Original Japanese version can be found here:
If you experience a crash, game-breaking bug or seriously broken text please post me a screenshot and a short description when it happened. Providing a save just before the problem occurs would drastically increase the speed of the fixing process.

: Whats new (last changes):

1.0: Low effort version for 1.06.
1.1: experimental version for 1.08, translated more parts of the menus.
1.2: Translated the second page of the sex xp menu as well as some minor fixes.
1.3: Finally translated the whole sex xp menu.
1.4: Fixed problems with 1.3.
1.5: Fixed ending script.
1.51: Fixed “パイズリ(Paizuri)” being wrongly translated “Fucking”.
1.6: reviewed every single line of the mtl fixing wrong and fullly broken translations.
1.61: Fixed dungeon birth events not working.
1.62: Translated Egg text.
1.7: Updated to game v1.10, changed font to be more compact and further improved translation.
1.71: Cleaned up the menu.
1.72: Translated floating map text.

Paize Knightess Ellen and the Dungeon Town of Sodom

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 66

Paize Knightess Ellen and the Dungeon Town of Sodom: screenshots

Paize Knightess Ellen and the Dungeon Town of Sodom screenshot 0Paize Knightess Ellen and the Dungeon Town of Sodom screenshot 1Paize Knightess Ellen and the Dungeon Town of Sodom screenshot 2Paize Knightess Ellen and the Dungeon Town of Sodom screenshot 3Paize Knightess Ellen and the Dungeon Town of Sodom screenshot 4

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