Nope Nope Nope Nurses [COMPLETED]

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Last update: 2023-01-20

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Yamada falls into the clutches of the “OG Three,” a triple threat of veteran nurses!
Meet the sinister trio that even the other nurses fear!
“Begrudging Nurse” Tachibana, “Insidious Nurse” Kurokawa, “Violent Nurse” Yamaguchi, and “Demotivational Nurse” Hiramatsu.
Just like the rumors said, this hospital’s got nothing but nurses with the worst personalities.

I had no idea there could be anybody worse than them!
These three aren’t just nasty… They’re pure evil.
Some are obsessive, some wicked, and others unpredictable.
They’re the absolute worst—and that’s what makes them the best!
A Story That’s Gaining Speed!
Man, all I did was break some bones and get hospitalized.
And yet everyone treats me like the scum of the earth!
Plus, recently things here have been feeling off.
Like there’s a dark cloud hanging over you no matter where you go…
The basic gameplay loop is that these awful nurses give main character Yamada a hard time, over and over again.
But they’re very creative, so it never gets stale—and this time, the story that’s been waiting in the wings is finally taking center stage.

Last update: 2023-01-20
Released: 2023-01-20
Creator (developer): Dark One! –
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voiced: Japanese
Other Games:

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Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes:


“Obsessive Nurse” Numajiri

One of the veteran nurses that make up the “OG Three” at the hospital I’m in.
Out of all the other nurses here, I’m scared of her the most.
Since the day she became my primary nurse, she has been incessantly whispering horrible things into my ear.
And the more I show it’s getting to me, the happier she gets. I really wish she would leave me alone.
She of course keeps cutting and cutting and cutting at me even as she’s treating me, making me feel the worst I possibly can as I cum.
However, Numajiri seems to like me or something because whether I’m sleeping or going to the convenience store, she always follows me around.
“Hey, what are you doing releasing this stuff for? Is this supposed to be useful for something? What’re you even making this nasty stuff here for?”

“Black-Hearted Nurse” Kiritani
Voice: Ren Toyotaka

Another member of the “OG Three.”
When Yamaguchi told me my primary nurse for this week would be Kiritani, she looked at me like she was pitying me.
I heard that Kiritani is a former delinquent who was feared by everyone in her hometown…
But I’m not gonna trust the rumors! After all, Kiritani seems nice, inside and out. Maybe a bit frail-looking, but a real beauty with presence. Calling someone like that a former delinquent has got to be some kind of terrible joke. She actually treats me in the nicest way possible…
“Come on in. This gal will treat you kindly.”

“Psychopathic Nurse” Tendo
Voice: miru

Tendo is the last of the “OG Three.”
She’s an eccentric person who’s always laughing. Is she always in a really good mood, or is she just fullly cracked…?
I think that rather than seeing me as a patient that needs ejaculation assistance, she sees me more as a rarity and thus a friend worth playing with…or maybe a toy?
Any way you slice it, she’s a very dangerous person with no common sense.
But since she’s the daughter of the head nurse who basically runs this hospital, no one can tell her off.
Will I make it to my discharge date safely?
“Hahahahaha! This fluid tastes terrible! This year’s Beaujolais Cock is a bad harvest!”

“Unreliable Nurse” Mochizuki
Voice: Mei Misonoo

A new nurse at the hospital.
She has plenty of energy and a go-getter attitude, but she fails at everything she does and spends half her time getting scolded.
I’ve seen her hiding and crying in unpopulated areas of the hospital many times.
She’s the kind of person that you can’t leave alone, so even I try to do what I can for her.
“I’m no help at all… and I’m always getting in the other nurses’ way…”

“Begrudging Nurse” Tachibana
Voice: Voice: Mirau

The first nurse that was in charge of me after I got admitted.
She’s beautiful and does her job well…
But some things happened and now she hates me.
“Of course I’m only able to do the job of making you ejaculate by repressing how I feel.

“Insidious Nurse” Kurokawa
Voice: Hikaru Isshiki

This is another nurse who took care of me…
Her personality is a bit out there and she has a lot of problems.
And her tendency towards unending, unfounded resentment makes her personality pretty annoying.
“If I’m loser, what does that make you? Scum? Trash? A maggot?”

“Violent Nurse” Yamaguchi
Voice: Misaki Kamishiro

Another nurse who was in charge of me who happens to be a former delinquent.
She’s not a bad person… or at least I want to believe she’s not.
But as she’s crude and violent, I don’t really think being a nurse suits her…
“Quit hittin’ the call button or I’ll kill you, twerp!”

“Demotivational Nurse” Hiramatsu
Voice: Elena Kaibara

Another of the nurses who took care of me, but one of the younger ones.
It seems she’s friendly with Mochizuki since they’re both young. Which is nice, but…
Since she’s got a lazy streak a mile wide, she sometimes comes to my room to skip out on work.
“People are people… and I’m a person who hates working.”

I’m Yamada.
I’m nothing special, just your average student.
If I had to say one thing that makes me different from other people, it’s that I have a rare condition where I have to bust a nut every three hours or my balls will start to hurt like crazy…
Which was bad enough back before I broke all the bones in both of my hands… My life sucks.
On top of that, the hospital I’m in is infamous around here for having nothing but nurses with the worst personalities!
“What’s going to happen to me now…?”

Nope Nope Nope Nurses

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 45

Nope Nope Nope Nurses: screenshots

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