Naughty Rabbit v2022-09-01

Demo version:No
Last update: 2022-09-02

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Naughty Rabbit is a 2D side-scrolling platformer action game with the player as a male anthromorphic rabbit and the goal of rescuing the female rabbit captives in each stage. In the current demo, there are three stages with the third stage being a boss stage against a wolf lady. The player can collects the acorns in each stage and use them in the store to buy items such as carrots (restores health) and a mandrake that will restore all hearts if the player loses them all during a stage. After defeating an enemy capable of sex, the player can interact with them by standing next to and pressing button 3 (C key). The sex scenes are animated and involves timing with the goal of either the enemy orgasms first or both partners orgasm together. If the enemy is not satisfied enough, the player will lose a 1/4 part of heart. The game can be played with either a gamepad or keyboard.​

Last update: 2022-09-02
Released: 2022-09-01
Creator (developer): be_kon_box – –
Censored: No
Version: 2022-09-01
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese

2D game, Animated, Furry, Male protagonist, Combat, Side-scroller, Platformer, Vaginal sex, Internal view, Creampie, Japanese game, Gay *, Anal sex *
* (One scene, disabled by default and requires losing to the black kobold to see. It’s enabled in the gallery save and can be disabled in the options)
Timing (During sex scene, read [Controls when having sex] under developer notes)

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

The game seems to be crashing because the files that are temporarily expanded in the temp folder are not expanded properly, so the files cannot be referenced.
It seems that there is a problem with runtime compression and decompression, which I did not know until I looked into it this time….
If this method does not cause any problems, I will use the uncompressed runtime bundle from now on.
We would appreciate your cooperation in testing to see if the game works properly.
This is a test version of the save data related fixes.
The contents are the same as the previous Ver.
Other than that, some bugs were fixed.
Fixed a bug that the bugbear would take damage if it came in contact with you while you were invincible after exiting the store.
Fixed a bug that players would take damage when restarting from the store after a game over due to contact with briars (damaged terrain).
Previous save data cannot be used.
The contents of the data are described almost as they are meant to be, so if you rewrite the part that looks like it, it will be reflected.
However, if you carelessly rewrite the data and make the values out of use, the game may not work properly, so please do so in moderation.
If the game does not work properly after rewriting the data, please delete the entire contents of the ini file.
If you have any problems, please report them to us.
I have set it to run as administrator.
Changed the language used for non-Unicode text conversion to use the user’s language.


Gamepads recommended.
To switch to the gamepad control, click “ファイル” on menubar, then click “プレイヤー”.
Switch off screensavers or use JoyToKey-like applications for your convenience.
[Key Assignment]
← · → = move left and right
↓ = crouch
Z (Button 1) = Attack
X (button 2) = Jump
C (button 3) = Have sex (When you stand near the enemy which is capable to have sex.)
↑ (up) + Z (button 1) = Uppercut
↓ (Down) + Z (Button 1) = Sliding
↓ (Down) then → (Right) or ←(Left) + Z (Button 1) = Tackle
(Direction differs which direction you are facing.)
Enter Pause game

Important Notes:

To change the language to English, go down to Japanese with either the gamepad or keyboard and hit button 1 (Z key).
The executable file in the folder (Ver20220901.exe) was modified to be able to run the game without administrative rights as the creator changed it for this version to fix an issue with the settings not being saved for some users. From testing the game without admin rights, the game was able to save and load the settings in the ini file though if there’s any problems with it, the original file is included as Ver20220901_original. Nonadmin.bat is there if the exe file can not be run for any reason and is used by dragging the original exe file (after deleting the modified exe and renaming it back) on top of it. A save with the gallery fully unlocked is available if both exe and bat file does not work for any reason and the game is still unable to save its setting.
Contents of Nonadmin.bat:

cmd /min /C “set __COMPAT_LAYER=RUNASINVOKER && start “” %1″

Developer Notes:

This document describes more detailed behaviors of the game.
Since it is written as the old version, some parts have been changed.
So far this game uses 3 buttons.
At the final version the buttons will be 4 so please use a gamepad with more than 4 buttons and D-pad.
Because of the game engine(CF2.5)’s default setting, you can’t use a gamepad and a keyboard at the same time.
You can switch to the gamepad control by clicking “ファイル(file)” on menubar, then “プレイヤー(player)”.
In this menu you can also change key assignment.
So far no customization for gamepad key assignment.
Press right and left to move.
Press down to crouch.
You can jump off from some kind of platform by pressing down and jump key(button 2).
Press button 1 to attack.
By pressing button 1 continuously, you can use combo attacks(4 combo maximum).
Timing of input is acceptable both in “just timing” or “beforehand”,
so simply tap the buttons for combo attacks.
4th attack of the combo can blow off most of enemy.
Attack power is the lowest in the first attack, and strongest in the 4th attack.
[Jump Attack]
Press button 1 while jumping to jump attack.
You can jump attack as many times as you can while in the air, but the attack is cancelled when you touch the ground.
The behavior is under development.
Press up and button 1 to uppercut.
This attack is slow, but you can blow some of enemy up in the air.
It can be connected from attack 1 and 2.
When an uppercut hits the enemy, you can cancel the motion of the uppercut and jump by pressing button 2.
When you hit the blown enemy by a jump attack, you can make an aerial combo(4 combo maximum).
You can also cancel the combo, and restart the aerial combo from the beginning.
When facing right, press down, right then button 1 to tackle forward.
(When facing left, do the same but press left instead of right.)
You can blow off some enemy by tackling.
You can cancel the motions of combo attack 1,2,3 and uppercut and tackle immediately when hitting enemy.
While tackling, you can cancel its motion by jumping.
Press down and button 1 at the same time to slide. You can change direction by a diagonal input.
At the very beginning of sliding you are invincible.
The duration of invincibility is so short that you can’t pass through big enemies.
The hitbox for attacking activates when you start sliding with legs stretched.
Beware that you can’t make any other movement during sliding.
When sliding hits the enemy, you can connect to uppercut.
You can cancel the motions of combo attack 1,2,3 and uppercut and slide immediately when hitting enemy.
Press button 2 to jump.
When you jump onto an enemy, you can jump again.
Some of enemies take damage when they were stepped.
You can’t jump onto enemies when you are jump-attacking.
[Health and Damage]
Hearts on the top-left of the screen represents your health.
In the beginning you have 2 hearts of health.
In the future updates you will be able to gain more hearts by some ways.
You take damage by contacting enemies, enemies’ bullet and obstacle in the level.
Most of them gives you 1/4 heart of damage, but a tackle of cow and a strike of dog gives you 1/2 heart damage.
Enemies don’t give you a damage when being hit or taken down .
When you take damage, you will gain a short period of invincibility.
When you lost all of your health, game is over.
So far you return to the title screen.
[Having Sex]
So far you can have sex with dogs, cows, Barometzs and slimes.
To have sex with an enemy, beat them to 0HP, get close and press button 3.
If there are a couple of enemies which are capable of having sex, one will be chosen randomly.
Dogs and cows have different position of sex according to how you beat them.
So far there is no benefit to have sex with enemy. You may gain benefit by having successful sex in future updates.
[Pleasure Bar]
When starting having sex, a cross-section anime and pleasure bar will be shown above your player character.
The yellow bar represents your pleasure, while the pink one does enemy’s.
Both your and enemy’s pleasures rise when a penis is inserted in the deepest spot.
Your pleasure bar never drops unless you ejacuate or time passes.
In future updates there will be an item for dropping your pleasure bar.
[Controls when having sex]
When having sex, press right and left to zoom up/down.
Press up and down to pan up/down.
Pleasure bars moves to the side of the screen if you zoom up closely.
The camera resets when finishing/aborting sex.
Pressing button 1 while stroking to regulate the pleasure bars.
If pressed when the penis is in the shallowest position, your pleasure rises more than enemy’s.
When the penis is in the intermediate position, both pleasure rises in the same quantity.
When it is in the deepest, the enemy’s pleasure rises more than yours.
When enemy’s pleasure rises, your stroke become faster by 3 phases, thus it become harder to press the button in proper timing.
You can regulate the pleasure only once in each stroke so mushing the button is no use.
The behaviour of pleasure bars will be differ according to enemies in the future updates.
When your or enemy’s pleasure reaches for 100%, you come to a finish.
The finish motion changes according to the conditions of pleasure bars.
Behaviours of enemy varies. See chapter “Enemy’s behaviour in sex.”
[Aborting Sex]
Press button 2 or taking damage aborts having sex.
You can’t cancel sex by pressing button 2 when you are in finish motion.
When aborted, each enemy behaves differently. See chapter “Enemy’s behaviour in sex.”
[Down & Upset condition]
Enemies changes its condition to “Down” or “Upset” when finishing/aborting sex according to the conditions of pleasure bars.
When enemy is down, you can have sex once more again.
You take over your pleasure from previous sex.
On the other hand, enemy’s pleasure differs according to the condition.
When enemy is down its pleasure drops naturally.
You can’t have sex anymore with “upset” enemy.
[Enemy’s behaviour in sex]
Dogs & Cows
Your pleasure 100%, Enemy’s over 75% : Simultanious orgasm, down.
Your pleasure 100%, Enemy’s below 75% : Only you reach orgasm, upset.
You lose 1/4 heart.
Your pleasure below 100%, Enemy’s 100% : The enemy reach orgasm, down.
Enemy’s pleasure over 30% : Down.
Enemy’s pleasure starts from 25% when restart sex.
Enemy’s pleasure below 30% : Upset.
Your pleasure 100%, Enemy’s over 75% : Simultanious orgasm, down.
Your pleasure 100%, Enemy’s below 75% : Simultanious orgasm, down.
You lose 1/4 heart.
Your pleasure below 100%, Enemy’s 100% : The enemy reach orgasm, down.
Whenever : Down. Enemy’s pleasure starts from 0% when restart sex.
You can catch running enemy and have sex by pressing button 3.
The enemy despawns immediately after having sex.
Your pleasure 100%, Enemy’s over 75% : Simultanious orgasm.
Your pleasure 100%, Enemy’s below 75% : Simultanious orgasm. You lose 1/4 heart.
Your pleasure below 100%, Enemy’s 100% : The enemy reach orgasm.
Whenever : Despawns.
[Rescue of captives]
In the level you can find rabbit captives.
To save them, break cages and touch.
So far there is no benefit rescuing captives.
[Beating the level]
You can beat the level by saving captive rabbit in the end of the level.
Beat a cow to get the key, then press button 3 on a padlock to beat the level.
So far you just return to the title screen.
An acorn appears when you beat enemies. Acorns are also found in the level.
Acorns will be used for money in the shop which is implemented in future updates.
So far enemies drops acorns by 100%, but the possibility of drop items will be regulated in future updates.
Also other items such as health item will be added.

Read the important notes for information about the modified executable file that is included in the folder.

Naughty Rabbit

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 37

Naughty Rabbit: screenshots

Naughty Rabbit screenshot 0Naughty Rabbit screenshot 1Naughty Rabbit screenshot 2Naughty Rabbit screenshot 3Naughty Rabbit screenshot 4Naughty Rabbit screenshot 5Naughty Rabbit screenshot 6Naughty Rabbit screenshot 7Naughty Rabbit screenshot 8Naughty Rabbit screenshot 9Naughty Rabbit screenshot 10Naughty Rabbit screenshot 11

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