Moana: Demigod Trainer v0.1

Demo version:No
Last update: 2020-09-13

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Welcome to the party, pal! The Demigod Trainer experience is a wonderful vacation/orgy to take part in. We’ve set our destination for a gorgeous tropical island, the sole resident of which is none other than the legendary demigod, MAUI! He’ll let you stay in his palace free of charge- but any female guests be wary. Maui is known to charge a… special fee from you.

So yeah, this is the island on which the game takes place. There are four functions right from the beginning:
MAUI– Moana can interact with Maui, or more accurately, be manipulated by Maui.
CAVE EXPLORATION– That cave looks like it’s pretty deep! There must be all sorts of secrets to find… (6. There’s 6 secrets.)
THE FOREST– This forest is full of lush fruits, beautiful scenery, and one gross scraggly castaway. Look out for him. I wonder if there’s anything else hidden in there…
And those are all of the beginning functions, but don’t you worry! As you progress in the game, more island locations will become
Eventually, you won’t know if you’re on Maui’s island or Manhattan! And not just because of the constant smell of urine! (This game will heavily feature new smell-o-vision).

Last update: 2020-09-13
Released: 2020-09-13
Creator (developer): Shagamon Games –
Censored: No
Version: 0.1
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English

2dcg, Female protagonist, Adventure, Cosplay, Fantasy, Oral sex, Big ass, Big tits

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

First Release!
Yes, that glorious day has come, available to all the public- the first release of Demigod Trainer! This is just the beta, but I tried to include a decent amount of content for all zero of you to enjoy!

Developer Notes:

Anyways, here’s the original HD render of Moana- the focus and sexual conquest of this game. This image had to be downscaled a bit to fit, but this is the OG PNG. I think she looks pretty cute- but I’d much rather see her in something skimpier!
Speaking of which, this game is going to feature CUSTOMIZABLE OUTFITS. A smattering of sexy suits to sample, from ordinary cute items you’d find on a shelf to referential costumes. We’ve already got a certain water bender, a young witch, and a proud servant of the gods. Try them on yourself, and see what looks best!

Win: – – – –
Mac: – – –
Moana: Demigod Trainer

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 97

Moana: Demigod Trainer: screenshots

Moana: Demigod Trainer screenshot 0Moana: Demigod Trainer screenshot 1Moana: Demigod Trainer screenshot 2Moana: Demigod Trainer screenshot 3Moana: Demigod Trainer screenshot 4Moana: Demigod Trainer screenshot 5Moana: Demigod Trainer screenshot 6Moana: Demigod Trainer screenshot 7Moana: Demigod Trainer screenshot 8

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