Lovely Overseer [DEMO]

Demo version:Yes
Last update: 2020-08-10

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Lovely Overseer is an animated romantic dating simulator in the furry style. You are a young lieutenant overseeing the correction of magically talented individuals in the closed and isolated complex of the military Academy. Your main task is to maintain order and train recruits.​

Last update: 2020-08-09
Released: 2020-08-08
Creator (developer): Furry Tale – –
Censored: No
Version: Demo
OS: Windows
Language: English

2dcg, Management, Furry, Male protagonist, Adventure, Fantasy, Dating sim, School setting, Humor, Animated

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Initial Furry Release

Developer Notes:

Full Game Planned Release Date: Fall 2020
4 girls with unique personalities that you can form a romantic bond with, each with their own background and storyline
Fully animated characters and cut-scenes (Full HD)
Manage your day wisely and be careful to balance your work and personal life
Dive into the atmosphere of the game thanks to the great music and beautiful backgrounds

Lovely Overseer

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 54

Lovely Overseer: screenshots

Lovely Overseer screenshot 0Lovely Overseer screenshot 1Lovely Overseer screenshot 2Lovely Overseer screenshot 3Lovely Overseer screenshot 4Lovely Overseer screenshot 5Lovely Overseer screenshot 6Lovely Overseer screenshot 7Lovely Overseer screenshot 8Lovely Overseer screenshot 9Lovely Overseer screenshot 10Lovely Overseer screenshot 11Lovely Overseer screenshot 12Lovely Overseer screenshot 13

xGames opinion:

Lovely Overseer – Dating Sim, is a game developed by a team of independent developers specialized in producing eroge games with anthropomorphic, furry characters. He appeared on Kickstarter with a new crowdfunding campaign for their latest project, Lovely Overseer.

In this nukige, (Nukige: A term for a Visual Novel that is largely or solely devoted to sex.) you’ll play as a lieutenant overseeing the beating of magically talented individuals at a remote military academy. Although your students are very talented, they cannot control their powers and may act irrationally due to their addiction to mana. Your job is to keep everyone safe and help the students pass their tests, all while satisfying the demands of your sadistic and overbearing superior, who is herself an accomplished witch. If your students fail, they will be completely isolated from society, as their powers are too dangerous for themselves and those around them. As such, not only is their career at stake, but their lives as well. Lovely Overseer’s gameplay will put your time management skills to the test. In addition to having to work in the office and train your team, you will also be able to give individual lessons to a trio of students, while having to manage your own personal needs. Acting throughout the day will deplete your energy and can cause fatigue. The key to winning the game will be finding a balance between your work and personal life, as well as finding effective ways to communicate with the various students.

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