LoveKami – Divinity Stage [COMPLETED]

Demo version:No
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Last update: 2021-09-17

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In a time when dreams had been forgotten and faith was lost,
when people only believed what they could see with their own eyes,
one day visions of goddesses appeared…
It soon comes to light that the Japanese sun deity, Amaterasu, wished to teach the goddesses about the human world.
All of this leads to the implementation of the Divine Education Act.
Now, a year has passed and numerous goddesses and humans have had the chance to learn about each other,
get to know one another, and come to a mutual understanding.
In Akihabara, the very heart of the Divine Idol culture and home to various subcultures,
seven lucky goddesses dominate as the idol group L☆SEVEN.​

Thread Updated: 2021-09-15
Release Date:
Creator (developer): MoeNovel –
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English

2dcg, animated, male protagonist, dating sim, big tits, adventure, romance, voiced, japanese game, teasing, no sexual content

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes:

The younger sister of Bishamonten, who is a member of the top idol group comprised of the seven lucky goddesses, L☆SEVEN.
Shuri has always looked up to her older sister, performing on the streets with the aim to become an idol as well.
Bubbly and while seemingly full of confidence, there are times when she ends up comparing herself to her more-successful sister and doesn’t give herself enough credit. She’s down-to-earth and usually hardworking, but can quickly lose interest in things and isn’t afraid to show it.
Kisshouten represents prosperity and good luck, along with happiness, beauty, and wealth. She is worshipped in hopes of gaining respect and sometimes in the hope for bountiful harvests.
Ame no Uzume is a deity found originally in Shinto mythology. She appears in some of the oldest legends, such as the tale of the missing sun deity, when Amaterasu Omikami hid herself away at Amano-Iwato. She’s said to be Japan’s oldest performance artist.
She works part-time in a Divine Idol-themed cafe while building up her career from the grassroots level.
Kagura likes to have fun, but that doesn’t mean she’s a slacker. Her unique sense of rhythm and expressionism when she dances are both hers alone; no one else can duplicate them.
In true ‘Ame no Uzume’ spirit, she usually ends up giving the audience a little more of a risque performance as she easily gets worked up. But there are also times when she relaxes and can stay calm. Her personality is carefree and playful, which easily comes across in how she interacts with others.
As one of the more naturally seductive goddesses, she is not opposed to wearing more revealing costumes when she performs.

Japanese Animated Novel / Visual Novel HDThree character routes to play throughFully Voiced characters (only the protagonist isn’t voiced)Animated Sprites

LoveKami – Divinity Stage

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 15

LoveKami – Divinity Stage: screenshots

LoveKami - Divinity Stage screenshot 0LoveKami - Divinity Stage screenshot 1LoveKami - Divinity Stage screenshot 2LoveKami - Divinity Stage screenshot 3LoveKami - Divinity Stage screenshot 4LoveKami - Divinity Stage screenshot 5LoveKami - Divinity Stage screenshot 6LoveKami - Divinity Stage screenshot 7LoveKami - Divinity Stage screenshot 8LoveKami - Divinity Stage screenshot 9

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