Lilith’s Throne v0.3

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Last update: 2019-01-25

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Lilith’s Throne is a text-based erotic RPG, being developed by me, Innoxia. It’s been made from scratch in Java, and uses JavaFX for the UI.
Basically, the game is about you being transported into an alternate dimension, and the main story is about trying to find a way to return home. Alongside humans and demons, there are currently 4 anthropomorphic races in the game, with plans for many more to be added in the future!

: Features

Some main features include:
– RPG-style levelling system.
– Turn-based combat.
– Turn-based sex scenes.
– RPG-style item management.
– Transformations.
– Exploration on a randomly generated map.

Updated: 2019-01-17
Censorship: No
Version: 0.3
Platform: PC / Windows, Linux, Mac
Engine: Java
Language: English

Text Only, Sex, Oral, Paizuri, Anal Sex, Character Creation, Furry, Transformation, Non-Consensual, Monster Girl, Gay, Lesbian, Turn-based Combat, Pregnancy, Incest, Slavery, Prostitution

Install instructions

1. Extract to desired location.
2. Click on “LT.exe” or “LilithsThrone_0_2_10_2.jar” to start playing.

Whats new (last changes):

version 0.3
Gameplay:Your character’s demonic parts will be reset to human when you load into this version. Demonic transformations are now only attainable through lore-correct methods (i.e. being corrupted into a demon by a lilin).Removed item ‘Innoxia’s gift’ and any crafted elixirs that were made using this item. (Again, to align demon transformations to the game’s lore.)If a character is not a demon, then demonic transformations applied while being a slime are reset to human upon returning to flesh. Non-demonic transformations are reset to demonic ones in a similar fashion if the character is a demon.Demons and all subspecies are now correctly immune to all transformation potions.Tidied up, expanded, and fixed bugs in Elizabeth’s dialogue.If you have fulld the Siren’s quest up to returning to Elizabeth in a previous version, your quest progress will be reverted one step (so you just need to return to her again), and you will be moved back out from the gates or the palace tile into one of the palace cavern tiles. (So that you can see the new handing-in quest dialogue, as well as to fix issues with being too far ahead.)Added Lyssieth as an in-game NPC, along with a map of her palace.Added final part of Dominion/Submission quest, where you meet Lyssieth.If you have the masochist fetish, you now gain 1 essence every time you are critically hit in combat. If you have the sadist fetish, you now gain 1 essence every time you critically hit an opponent.Changed the game’s opening to explicitly state that the museum is in London.Added ‘maps’ menu to phone, so you can view every area you’ve been to at any time. (You will need to re-visit areas to unlock them if you’re carrying on from a previous save.)Added a world map, which is unlocked after Lyssieth’s content. Travel to other areas isn’t in just yet, but it will be in the next version.Added lore-friendly demon TF for the player, via Lyssieth content. Lilaya & Meraxis reactions, along with more demon TF content, will come in the next version as well.Contributors:Fixed incorrect labelling and descriptions in the demon alleyway attacker quick transformation scene. (#985 by ChillaChris)Minor description fix. (#986 by ChillaChris)Fixed modding clothing’s ‘equipped’ image variant not working. (#988 by CognitiveMist)Clothing:Added a ‘drab green’ colour for clothing.Added: ‘plunge blouse’ (Feminine, torso slot.)Added: ‘asymmetrical skirt’ (Feminine, leg slot.)Added: ‘strappy stiletto sandals’ (Feminine, foot slot.)Added: ‘lacy thong’ (Feminine, groin slot.)Added: ‘feminine blazer’ (Feminine, over-torso slot.)Added: ‘half-rim glasses’ (Androgynous, eye slot.)The butler outfit is now classed as being androgynous.Other:Expanded lore in the ‘Lilith’s Dynasty’ and ‘arcane arousal’ books in the library, and organised library actions.Tidied up Rose’s dialogue about the world.Updated demon lore in the encyclopedia, adn slightly expanded slime lore to make mention of their body’s hydrophobic membrane.Submissive partners in sex can no longer remove sex toys from their partner. (Dildos, and anything that plugs or seals orifices are considered sex toys.)Added subspecies and proper detection for half-demons, lilin, and elder lilin.Slightly improved background code for offspring and litters – I did test this a lot, but if you run into any issues with pregnancies, please let me know!Changed Lilaya’s post-sex dialogue to remove references to arcane-related lore that ended up not being used.Added foot structure options to demon/slime transform menu, along with numerous other minor changes and improvements.Added covering patterns ‘marked’, ‘mottled’, ‘spotted’, and ‘striped’ for penis.Changed transformation references of ‘breasts’ and ‘ass’ to ‘nipples’ and ‘anus’, as that’s all the transformation is affecting. (Breast and ass coverings are based on your torso’s covering.)Added some more descriptors for breasts and ass to draw from for when being described.Tidied up code in a lot of places.Changed the siren’s name from Mhyralyss to Meraxis. (I was finding the spelling of ‘Mhyralyss’ to be a little too cumbersome.)Dark alleyway demons now obey the same rules as all other NPCs when it comes to using items on them.Subspecies lore books have had their icons changed.Added half-demon lore book to Lilaya’s library.Lilaya now tells you to remember to pull out at the start of sex.Changed ‘Obeys lilin’ effect at maximum corruption to ‘Demonic mindset’. (A requirement to be turned into a demon.)Bugs:Fixed potential issue with radial gradients in images not being coloured correctly.Fixed issue with null pointer exception being thrown in some sex scenes, which was causing sex to freeze.Fixed issue with not being able to progress past one action with dominant partners in the Watering Hole (everything should be working correctly in there again now).Fixed issue where equipping clothing during sex would sometimes result in an error being thrown when sex finished.Fixed some days and months being displayed in the language of your computer’s default language instead of English.Fixed issue where all weapons would revert their primary colour to default when you enchanted them.Fixed pregnancy probability descriptions during sex always acting as though the potential mother already had a chance of being pregnant.Fixed incorrect name parsing during Siren’s pre-fight scene.Fixed issue where Imps would be incorrectly shown as being present in the very bottom-left tunnel tile of Submission.Added error handling for some bugs in clothing management during sex.Fixed elementals not getting perk points as their summoner level up.Enchanting strength-related drinks will no longer duplicate physical damage & resistance as primary modifiers.Fixed error log spamming ‘Failed to load character’ messages.Fixed issue with NPCs in sex sometimes failing to remove clothing, which would throw an error and freeze the sex scene.Fixed some clothing (such as the clover clamps) not registering that they were blocking parts correctly, resulting in some parsing errors in some sex actions.Fixed some incorrect descriptions in sex scenes.Fixed imps in the tunnels being treated as though their generic names (‘fearless imp’, ‘nervous imp’, etc.) were their real names.Added error handling for when two pieces of clothing accidentally end up blocking one another.Fixed incorrect parsing in imp fortresses, where imps would be described instead of the demon boss.Fixed issue where a scene from Arthur’s dialogue was missing (at the point where you agree to find Lyssieth).Fixed issue where covering colour options would not show up in transform or Kate’s menus.Fixed siren’s call being available as a spell book, and removed it from known spells, if you’d already learned it.Fixed bug where setting all age categories to disabled would sometimes throw an error and break the game in strange ways.Fixed Maximilian (the slime queen’s royal guard) not being a demon slime.Fixed Wolfgang and Karl having empty descriptions, and fixed their post-sex ‘offer body’ scene acting as though you fought them.Performing a handjob climax on a slime no longer incorrectly describes cum shooting inside of them.Fixed issue where all characters would sometimes gain health and mana when you loaded a game.Fixed body covering colours not saving if set via the debug menu, causing them to be reset every time you loaded the game.Fixed some subspecies advanced lore entries being hidden, even if they shared the same unlocked lore entry as their race’s core subspecies.You can no longer change surnames to be blank after character creation, as it was causing some bugs.Fixed incorrect grammatical parsing in some sex actions.Fixed issue where unique NPCs would accept fetish TF potions.Fixed characters who like the pregnancy or cum addict fetishes asking their partners to pull out.Fixed issue where when loading a game, all characters on your tile would have their concealed parts revealed.Some fixes to sex action grammar.Fixed the ‘Foxy Fuck’ potion (from the youko in the citadel) not transforming your ass into a fox’s.

Debug Code

Typing the word “buggy” without the quotes anywhere in the game opens the debug menu
Lilith’s Throne

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 82

Lilith’s Throne: screenshots

Lilith's Throne screenshot 0Lilith's Throne screenshot 1Lilith's Throne screenshot 2Lilith's Throne screenshot 3Lilith's Throne screenshot 4Lilith's Throne screenshot 5

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