Light-Space Love v0.1a

Demo version:No
Dev patreon: halftilt
Last update: 2022-08-18

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The Story
The game takes place in the year 8643. You play as Captain Linessa Star,
Commander of Repopulation Colony: Deep Six Nine.
Deep Six Nine is one colony in the galaxy among many that were founded by the Federation.
The Federation is responsible for assisting Xeno species that are in danger of extinction by helping them reproduce.
The Federation achieves this goal by utilizing genetic technology that allows members of the Federation,
to get impregnated by (or to impregnate) members of different species.

As Captain of Deep Six Nine, it is your duty to form bonds with other Xeno species,
and recruit their people into your colony to take part in its breeding efforts.
The story takes place after an incident that occurred with Captain Linessa Star in which she,
had unexpectedly returned from a year-long relationship-building mission with much of her memories erased.
Unsure of what happened to her, she wishes to discover who she is,
what happened to her, and how she can rebuild her colony which has fallen into disarray in her absence.
You will unlock different worlds to explore within the galaxy to visit in order to recruit Xenos,
into your colony and to uncover the mystery behind her lost memories.

Last update: 2022-08-18
Released: 2022-08-01
Creator (developer): Halftilt –
Censored: No
Version: 0.1a
OS: Windows
Language: English

2dcg, female protagonist, big ass, big tits, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, monster, masturbation, teasing, turn based combat, oral sex, titfuck, voyeurism, groping, parody, monster girl, sandbox, ugly bastard, creampie, vaginal sex,

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

The Alpha Build Demo v0.1a

This is nowhere near the entire game or the final vision I have for this game. This is pretty much just the intro of the entire experience. You’ll likely run into some scenarios that state as much as well — such as some activities being locked or dialogue mentioning this section isn’t fulld yet.
Let me know about any feedback you have on the game, I’m looking forward to hearing back from you — complaints, criticisms, suggestions, things you liked, things you didn’t like, things you want more of.
I want to hear all of it!
On that note, there were a few things in the demo that didn’t make it, that I wish did — but will be included in the next build…
Stuff I wanted to Add
You’re entering the TL;DR section now.
Story Stuff
It may not appear clear — but following her escape, she had her mind messed with again. So some of the dialogue after the intro may seem to contradict dialogue options you had at the start of the game — especially if you follow the “Sage” path — but in the future release, I’ll play more into her “ship scene”.Some characters that are ready weren’t introduced (there dialogue still needs work).Character Art
Some characters do not have artwork yet and are using a “grey silhouette”.Diplomacy
Not every action in the “Diplomacy” scene has animations, and some of them are using temporary cut-ins and some are using dialogue stances as stand-ins.Once your turn ends, enemies won’t take their turns until you click again — I want to add a timer in the next release that’ll automatically end your turn.Getting your Willpower to 0 does nothing — no defeat scenes have been integrated yet.Piloting Simulation
Some of the animations end too early.Some of the dialogue from Linessa could be improved to be more consistent.Getting your Willpower to 0 does nothing — no defeat scenes have been integrated yet.Character Progression
Linessa’s indecency levels up a bit too quickly.Increasing her Command Rank doesn’t increase her stats or unlock any skill points.Skills aren’t integrated into combat or dialogue options (though some are visible).Navigation
You should be able to go back to the Slaver Cell and explore and get into more encounters.LogBook
The logbook entries are written, but the interface and programming wasn’t able to make it without causing the Alpha demo some significant delays.Other Stuff
I’m considering changing the name of the game in the next release as well — at it stands right now, Deep Six Nine doesn’t convey exactly what I want it to.
The name of the station itself will remain the same, but I feel like the game needs a name that fits what I’m going for and D69: Deep Six Nine doesn’t serve that purpose anymore as the project’s matured during development.
And that’s it
So, that’s about it! Thanks again for the support and I hope you enjoy the demo — I’d love to hear your feedback on it, so please feel free to give us some feedback here or on the Discord!
If you want to give props to our artists, you can follow and !

Developer Notes:

What is Light-Space Love?
Light-Space Love is a table-top inspired RPG, it’s dialogue driven and doesn’t have any combat, instead problems are solved with the use of your character’s skills, dialogue choices and actions you take. Light-Space Love also has some breeding and reputation management systems as well.
You play as the alluring Captain Linessa Star, Commander of the repopulation colony known as Deep Six Nine. All sex scenes are played out via dialogue with different branching paths based on your character’s skills and choices. Some sex scenes are also integrated in unlockable mini-games (or side jobs) that can be help to advance your character, build your reputation and grow your colony.

Light-Space Love

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 60

Light-Space Love: screenshots

Light-Space Love screenshot 0Light-Space Love screenshot 1Light-Space Love screenshot 2Light-Space Love screenshot 3Light-Space Love screenshot 4Light-Space Love screenshot 5Light-Space Love screenshot 6Light-Space Love screenshot 7Light-Space Love screenshot 8Light-Space Love screenshot 9Light-Space Love screenshot 10Light-Space Love screenshot 11

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