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Last update: 2019-04-16

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Have you ever wanted to live inside one of your favorite anime shows? Me too.
Legend of the Otaku is an anime-based role-playing game where you step into the shoes of Tenchi Takahashi, a hardcore anime addict, manga aficionado, and overall otaku-extraordinaire. Tenchi’s life of fandom is abruptly interrupted by the sudden appearance of Anju, a mysterious girl from another dimension (aren’t they always?). A vicious demonic overlord is conquering Anju’s homeland, so her inventor-father sent her through a transdimensional portal with a set of powerful crystals, which are capable of tapping into the substantial energy existing at the crossroads of worlds. The crystals amplify the user’s inner strength, turning Tenchi and his friends into the heroes that they always dreamed of being.

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This game is a melting pot of every anime genre that has ever existed. Ever want to see futuristic mecha piloted by a magical girl take on a kaiju bound to a monster-trainer’s summoning ball, while engaging in a food war with all of the waifus from your favorite harem show? Me too. As a huge anime fan, I designed Legend of the Otaku to give something back to anime fans everywhere. The story unfolds in a rich immersive environment, so feel free to explore, push buttons, open boxes, and discover all of its secrets. What can you expect to find:
– Medieval, modern, and futuristic role-playing, simultaneously.
– Classic anime character classes – otaku, magical girl, mecha pilot, martial artist, monster trainer, Shinto priestess and more.
– 10+ playable characters.
– Quest progression.
– Ridiculous inventory system including anime-based items not found in other games.
– Rich cast of characters, each with their own backstories and narrative roles.
– Character personality types: tsundere, moe, ojou, yandere, nadeshiko, kamidere, kuudere, genki, bokukko, dandere, loli, bifauxnen, dojikko, sensei, neko, meganekko, miko, mahou shoujo, imouto, aidoru, pasokon, ane, chibi, chikyugai.
– Expansive maps – wander the streets of Tenchi’s home town of Kōsaten , Anju’s magical homeland, the halls of ancient monasteries, bubbling onsen, mystical Japanese folklore, and more.
Because this game is by a fan, for the fans, I want to give my patrons the content they’re looking for, in the order they’re looking for. To that end, patrons will be able to vote on upcoming content, obtain access to special patron-only content (i.e. the ecchi stuff), and in some cases, encounter anime-based versions of themselves in the game itself (for true aficionados). In the meantime, sit back, relax, and get ready to live the anime life you’ve always dreamed of.
NOTE: While the game has some ecchi scenes (and therefore, is classified as adult content), it is NOT hentai and it remains to be seen how much nudity ends up in the publicly-accessible version of the game (patrons will get a code to access uncensored scenes not available to the general public). Over time, I would also like to add improved cel-shaded graphics, video, and other immersive window dressing, but because I don’t have the animation experience, I will need to wait to add those features once finances allow me to engage a professional animator.

Last update: : 2019-04-15
Released: : 2019-02-04
Creator (developer): : Otaku Tom –
Censored: PARTIAL (uncensored for Patrons)
Version: 0.251
OS: Windows (MAC AND LINUX USERS – See note in Installation instructions below)
Language: English
Genre: Anime RPG

2DCG, Voyeurism, Adventure, Combat, Cosplay, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Humor, Monster, Parody, Romance, RPG, School setting, Sci-fi, Turn based combat

Install instructions: :

1. Extract and run.
NOTE FOR MAC AND LINUX USERS – Some users have had difficulty saving games, which is a common problem with RPG Maker MV on the Mac. It appears to have to do with file permission settings, but I haven’t found a definitive fix. So while I am releasing a Mac version, you may have difficulty saving. If you find a solution and would be willing to email it to me, I would be very grateful.
As for Linux, I tested the Linux build on a VM this afternoon and …. it didn’t go well. For the time being, I am going to restrict the release to PC and troubleshoot the Mac and Linux issues as time permits. Sorry!

Whats new (last changes):

v.0.251 Release
I am so excited to release this new version of Legend of the Otaku. Chapter 2 picks up exactly where the Prologue and Chapter 1 left off, as Tenchi and Anju explore their new powers, while investigating mysterious new phenomena around town.
There are also several new key features in this update:
– Added daily missions – earn money and XP to level up your heroes.
– Added new combat zones, to practice your new fighting abilities.
– Added the first date mission – raise your relationships with others to unlock special scenes.
– Speaking of special scenes, I also added a picture gallery, so you can revisit special scenes (and unlocked, uncensored scenes).
– As much as we liked Tenchi’s notebook, I added a Quest Journal, to easily keep track of missions (main and dailies).
– Also upgraded many of the art scenes in prior chapters – definitely worth another playthrough.

Developer Notes:

SHA256 – Windows: 44964613436a3b7b5d410fa50d6af725947c0642cbc2c9bde5a609ccc0cbc271
SHA256 – Mac: a66c31d3550ca5afe4b0776495323523da3163c7f10aa6afa51a4323c70b2a08
SHA256 – Linux: 105641faf290cf7d241bd606862ece7ca5606cd58566832b61074f11b2f83c7a
Twitter: @LegendoftheO
Instagram: @legendoftheotaku

Legend of the Otaku

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 92

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