Latex Dungeon

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Last update: 2019-01-24

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Description: :
You play as Raven, a heroine trying to help the people in need. You fight monster, lose and get raped, win and you get exp.​

Updated: 18/12/2018
Version: 2018.12.18
Censorship: None
Creator (developer): :
OS: Windows
Language: English

RPG Maker, Game over rape, Female MC, Transformation, Whore


1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.


: 2018.12.18

———–new add—————
the end image
i still will redraw some old image
and start fix all bug
raven still need find a way back in next game

: 2018.11.18

———–new add—————
demon nun (1)
alien map adjust
alien researcher sex
demon boss

: 2018.10.31

———–new add—————
alien cocoon
alien kiss skill
demon elf npc (3)
$boss kuromaru
$alien (2)
$alien cocoon
alien boss
alien boss sex
Half-demon (1)

: 2018.10.21

———–new add—————
alien boss
alien boss suit 1
alien boss suit 2
alien boss suit 3

: 2018.10.04

———–new add—————
alien attack skill
alien tail implant
alien lost pregnant variant

: 2018.09.17

———–new add—————
alien battle lost image
alien battle change

: 2018.08.15

———–new add—————
alien fallen soldier
alien part battle lost map(unfinish
latex 改造事件(7)
$Raven 戰敗alien
$alien cum cocoon
$alien wall (1)
alien victim for researcher
alien soldier
alien fat (2)

: 2018.07.31

———–new add—————
$Demon boss
$Demonic Gemini Fruit adjust
demon boss corruption finish

: 2018.07.24

———–new add—————
demon boss corruption adjust
adjust alien map
fix plant boss map stair
please just Moving up and down
———–new add—————
demon boss corruption adjust
adjust alien map
fix plant boss map stair
please just Moving up and down

: 2018.06.15

———–new add—————
q-bee town addback
$Honey farm
QBEE ‘S FARM adjust
fix demon cum add back

: 2018.06.01

fix some old bug
———–new add—————
Grass Wasp (1) add back
finsih demon part map but boss is unfinish
demon clone adjust
$demon clone
fallen elf npc
latex copy raven

: 2018.05.16

fix some old bug
———–new add—————
demon elf npc
demon battle lost image

: 2018.5.2

———–new add—————
counters GIRL slime
$Raven lost demon
demon battle change
demon part map adjust

: 2018.4.16

remove bug part
———–new add—————
mix bug seedbed
$mix bug seedbed
$Raven lost tentacles
$Raven lost slime
$Raven lost bug
$bug boss
nun slave
bug battle change
$Raven bug lost
star fire
bug boss
slime seedbed battle lost part
tentacles seedbed battle lost part
plant seedbed battle lost part

: 2018.3.29

———–new add—————–
trap plant (1)
plant map remake (some)
latex map adjust
Monster Drop Girl image latex part (test)
latex battle fall (you will not die now)
adjust Menu image
$raven tentacles boss
$latex battle fall
plant Splitcher (1)
bug seed bed
plant boss
nun bule
nurse brown
whip girll (1)
latex eye ball part

: 2018.3.15

add $plant vore
add $Budding Plant Girl
add $plant mix suit
Budding Plant Girl 2 adjust
add plant mix suit
add latex futa attack
adjust slime attack image

: 2018.3.2

add plant mix seedbed
add plant mix seedbed Sprites
fix slime attack skill bug

: 2018.1.16

add tentacles servant
add slime mix seedbed
add slime mix suit
redraw tentacles twins
add tentacles twins Animation
add futa Masturbation skill
add counter girl
add item turn on/off Standing painted
at Portal map to get

: 2016-2017 Builds

first battle redraw
redraw tentacles Lamia (1)
add cum feind 3
redraw pregnan girl (2)
adjust nun slave part
first part map adjust
add new Shadow effect
skill remake
tentacles part adjust
$vacuum wall
unfinish prison on hospital
Monster researcher show her boobs
add pumpkin girl
add pumpkin futa girl
add Toppled Diva Sprites
add suck suit Sprites
redraw suck suit
redraw pumpkin monster
add Centwhore
add Centwhore Sprites
add Aurora de Gauss
add raven copy demon seedbed
adjust demon part map
add robot status
add more space Illithid
space Illithid part map remake
add Brain slaves (1)
add demon milk cow (1)
add robot dog (1)
add bimbo robot (2)
adjust demon part map
add tentacles part skill
add robot part battle lost end
re make demon map part
add battle change
add Upgrade hunter (2)
add Upgrade soldier
add Upgrade researcher
adjust Animation
re draw Half-demon (1)
re draw Purple Demon (1)
add demon Sprites
add voice on skill
re make demon part map
add >>> first part <<< monster 5 skill
attack mouth /chest/anal/pussy/face
add Upgrade alien
adjust reduce all monster Attack power and HP
use tentacles item become futa
Upgrade alien (unfinish)
space Illithid
alien boss part
alien transform (on seedbed part)
adjust tentacles part map
re make menu
Private Tillicum re draw
qbee map adjust
fix bug
hospital fallen exit
alien boss part 2
add Upgrade
add Upgrade Animation
add Upgrade status
add bug seedbed
add demon seedbed
add Upgrade
plant huge re draw
add alien boss part 1
add Holly Witch
add Mimic end
add Sprites
Leech Lady (1)
Parasites (1)—–> bee girl
$Private Tillicum (1)
good news
i find UNITY teammate !
i think we will have demo soon!
discord chat
redraw slime boss
redraw Slime bubble prison (1)
redraw Parasite Sentry
Sakura plant part
add healing girl image
add Budding Plant Girl Sprites
add Uranus Gaper (2) Sprites
add slime soldier Sprites
add slime Adventurer Sprites
add 2 slime Sprites
add Gel Pod Sprites
add alien seed wall
add alien npc
finish Sakura tentacles part
you can see Sakura and starfire at hospital
after you save them
adjust cum feind
adjust Creeping Corruptor
add Creeping Corruptor Sprites
adjust Busty Orchid (1)
adjust Tentacle Tower
adjust tentacles pregnan
add Sakura tentacles part
add slime soldier Sprites
fix text
add alien seedbed
add hunter fall
new Demon mask Sprites
new Demonic Gemini Fruit Sprites
fix alien part Portal
add alien transform
adjust plant boss fight part
add plant abductor Sprites
add vore plant Sprites
add Venus Infestor Sprites
add green hair soldier
add fallen green hair soldier
add fallen researcher
add fat alien
add fallen fat alien
add transform girl on hospital (first girl)
first map adjust
add more Sprites on first map
adjust first map Sprites
redarw latex ball girl
redraw slug girl
add fallen brown nurse
move Magician and warrior on hospital
add Researchers
add fallen warrior part
add Busty Orchid
start alien part
fix text
demon boss part finish
add Uranus Gaper
add Mrs.Beelazabub
redraw tentacles pregnan
fix text
demon boss part 2
add vore plant
Demon slaves
Brown Warrior
fix demon boss staus (it was bug staus)
Grass Wasp
plant milk pod
demon boss part 1
add hug boobs Animation
add raven hug boobs status
add counter GIRL
add black hair girl
Demon Mask
Latex Hunter
nun slave
Slime Symbiote
latex eyeball
redraw bug fight change
fix text
add latex copy raven game over Animation
add tentacles twin game over Animation
add raven latex eyeball status
you can transform Q-bee become slime (finally………!
add new Sprites
-latex part
-tentacles part
add Toppled Diva
redarw Tongue pod and vore wall
add raven Devil parasitic futa status
fix text
add Halloween satus
add Halloween monster
add copy latex raven
add Onadrone QBEE
fix text
add suck suit satus
add some demon
fix some text
re draw seedbed
fix some text (in file)
add suck Animation
you can make nurse Fallen now
adjust some item price
fix some text
fix some fight
add bule and Purple Demon
add nurse talk (UNFINISH
add demon bad end Animation
add Nurse Animation
add bee queen
add demon part
add demon fight
add 2 demon
you can see how much girl you save now
fix a lot text
add nurse
add starfire fight
add Slerm
add Slerm status
adjust qbee script
redraw plant seed bed and Sweet Belle
looks patreon can’t upload over 100 MB now :O
use google again
add some bug enemies
add bug futa status
add starfire but you can’t fight her now
adjust some text
Balance enemies
fix road
fix latex Lamia
add some bug enemy
add bug milk cow status
fix plant boss map
add plant boss
add plant mimic
add some plant enemy
add new beginning comicnew
plant enemy
fix plant parasitic status
add new plant enemy
add new tentacles Animation
add new slug girl
move girl in hospital (at city right)
add plant parasitic status
looks update fall
update again
try to use RAR for game
fix people Animation
fix game Opening
fix talk with soldier
slime boss
slime mimic
big dick with slime
plant enemy
plant map
plant battle fight
plant loss battle
vore pod
LV up point
battle HP change
map change
some slime enemy
change latex boss
add new Animation
you can pass all when you lv 20
use equipment and skill
if have bug please report
new map
latex boss
tentacles boss
Strange Hawker
many enemy
futa and milk status
you can pass all when you lv 15
use equipment and skill
if have bug please report
we have a Medium boss fight now

Latex Dungeon

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 93

Latex Dungeon: screenshots

Latex Dungeon screenshot 0Latex Dungeon screenshot 1Latex Dungeon screenshot 2Latex Dungeon screenshot 3

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One Comment on “Latex Dungeon”

  1. Latex Dungeon is your thing if you like huge boobs and futa. You get sucked in another world and there, there is a bunch of monsters that steal girls and use them to summon their demon lord and you are going to stop them. At the beginning you are very weak, so much that killing even 1 monster is a tall order but eventually you become powerful, actually so powerful that you can kill the monster with one strike! You can earn money by defeating monsters and getting “the maiden”, after you got the maiden you can earn money for saving them but you have to go to the city and sell them in the building with the golden sign on it. You won’t really need potions because monsters are actually women who turned into monsters so when you defeat them you will get “human milk” and “human semen” that the former is used for HP recovery and the latter for MP recovery. Some monsters are weak to a particular attack or type of magic, you can just use 2 types of magic though, fire and ice. If you die during the battle you will wake up in the breeding den, there you can collect a lot of human milk and semen. When you level up you will get 3 points to enhance your status even further, level 99 is the max level. The teleport area has 2 rooms the first one has portals of all the areas in the game and the second one is the last boss, after you defeated all the monsters and the bosses go to that room so that you can get back to your world.

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