Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition v1.1 [COMPLETED]

Demo version:No
Last update: 2022-02-22

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Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition is a turn-based JRPG that follows the love story of innocent witch Gwen and Ruth, the stalwart knight tasked to slay her.
After slaying the dragon Typhus the Younger, fearless knight Ruth and her companions are given a new quest: to hunt down Gwen, a witch accused of poisoning the townsfolk of Northshire.
While on the hunt, Ruth collapses from illness and is nursed back to health by none other than the very same witch. Unable to slay the innocent woman who saved her life, Ruth is jailed on suspicion of bewitchment and is later saved by her comrades.
When an old threat to the world of Ambrose re-emerges, Ruth seeks out Gwen for aid alongside her elvish squire Stray and mysterious rogue Uno. As their journey progresses, a flame slowly ignites between the hearts of Ruth and Gwen…

: Trailer & Features

1) Genre: Casual Yuri JRPG
2) Three difficulty modes: Play on Casual for a story-focused experience or Hard for JRPG veterans
3) SNES-style retro pixel graphics
4) Turn-based JRPG gameplay
Enhanced Edition features:
1) Quality-of-life features such as 8-directional movement, auto-saving, an auto-battle option and UI enhancements
2) A new charm-crafting system
3) An (almost) fullly re-written script
4) New locations and many revamped older locations
5) Many brand new enemies, bosses, items, weapons and armors
6) An in-game encyclopedia to track the above new things
7) Challenging Alpha Beasts and new secret areas
8) New content with new cutscenes

Last update: 2022-02-22
Released: 2021-07-30
Creator (developer): Joshua Keith
Censored: No
Version: 1.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
Length: Medium (12-20 hours)
Size: 522 MB

2D Game, 2DCG, Female Protagonist, Multiple Protagonist, Adventure, Fantasy, No Sexual Content, Romance, RPG, Turn Based Combat.

Install instructions:

1. Extract the ‘Knight Bewitched – Enhanced Edition [v1.1] [Joshua Keith].zip’ archive.
2. Run the ‘Enhanced Edition Installer 1.1.exe’ executable. (If your Windows gives you a warning, ignore it, and give the setup permission to run.)
3. Follow the installation instructions of the installation wizard.
4. Play the game by either running the desktop shortcut or the ‘Game.exe’ executable in the installation folder.

Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 79

Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition: screenshots

Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition screenshot 0Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition screenshot 1Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition screenshot 2Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition screenshot 3Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition screenshot 4Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition screenshot 5Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition screenshot 6Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition screenshot 7Knight Bewitched: Enhanced Edition screenshot 8

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