Kicking Sex Knight Yuki [COMPLETED]

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Last update: 2022-04-07

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The main character, Yuki, is the daughter of the Duke’s family. One day the lord suddenly passed away.
Yuki will succeed her Duke’s rank.
And Yuki and her servants struggle to save her country.​

Last update: 2022-04-08
Released: 2022-04-08
Creator (developer):
Censored: Yes
Version: 1.00
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese
Voice: Japanese

2DCG, 2D Game, Anal Sex, Animated, Censored, Corruption, Creampie, Female Protagonist, Group Sex, Humiliation, Internal View, Japanese Game, Loli, Multiple Penetration, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Rape, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Voiced

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):


Developer Notes:

■ “Virgin fate” function
“Virgin fate” is a function that returns each part (mouth, anus, uterus) to the virgin after each nasty act
You can change the setting of “Virgin Fate” as many times as you like.
The parameter value is added to the hidden status.
Therefore, even if you switch to the virgin state, the
accumulated values will be immediately reflected in the reality parameters when you return to the original state.
Therefore, every time the setting is released, her
nasty memory and touch reappear in the main character’s body and she cums.
The condition for her climax is to have a nasty degree of 100 or higher.
With this function, you can enjoy the condition that Mako is a virgin, but her
mouth and anus are experienced.
■ Cosplay Costumes
11 types of cosplay.
Sailor suit
Bloomers gym clothes
Japanese festival costume
etc …
7 kinds of underwear.
String bread white set
Abalone type underwear
Underwear (detachable because it is an equipment)
etc …
■ H event
・ Titty fuck at the hospital
・ Anal sexual intercourse by the king
・ Penalty for 3 hole expansion
・ Loss of virginity at a brothel.
・ Sleep rape at the inn・
10,000 gangbangs of the Demon King Army
etc ・ ・ ・
■ About enemy encounters・
Normal monsters with random encounters launch attacks that grant abnormal conditions.
-The last boss of the symbol encounter will launch a normal attack.
-Symbol encounter metamorphosis enemies launch rape attacks.
■ Indecent feats
・ There are 8 types of enemy rape attacks.
The enemy (male) also rapes the “enemy girl (boss)”. (Betrayal)
・ During battle, the hero can be sexually harassed by the enemy. All 5 types.
During non-combat, the protagonist can be sexually harassed by his followers.
-During battle and non-combat, the servant
can give support sexual harassment (combat buff) to the main character. All 4 types.
-You can recover the hero from incapacity by supporting rape of his followers during battle.
・ If you drink semen collected during non-combat, your attack power will increase.
・ If vaginal cum shot is made, the fertilization rate will increase.
■ About battle
・ At the time of battle, the main character changes into a leotard-type combat uniform dedicated to battle.
・ It is said that the enemy’s normal attack hits the main character.
-Even when her damage is 0, her attack is hit, so
the main character’s “Kezori Anime” is displayed.
・ If you receive more than a certain amount of damage, the hero’s clothes will be torn.
-If the condition becomes abnormal due to the enemy’s attack, the battle standing picture will also change accordingly.
There are 7 types of abnormal conditions such as sleep, paralysis, and petrification.
-The hero will eventually be able to take off her combat uniform and fight almost naked.
・ When the hero is incapable of fighting, he may be raped by the enemy in a chase.
・ There is no game over. Even if it is wiped out, it will be immediately restored on the spot.
■ Support function
・ In “Private” of “Menu”,
you can check the standing picture of the main character, the degree of nastyness, the number of vaginal cum shots, etc.
-“Escape” in battle is 100% successful.
・ You can fully recover from anywhere with a simple tent.
(However, it cannot be reused unless you move 100 steps after use.)
-You can avoid random encounters with enemies with “Demon Exorcism Medicine”.
This item is sold at the church.
The exception is the symbol encounter.
-There is a MAP display function in the menu.
The main story mark is displayed on the MAP.
There is also a “next action” item that assists in writing.
-You can save at any time from the menu when moving.
■ Notes
・ The poses of “Free prostitution (event)” and “Mako attack (heroine’s sexual harassment technique)”
are almost the same. note that.
・ There are ahegao, cuckold, botte rape, fertilization expression, gangbang, childbirth, uterine cross section, and
tentacle-based piercing from mouth to anus. Please be careful if you are not good at it.
(Birth is only written expression)
・ There is a contradiction such as wearing clothes but not wearing clothes at the time of the event.
There are many inconsistencies, so please be careful if you cannot tolerate them.
-The audio is not full audio. H, some voices used in battle.
-It is very rare that the animation in battle flickers for a moment at the start of the first playback.
-If you fast forward the text (hold down the space key), the animation playback may not catch up and
may flicker.
・ This software does not promote any criminal acts such as sexual violence.

Kicking Sex Knight Yuki

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 7

Kicking Sex Knight Yuki: screenshots

Kicking Sex Knight Yuki screenshot 0Kicking Sex Knight Yuki screenshot 1Kicking Sex Knight Yuki screenshot 2Kicking Sex Knight Yuki screenshot 3Kicking Sex Knight Yuki screenshot 4Kicking Sex Knight Yuki screenshot 5Kicking Sex Knight Yuki screenshot 6

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