Inheritance: Ladeina’s Path v2022-11-03

Demo version:No
Engine:Unreal Engine
Dev patreon: Inheritance
Last update: 2022-11-03

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Inheritance: Ladeina’s Path is brought to you by xGames in a list of adult games download. Free access to this adult game is served via few clicks. All new games and different updates are delivered to you on daily basis by xGames.

When we played Witcher 3, we loved the emotional storytelling and the relationship between characters.
When we played Skyrim we loved the open worlds and the hidden gems of the map.
ARPG has caught our eye for a very long time and we want to draw these inspirations in an adult genre.
We imagined having much deeper and uncensored scenes of Geralt.
We wanted to tell a deep story, make the players have an adventure in a rich big world and have these experiences with outstanding erotic feelings! And that is how Inheritance:Ladeina’s Path was born.​

Last update: 2022-11-03
Released: 2022-11-03
Creator (developer): Evil Boobs Cult – – – –
Censored: No
Version: 2022-11-03
OS: Windows
Language: English

3d game, animated, female protagonist, big ass, big tits, monster, combat, adventure, fantasy,

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

We will be releasing our game for PC.
We are planning to release the game season per season and with each season add new features, lands, characters and improvements.
So, this is an amazing journey that we wish you to be a part of!
Inheritance: Ladeina’s Path is powered by Unreal Engine which ensures what you play and see in the game is always at the best quality.

Join the adventure of Astarte, promising warrior, and protector of the power of Ladeina! Customize your character and play with your style! Beat your enemies, find your way, discover your destiny.
Use and upgrade your melee, range, and spell skills.Use your sexual appeal to gain power.Assassinate and execute your enemies!Besides the action elements, this game will bring you exciting adult content, full of sex and erotic scenes. As Astarte, you will have a chance to solve conflicts and encounters not only with strength, but also with her beauty and love.

Enter Ezos, a grim and divided piece of land with complex dilemmas. You will find beautiful landscapes, interesting places and small villages in between this chaos. Astarte will travel to the different locations of Ezos during her journey to find the missing artifacts of Ladeina. You will start the journey at her village and from there, you will decide where the path will take you.

The Clan has been blessed by the Goddess, Ladeina, for thousands of generations in order to protect their power. Now with her clan on the verge of extinction, Astarte must take her first steps into an unknown world.
You will climb over hills and mountains, go deeper in the darkest of caves and dungeons, walk peacefully in fantasy forests and more!
Every clan has different beliefs but most agree that there was a time when the Gods were walking on the earth! They gave power to humankind and watched as the clans fought each other to capture the power of the others. The Gods decided to separate this power into 2 parts. That is how the powers of Love and War were born. Goddess Ladeina and God Khain were assigned to protect these powers .

One day the Gods started to fight each other. This war took a long time and after this fight, the Gods decided to separate into many pieces and create artifacts made of these powers. Those artifacts were then hidden, although a small amount of them had been given to humankind. Nobody knows how to use these artifacts except for the Clan of Immortals.
With RPG elements, juicy adult content and a gorgeous open world environment, Inheritance: Ladeina’s Path is sure to have you yearning for more!

We are volunteers and we have no financial source for our project. We want to expand our game and with our community, we want to make this game amazing! Here are our current plans that are in need of funding:
· Creating/getting village assets; Great looking, detailed and customizable village houses and village environment assets : 500$
· Creating character romance cards which can be given as a reward: Hand-painted digital cards : 300$
· Steam page release: We want to release the game’s demo on Steam in order widen our audience : 100$
· Community art, Digital designs: We are planning to make epic marketing art for our pages: 200 $
· Hire an animation artist: We are planning to hire a skilled and experienced animation artist to help us with the sexual encounters: 5000$
We have achieved the first milestone: releasing the demo.
November 2022: Release the extended demo with opening cutsceneEnd of 2022: Steam release with village levelMarch 2022 first Patreon build


Inheritance: Ladeina’s Path

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 42

Inheritance: Ladeina’s Path: screenshots

Inheritance: Ladeina's Path screenshot 0Inheritance: Ladeina's Path screenshot 2Inheritance: Ladeina's Path screenshot 3Inheritance: Ladeina's Path screenshot 4

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