Incubus: Path of Lilith

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Last update: 2019-08-24

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You wake up in full darkness but when have you ever gone to sleep?
With no memories and no sense of self, you barely feel your existence when a voice catches your attention.
A sweet, melodic and familiar voice tells you about your origins: You are an Incubus.
You have no idea what an Incubus is yet but as foolish people summon you for their selfish reasons, you will learn more about yourself and the power you own.

Last update: : 2019-08-15
Released: : 2018-08-02
Creator (developer): : Winterfire – –
Censored: No
Version: R2
OS: Windows, Linux and Mac Android
Language: English

3dcg, male protagonist , big tits, oral sex, groping, masturbation,milf, superpowers,lesbian,sleep-sex, exhibitionism, paranormal, anal sex,


1. Extract and run.

Change log:

Whats new (last changes) R2
-Added: 8500 words (Avg. 28 minutes).
-Added: 50 images.
-Added: Sex music track, replaces character’s theme music.
-Added: New character (Nadia Holonda).
-Added: New character (Ketha Ganevo).
-Added: New character (Yvette Vordersk).
-Added: New character (Idha Nadona).
R1 (Initial release)
-Added: 4500 Words (Avg. 15 minutes).
-Added: 26 images.
-Added: New character (Elera Vorguni).

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Incubus: Path of Lilith

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 83

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