Highschool Rosewood v0.356

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Last update: 2020-07-22

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This game is a Visual Novel Simulator created with Ren’Py engine.
There is no specific story line, so you can start the game however you want.
The situation is simple, you’re a boy who just moved into a dormitory from your city.
I want the players to play the game in their own style. Like in GTA.
The players choices will be balanced in karmapoints, that can affect outcomes on characters.

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The game is still in development, I’m currently working on new updates / fixes and release them weekly which can be downloaded with our Launcher.
The Launcher includes an AOPS, which able to check the local content, and only download the files which are changed.
That means if an update released, only a few Megabytes will download, not the entire game again-and-again.

Last update: 2020-07-21
Released: 2020-07-21
Creator (developer): Arpibald – – –
Censored: Partial
Version: 0.356
OS: Windows
Language: English, Hungarian, (Spanish WIP)

School setting, Point & Click, Simulator, Drugs, Female domination, Footjob, Lesbian,2dcg,

Install instructions:

1. Download the Launcher (.ZIP)
2. Extract and run the Launcher
3. Patch the game (if available)
4. Launch the game

Whats new (last changes):

Version (0.356) – Quick-Update

– Easy and Hardcore mode added to the game
Easy Mode:
In this mode you starts with 250$, Statistics disabled that means there’s no need to eat, shower or anything at all.
Every h-scene will be unlocked, and minigames are skippable. (Gambling chances increased, in-development).
Interest rate for every girl are 1/4 filled upfront, and fast travel available with the phone app.
Girls randomly offers you sexual activities for fun, and don’t want nothing in return.
Time-forwarding is unlimited, fainting also disabled in this mode.
Hardcore Mode:
In this mode you starts with 50$ and you have to maintain you character’s statistics
like Hunger, Thirst Hygiene, Toilet Use etc. Interest rate for every girl is zero at the begining.
Statistics will highly influence relationships and interest rates! Minigames are un-skippable, and
chances to get injured by falling down the stairs increased. Time-forwarding only available once a
week, and sometimes cause faiting as well.
Whats new (last changes):
– New character: Robbie (from Gravity Falls)
– New place: Storage (under the basement, for gambling & ug-store)
– Clickable miniature for Butch & Robbie at the Storage (under the basement, available at Sunset/Evening)
– New place: Janitors (sex-dungeon)
– The game notifies you when you get hungry/thirsty with an extra text
– Toggle PIN code for Phone (in the Phone’s settings menu)
– Removed loading screen when switching places
– Statistics part of the tutorial will be skipped in Easy Mode
– Removed Gwen from the “unfuckable” category, she’s over 18 so…
– Remove chances when knocking on doors gently (now they’ll always open up for first)
– Removed trashcans and giving gifts to girls (will add them back in the future, with more fancy way)
– Falling from stairs has been removed from the game completly
– Hygiene check before conversations disabled in Easy Mode (only available in Hardcore mode)
– Fast-Travel with Minimap in the Quickmenu (only available in Easy mode)
– Removed fight minigame with Butch (only available in Hardcore mode, with 50% appearance chance)
– Removed body-search with Mary (only available in Hardcore mode, with 50% appearance chance)
– Maxed out game start option at the begining (Money & Interest maxed out, Tasks finished etc.)
– New Options menu (will add more stuff in the future)
– Extra-Settings menu in the Quickmenu (cheats & other stuff)
– Load & Main-menu buttons added to the sidebar when pressing Esc in-game
– ‘Order for one’ English version task description fixed (don’t cause error anymore)

Version (0.354-55) – Quick Update

– In Android version of the game some minigames deactivated and/or simplified
– Fainting now cause Hygine loss and increase Toilet Use level
– Energy level decrease now in the Statistics menu only at night (energy drinks can restore it)
– Count steps at night because of UBER
– Library is now locked for the night, can be picked from the outside or search for open windows
– New item: Masters of Lockpick (Book) can be found at Library
– New tutorial at the very begining of the game

Version (0.352) – Update Pack

– Mai replaced with Kim (from Kim Possible) miniatures also replaced (H-scenes removed)
– Raven’s face and body rewordked along with Gwen so it’s much more similiar to the Cartoon
– Raven available for interaction in the hall at sunet (everyday except Friday)
– New task: Raven’s Book (part of the raven-script chain 1/3)
– New character: Koneko (Librarian, still in-development)
– Interest Meter updated with new images and character data
– New task: Strange Items (part of the raven-script chain 2/3)
– Characters blog randomly that players can like/dislike to influence their interest
– New phone app: Settings (players can enable/disable some stuff here ex. Post notifications)
– Reworked phone-screens (language/censor state changes will no longer restart the phone)
– Added flickering-light effect with sound in the main hall above lockers
– Hygiene-system (you have to shower or your hygiene decrease and characters refuse to talk to you)
– New items: Soap and Towel (required for showering, can be found in your locker at showers)
– New item: Deodorant (keeps Hygiene at maximum level for 2 days, borrowable from Frankie, 1/week)
– Toilet-system (you have to use the toilet sometimes or you can’t consume food or drinks)
– Washing hands available in bathroom (has 50% chance to give +15 Hygiene level, once / day)
– Cigarette now available for borrow from Frankie once/day with 50% chance
– Lighters and Cigarettes can be found with “Search” in Frankie’s room with 50% chance once/day
– New miniatures: Gwen & Sakura at the Nurse room (both available 0/24 from morning to night)
– Mary & Butch post notifications about their whereabouts
– Restrict fainting (from now on only one available per week)
– Added water-drops with sound for the plant in the main-hall
– Added little ant in the main-hall (for testing animations)
– Gwen post notifications after someone falls down the stairs
– Ashtray on balcony and dorm rooms now searchable for leftover cigarettes (50% chance)
– New place: Basement (with Janitor Room and Storage)
– Dev character removed from the 1st floor hallway
– Sakura could heal wounds, injuries (maximize health)
– Items has been reviewed and missing image/text animation added where it needed
– The number of steps taken no longer goes to a negative value in the phone app
– Fixed middle-button misplace on phone-screen
– Missing image/text animation added for growing or losing interest
– Fixed transitions effects (blur, dim) between dialogues and steps
– Fixed text speed for dialogues

Version (0.350) – Bugfixes

– Time forwarding now working on the left path of the forest
– Missing cricket sounds on certain areas (library front/backyard and forest) fixed
– Forgotten debug messages removed

Version (0.349) – Quick Update

– Information about the girls can be stolen from the Principal’s computer at night
– New place: Library (front, inside, bookshelves & backyard reachable with UBER: App in phone)
– New place: Forest-path (left part, reachable by clicking on the wooden sign)
– The loading screens got an info text, and the end got a nice black transition
– New buzz sound effect for leaving/entering school through the main entrance
– Fixed weight mismatch in the Hungarian version (both bag and vending machine)
– The players can now enter a character name when skipping the first chapter
– Some of the Hungarian senteces fixed
– The bin no longer be thrown back at the reception next to the coffee machine

Version (0.348) – Quick Update

– Rewrited beginner story, new dialogues, shorter walk around
– New minigame: Safe-lock (available in the Principal’s office)
– Fixed weight mismatch in the Hungarian version (both bag and vending machine)

Version (0.347) – Quick Update

– New application in phone: UBER (each order requires 4 steps to arrival)
– Fainting on Friday doesn’t push the days any further

Version (0.346) – Bugfixes

– Mai’s Interest decreasing when players bangs on the Reception door even she’s not there was fixed
– Mai suddenly appear when players click on the box of lost and found even she’s not there was fixed
– Some Hungarian sentences corrected

Version (0.345) – Bugfixes

– Interest meter missing infobox texture fixed
– Some Hungarian sentences corrected
– Forgotten debug messages removed

Version (0.344) – Quick Update

– New character: Raven (from Teen Titans) (Requested by: 2yynotU & TRENTON)
– New place: Raven’s room (2th floor, last door on the left)
– Interest meter updated with the new character
– Interest meter get an info box for each character
– Loading screen added for areas and interactions optimization
– Mai’s missing h-scene fixed (file name incompatibility)
– Players cannot give more than one item per week for Frankie because of interest farming

Version (0.341) – Update Pack

– Frankie got a new outfit, miniatures also replaced (Adidas Hoodie, voted by: Discord)
– Lily’s character changed to Haruno Sakura (h-scenes also changed)
– Text-to-speech function will disabled now on every new game start (Requested by: Croisan)
– New “Report bugs” button added to main-menu and Credits description updated
– Frankie smoking position replaced to match with the new one
– Texture change: School inside & outside, expect dorm rooms (vote by: Discord)
– Accidentally mixed hover sounds fixed inside the bathroom
– Clickable hovers edge fixed (clipped door-edge etc.)
– Mary’s room replaced with Frankie’s room and Frankie’s room shifted by one
– Pile of boxes replace by a stonebench in the courtyard
– The choice-menu dim and background blur fixed at the courtyard when clicking on the stonebench
– The Principal’s office door replaced with stairs at the Reception
– Choice-menus minor fix (time out will throw back to parklot from the dorm room)
– The pizza order menu appear now properly in the Hungarian version
– The pizza order task description updated (task description and dialogues modified)
– New Task can no longer be accepted during an active Task
– Claudia’s new name is Mai, new hairstyle and face, finalized (Phantom World of Girls: Mai)
– New item: Rosebull Energy (purchaseable from the vending machine, filling energy at night)
– New place: Principal’s Office separated for two parts (waiting room, office)
– The Principal’s Office only available with permission or trick
– New place: Corner-hall (at the end of the dorm hallway on the left)
– New place: Nurse room (at the corner-hall)
– New place: 2th Floor Dorms (at the corner-hall’s stairs)
– New place: Showers (2th floor, at the begining of the dorm hallway)
– Frankie’s balcony background re-made, beautiful view on the park next to the school
– New character: Sonia (Principal) (from Pokemon Swords & Shields)
– New character: Gwen (Nurse) (from Ben 10)
– Noon and Morning part of the day background switched (yellowish fade is for morning)
– New place: Park (infront of the school, reachable with a click on the pedestrian crossing)
– Apple item image replaced with a dimmed one
– Personal locker in the hall for envelopes, packages and other kind of stuff
– New item: Keys (one for the hall & showers locker and it’s also good for your room)
– A working coffee machine placed in the Principal’s waiting room
– Knocking system (gently or rude way)
– Re-textured Frankie’s smoking miniature on the balcony
– New character: Butch (Bully) (from The Boondocks)
– New minigame: Fighting (only available with Butch at the moment)
– Butch can catch you at the Courtyard, Parklot and Entrance
– Interest-meter updated with new characters in the quickmenu
– Patreon List updated for June in the quickmenu
– Cricket sound volume lowered at night and optimalized for areas
– Chance to fall of the stairs while walking down

Version (0.33) – Update Pack

– Old save is not continuable, until 1.0 is realeased (due to incompatibility).
– Ppressing “esc” twice, won’t quit the game.
– Text size optimalized, text misplace fixed.
– The backpack’s weight count can’t go into negatives anymore.
– Items disappearing from the backpack is now fixed.
– New character: mary (corridor inspector)
– New location: mary’s room.
– New hair for claudia,
– More choosable option at Claudia.
– Claudia 1 new h-scene, Frankie 3 new h-scene.
– Frankie’s and Lily’s textbox swap is now fixed.
– The marijuana’s price is now chainging on daily bases.
– Closable and openable doors (depending on time).
– Upgraded minigame: Lockpicking (similar to the weed cutting minigame).
– Lockpicking skill increases the time limit and dicreases the mandatory correct “answers”.
– Failed picklock attempts won’t take away our tool.
– If you break into a place and you stay there until dawn, the character that belongs there will now kick you out.
– You will get altering prize for the cleaning task at Claudia.
– The toilets are now usable as well as the glory-hole.
– Found item’s box is now usable (more option at Claudia).
– New quest: Wine Night (steal a bottle of wine from the principal’s office).
– You can now throw character bound items in the trash (except for: phone and student card).
– The item found notification got upgraded for Thiefkey and Poker.
– Asking for the scissors’ notification is upgraded.
– Two items renamed (Lokcpicking-tool part1 and 2 to Thiefkey and Poker).
– Tutorial background room upgraded.
– Patreon-list is upgraded (May).
– New random soundbites when entering or leaving a place.
– At night you can hear crickets if you go outside.
– Interest level in the quick-menu.
– New point at the tutorial showcasing the interest level.
– Menu’s now categorized in different groups (Task’s/Talking etc.)
– Quests and making out options got two different colors in the menu.
– New conversation lines made for Frankie.
– New quest: Snack for Frankie.
– New text animation will show if you fail a task.
– Background music deleted from the game.
– Mary will make you do a test after the Snack task.
– After the tutorial the background blur is fixed.
– New items: Water bottle, Chocolate, Lollipop.
– New items can be bought from the vending machine: Water bottle, Chocolate, Lollipop.
– Selecting an option in the menu got updated sound effects.
– You can now give the girls 1 snack or gift per week (for increasing the interest level).
– The corridor inspector (Mary) can search your clothes to see what you have in your inventory/backpack
– Rarely you can water the nearby plants (for increasing karma and gardening skills).

Version (0.32) – Update Pack

– Old save compatibility with newer game versions (no need to start a new game now on)
– New main menu and new backgrounds for fresh start
– Double ESC will close the game immidiately
– Unified fonts
– Conversations now have a blured background with a new textbox
– Animated texts and images instead of old notifications
– Restaurated background: Frankie’s Room
– Restaurated background: Dorm Hallway
– Restaurated charated: Claudia (reception)
– Dialing option for mobile phone
– New charater: Lily (school nurse)
– New place: Healthcare Room
– New task: Order for one
– New items: Scissors, empty bag, weed, lighter, cigarette
– Items now requestable from Frankie (scissors and lighter)
– Smoking feature (modify mood in future versions)
– Secret development charater in the game (for requesting cigarettes)
– Collecting minigame for cutting weed
– H-scene in the Healthcare room (in case minigame is failed on a certain day and time)
– Modified Patreon supporter list (quickmenu)
– Randomized search algorithm for finding cigarettes for example (quickmenu)

Version (0.3) – Update Pack

– In someplaces better background textures
– Mobilephone icon in the quick menu
– Mobilephone and apps
– Language changing app (In the story from the phone)
– Censor app (In the story from the phone)
– Soundboard app (In the story from the phone)
– Pedometer app
– SMS Notification
– Bag icon in the quick menu
– Bag system with weightsystem (Weight sensitivity)
– In the bag better title background
– Itemsystem (Usage/Drop)
– Added items: Red apple, Nokicola, Sprunk, Chees flavoured chips
– Itemcpecific sounds added
– Moneysystem (Earnable/Spendable)
– Food/Drink vending machine (Buyable food/drink)
– Stepsystem (X amount of steps will change the time of the day)
– Daysytem with the days of the week
– New places: Girl’s bathroom, Reception, Principal’s office
– The time forwarding will be not available during night.
– Some of the translated text fixed
– Character stats from the quick menu
– Popularity indicator (Based on karma points)
– Measuring different things in the stats menu
– Hunger/Thirst (If your hunger is low you will faint and you will wake up at a random place +2 day later)
– Health, Hygiene, Energy, Vibe indicator
– New character: Claudia (Reception)
– Student ID (For character data and school entrance usage)
– Tasks in the quick menu
– Inspection icon in the quick menu
– You can now get out to the balcony (Inspection icon)
– Patreon icon in the quick menu
– New looking for start game options (Language, Censorship menu, Skip the intro)
– Task: Get your Student ID (Claudia)
– Repeatable tasks: Cleaning (Claudia)
– Doorlock in the mainentrance (You can only use it if you have Student ID)
– Doorlock at night (Courtyard side)
– Escape route from the Girl’s bathroom
– Items: Hairpin, Fire poker (You can pick find it in the parking lot)
– Box in the parking lot (For sleeping outside)

Version (0.21) – Quick Update

– New outlined fonts for dialogues
– Tooltip for menu buttons
– Tooltip for clickable areas
– Tooltip for clickable objects
– Save button for menu (because of Android)
– Ingame menu button for quit (because of Android)

Version (0.2) – Quick Update

– Android compatibility
– Linux compatibility
– You can now choose language
– Censor menu
– Age determination
– New answer menu
– Quickmenu
– Leave place from quickmenu
– Set time from quickmenu
– Quicksave
– Main menu enter from quickmenu
– You can now interact with items. (bed, etc.)
– Explorable map
– New positions (Frankie)
– New dialogues (Frankie)
– Updated, more detailed old and new locations.

Version (0.1a)

– Backgrounds
– Character (Frankie)
– Dialogues
– Choice menu
– Sound effects

Developer Notes:

– The game has not been ready yet, test versions don’t allow to continue older saves. You have to start a new game until 1.0 is released. (Chapter Skip available at Start)
– We do weekly updates / fixes. If you find any bugs please report them on our Discord.
Note: We’re welcome every foreigner on our Discord, feel free to join and chat with us (•◡•) /
Share your ideas, opinion and critics about our game! ( ◠‿◠)
I really enjoy implement my ideas into this game, and adopt more and more in-real-life elements for the game.
I’m going to add the following elements for the game in the future:
– Gardening (plant vegetables, drug-plants and profit from it)
– Hacking (hijack computers, phones task based)
– New areas for acvities: Ghetto, Sex-shop, Beach, Striptease-bar
– Animals (basic animals, like cats, dogs etc.)
– Gambling (currently working on this, Poker, Dice-game, RPS, Slot-Machine connected with Lewd stuff)
– Jobs (fishing, wood-cutting, cleaning, electrical-works etc.)
– Achievement-system (for honoring the dear players with something)
…and many more which I don’t want to spoil here. ; )
This project was started at the end of 2019.
I was alone but very shortly my friendly community joined to help me, and I made a translator team out of them.
I made the drawings by myself but a friend of mine joined to help me. He’s hand drawings are very good, and easy
to reproduce and digitize it, so they would came alive on our screens.
Here’s some of the results:

Win/Linux: – – –
Highschool Rosewood

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 82

Highschool Rosewood: screenshots

Highschool Rosewood screenshot 0Highschool Rosewood screenshot 1Highschool Rosewood screenshot 2Highschool Rosewood screenshot 3Highschool Rosewood screenshot 4Highschool Rosewood screenshot 5Highschool Rosewood screenshot 6Highschool Rosewood screenshot 7Highschool Rosewood screenshot 8Highschool Rosewood screenshot 9Highschool Rosewood screenshot 10Highschool Rosewood screenshot 11Highschool Rosewood screenshot 12Highschool Rosewood screenshot 13Highschool Rosewood screenshot 14Highschool Rosewood screenshot 15Highschool Rosewood screenshot 16Highschool Rosewood screenshot 17Highschool Rosewood screenshot 18

Enter an world with your wishes. Get this from MEGA or other file hostings, unzip, easy install and play this interactive game.

Be a smart man and get what you want. It will be not just simple robots, there will be a lot of interesting persons that you will met.​ What will you do? Will you be a good hero? Will you user your power and authority? Try now!

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