Gomamon Trainer v0.62

Demo version:No
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Last update: 2022-09-24

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Gomamon Trainer is a work-in-progress visual novel digimon smut game which pushes you into a strange digital world, trapped with a cute male Gomamon. The very same Gomamon from Digimon Adventure.
This is a simple enough game. You press buttons to advance the game, talk and molest Gomamon. It is heavily inspired by My Very Own Lith and I recommend you check it out in case it is unknown to you.
This is an unfinished game and will still need many resources to be fulld.

: Story

The world you find yourself in is not the digital world you know however, but a strange In-Between-World and you have to find your way out with Gomamon by your side. Talk, Molest and Fuck the little digimon however you please as you advance further to escape with him by your side.
You can either be nice or mean to him, depending if you want him to be your Lover Slut or Slave Slut. As this is an unfinished game, this feature has no effect as of yet.

Last update: 2022-09-23
Released: 2022-09-21
Creator (developer): Towan-Games-Studio – – –
Censored: No
Version: 0.62
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

2DCG, Anal sex, Group sex, Oral sex, Gay, Bestiality, Male protagonist, Furry, Monster, Internal view, Parody, Handjob (Clawjob), Footjob
Digiphilia, Boypussy, Hairjob, Petting, Bondage

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Art Changes:

– Art for Drool Scene (Explore after the Elecmon Scene)
– Art for the Hairjob Scene (Explore – Second Arc)
– Draw some art to enhance the Drimogemon Scene
– Draw the glowing hand scene by the hairjob segment
Writing Changes:

– 2 Molest Scenes (Third Arc)
– 2 Kiss Scenes (Third Arc)
– 2 Facefuck Scenes (Third Arc)
– 2 Boypussy Rape Scenes (Third Arc)
– 2 Slitrape Scenes (Third Arc)
– 2 Arousal Scenes (Third Arc)
– 1 Special Nurse Outfit Scene
– 1 Special Slut Outfit Scene
– Finale Scenes
– Epilogue Scenes
Art Changes:
– Updated Drimogemon Smut Pictures (precum on tip and violet fur lines)
– Implemented Gomameme Art (Boypussy Rape, Third Arc)
– Art for Petting (2nd and 3rd Arc)
– Art for Facefuck (3rd Arc)
– Art for Bodyjob (Special Scene 1)
– Some Minor Art for Finale/Epilogue (No big NSFW scenes as those are for artists)
Technical Changes:
– Outfit Change button (Nurse/Punk Outfit)
– Implemented the Buttons for the Outfit Scenes
Art Changes:

– Finished Blowjob Art (First and Second Arc)
– Finished Drimogemon Encounter Art (Rape Choice, 1/2)
– Additional Minor Elecmon Art to polish the LV1 Firewall Encounter
– Extra Art for Flirt Scenes (Biting Lip, Looking over Shoulder, etc.)
Writing Changes:
– 3 Idle Chit-Chat Scenes, one of them a Hint Scene (Third Arc)
– 6 Naughty Talk Scenes (3 for Lover Slut and 3 for Slave Slut route)
– 3 Flirt Scenes (Third Arc)
– 2 Clawjob Scenes (Third Arc)
– 2 Blowjob Scenes (Third Arc)
– 2 Pounding Boypussy Scenes (Third Arc)
– 2 Pounding Slit Scenes (Third Arc)
– 1 Armpit Scene (Special Scene)
– Added a small segment in Explore at the first Firewall, where Gomamon tries out human saliva first, before believing cum is the solution. This is to make Gomamon look less naive.
– Explore Section Complete (aside from final Digimon Encounter and Epilogue)
– Fingerslitfuck/Footjob Scene in Explore
Technical Changes:
– Implemented the option to Skip the Elecmon Gangrape for the “Help him” choice.
– Expression Change Base Model for the Third Arc (Lewd Faces) – Bugfixes from bugs that ocurred from the new implementations

Gomamon Trainer

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 98

Gomamon Trainer: screenshots

Gomamon Trainer screenshot 0Gomamon Trainer screenshot 1Gomamon Trainer screenshot 2Gomamon Trainer screenshot 3Gomamon Trainer screenshot 4Gomamon Trainer screenshot 5

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