Goblin Burrow: I’ll Borne v210909

Demo version:No
Last update: 2021-09-22

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A year after the tragedy, a new tragedy begins…
What do you know about goblins?
They’re mischievous, immoral little creatures, the lowest of the low when it comes to monsters. They’re quite easily dealt with. They’re often used as a means for adventurers to measure their strength. They’re just goblins, after all.This continent, too, is infested with the things.
However, it is also home to an abundance of life from every race. They’ve formed communities and generally live together in peace. Peace breeds softness, however, and nothing is softer than the body of a beautiful female adventurer…
“Pillage, rape, and reproduce…”, that’s all that goblins think about, and this age of peace is the perfect time for them to strike. Nobody knew just how much influence the goblin threat would have on the continent, however…
Unbeknownst to most in the civilized world, goblins lurked at the gates. Why not peer into their world?​

Last update: 2021-09-09
Released: 2021-09-22
Creator (developer): peperoncino
Censored: Yes – Mosaics
Version: JPN.v.210909 + DLC1.v.210909 / ENG.r.1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English MTL
Translators: and
Translation Thread:

2d game, 2dcg, Anal sex, Animated, Censored, Corruption, Creampie, Group sex, Humiliation, Japanese game, Male protagonist, Management, Monster, Multiple endings, Pregnancy, Rape, Simulator, Slave, Turn based combat, Vaginal sex

Install instructions:

1. Download the archive and unzip.
2. Run ‘Illborne.eXe’ in Locale Emulator or Japanese system localisation
3. Full save included, just unzip 04_Fullsave.7z
If you need Japanese locale emulator grab it .

Translator Notes:

This download includes:
A Reference Sheet for certain useful values and game mechanicsA Map with hints for unlocking all seedbedsA Passive Skills Guide prepared by Thai2410A fullsave
– If you get an error with a bunch of ???? when starting the game, you are not running the game in Japanese localisation. Use Locale Emulator.
– There are no voice lines for the mating scenes. This is a peperoncino issue, not an issue with the translation.
– Large portions of the game are MTL. Most of the translation has been bug tested, but I cannot rule out the possibility that MTL introduced bugs will occur.
– If you want to be especially helpful when reporting a bug, go to your ./savedata folder and share the krkr.console.log file if it exists
– Dinner and Arena functions are not supported


ENGr1.0 – Release Build
– Unpacked all XP3 files. Future updates will now use direct files rather than patch_n.xp3s, simplifying installation.
– Blended Base Game and DLC1
– Updated to JPNv.210909
– Implemented word wrapping
– Integrated translation for opening and birthing scenes for all seedbeds, and all endings with H-scenes by Thai2410 including DLC1
ENGr0.9a – WIP
– Fixed gallery issue for Ending 9
– Found some untranslated text elsewhere, including Forcius’ introduction
ENGr0.9 – WIP
– Integrated MTL for DLC 1
– Updated Reference_Sheet and Illborne_Map with new DLC 1 Content
– Fixed various small translation errors and omissions
ENGr0.8 – WIP
– Updated game to JPNv.20210818
– Added the correct images for Madeline’s Shaman (Reject) 1 scene. Love me some heart pupils, more please peperoncino
– Integrated more scenes translated by Thai2410 for appearance, capture, pregnancy, and birth scenes
– Fixed an error in the Reference Sheet about how Serena unlocks
– Added the game code and explanation for how stats are inherited to the Reference Sheet (WIP, may be wrong)
– Fixed some missing text errors and strange text behaviour
ENGr0.7a – Hotfix
– Added some dummy images for Madeline’s Shaman (Rejecting) 1 scene. Peperoncino added new CG for this scene and this was causing an error in the scenario file. Correct CG will be in a future update.
ENGr0.7 – WIP
– Integrated more scenes translated by Thai2410. There were a lot. Close to having all appearance, capture, pregnancy, and birth scenes translated now.
– Included the Map guide for unlocking all seedbeds by Thai2410
– Included the Passive Skills guide by Thai2410
– Included Reference Sheet
ENGr0.6 – WIP
– Integrated JPNv.210802
– Integrated appearance, capture, pregnancy, and birth scenes translated by Thai2410 for Alexandra, Carlotta, Verinn, Seideria, Blair, and Serena
– Added unique lewdjobs for some seedbeds by Thai2410
– Truncated Event Gallery titles for some groups, as this was causing a text overflow error in the Event Gallery
– Fixed rogue Gallery title errors
– Adjustments to some naming conventions to correct MTL confusion. Notably the Brave Party was renamed to the Hero Party
ENGr0.5 – WIP
– Integrated appearance, capture, pregnancy, and birth scenes translated by Thai2410 for Cotton, Claire, Sheav, Valentina, Ivy, Emily, Tialotte, Frixel, Palme, and Cosette
– Integrated JPNv.210728
ENGr0.4b – Hotfix
– Fixed a typo that was causing a hang in the tutorial reported by xellos
ENGr0.4a – Hotfix
– Fixed a problem with the healFix function reported by babydragon0123
ENGr0.4 – WIP
– Add QoL features from Goblin Burrow Community Patch (see Modifications)
– UI adjustments and text overflow corrections
– Added Opening Scene translation by Thai2410
– Integrated JPNv.210726
ENGr0.3 – WIP
– Fixed Gallery text overflow
– Fixed [ruby text] bug reported by August Derleth and improved translation of lines that had used special colour coding
– Added 84 missing dialogue pieces due to typos from the devs
ENGr0.2 – WIP
– Renaming of various girls with strange/inconsistent names
– Tweaks to UI for consistency
– Attempt at bug fix reported by mosza when re-entering the Adventurer Tower
– Fixed ~400 missing dialogue pieces due to inconsistent formatting and encoding
– Added Yes/No Dialogue fix
ENGr0.1 – Initial Full Version Release
– Upgraded to JPN21.07.19 full version
– Integrated JPN.21.07.21 patches
– MTL of all H and story scenarios
– First draft edited MTL of UI


– Added a new job in the Seedbed Info menu when a seedbed is debauched (WIP)
– Added ‘Debauched in %s SAN’ to the Seedbed Info menu to help with planning for endings
– Portrait in Seedbed Info menu now changes depending on seedbed state
– Added the word wrapping script from Goblin Burrow (credit to whoever created and adapted it, looks like the Amaterasu Kirikiri WordWrap) with some modifications by me to bring it up to date with new Kirikiri distros used by peperoncino

The game requires Japanese locale, either have the system locale in Japanese or use locale emulator. For more info read install instructions.
Win: – –
Part 1: – –
Part 2: – –
Thanks to for translation & sharing the game

Goblin Burrow: I’ll Borne

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 42

Goblin Burrow: I’ll Borne: screenshots

Goblin Burrow: I'll Borne screenshot 0Goblin Burrow: I'll Borne screenshot 1Goblin Burrow: I'll Borne screenshot 2Goblin Burrow: I'll Borne screenshot 3

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