Familiar Training

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Last update: 2018-09-05

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You are the illegitimate son of a noble and for this reason you are born as mage but spent your life without know it. One day Old Osmond notice you and offer to let you enter the academy as new student and learn magic like anyone else but one day, during your familiar summoning, you summon a strange woman with a crystal in the chest. The night of the ceremony you have a strange dream where a self proclaimed demon god explain to you that you summoned one of his familiars that will grant you the chance of make your own harem.
Parody game based on Zero no Tsukaima​

Updated: 2018-04-06
Censorship: None
Version: R 0.4
Creator (developer): :
Platform: Windows, Mac
Language: English

Visual Novel, Parody, 2DCG, Big Breasts, Mind Control, Brainwashing, Nude, Magic, Fantasy

Install instructions: :

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.


R v0.2
Like always tell me any bug you’ll found and I’ll search to solve them at soon as possible
R v0.1
-a lot bug fixes (suu is back!)
-a bit polished ui (starting is still shit since he just copy pasta old code)
Hey guys… I’m late with the first mini release but for this last month I had various health problems and the 8th, if I’m enough lucky thing that I’m not, I’ll know what I have with in the worst case surgery and best case gulp down pills and whatever I have to take
Like said before this mini release have half events for the new character.
Any bug and problem will be fixed in the next version
LAST NOTE: I have already recived the third event so I can already work on it
Rework of the game and this mean that you have to restart it from the beginning
Added special classes, they are unlocked once you reach a certain
a couple of bug fixing
Added Suu Events
some bug fix
removed the loops, now that moments are replaced with an “animation like sequence” of 2 images that repeat 4-5 times
Change the MC room’s background with one made by my great artist Waifuholic
– fixed bug classroom problem, now you can go there without problem
– fixed bug study/actions, now study consume an action
– fixed a problem that prevented to show Siesta’s avatar at the beginning
+Added new character, right now is possible only unlock her and change her avatar
+Added “next day” mechanic, is used for progress in the story and unlock new characters, for prevent bugs use it until you unlock the introduction of the new character
+Added “study” mechanic part 1, now you can take classes in the classroom or study on your own in your room, study is used for learn skill to use in combat, the classes are:
– fire class, learn fire magic skills
– water class, learn water magic skills
– earth class, learn earth magic skills
– wind class, learn wind magic skills
– general class, learn a bit of all the elements
take a specific class give you 4 point, take the general class give 3 points to all the elements while study in your room give 1 points
+Unlocked menu, now is possible open the menu and check there the status and save
Familiar Training

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 46

Familiar Training: screenshots

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