Fairy Fighting [COMPLETED]

Demo version:No
Last update: 2018-11-10

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While a fairy is out getting food, all her friends get kidnapped by monsters. Now that shes escaped, she has to rescue her friends and stop the monsters from hurting any other fairies!
This game is pure fetish fuel.
The game features both gameplay rape and multiple gameover rapes for each enemy, with 2 different endings.

Updated: 15/Apr/2018
Censorship: No
Version: 180415
OS: Windows/PC
Language: No text
Genre: Tentacles, Eggs, Insemination, Birthing, Futa, Corruption, Bestiality, Vore, Urination, Insect, Rape

Install instructions

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “FairyFighting.exe” to start playing.
3- To change controls to work better with western keyboards, click options in the top left and click keyboard.
Fairy Fighting

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 17

Fairy Fighting: screenshots

Fairy Fighting screenshot 0Fairy Fighting screenshot 1Fairy Fighting screenshot 2

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3 Comments on “Fairy Fighting [COMPLETED]”

  1. Interesting game. Lots of rape so if you aren’t into that fair warning. Would be five stars but because of the language barrier I spent a good hour trying to figure out the controls. I finally found a way to change the controls so they were more user friendly. Good animation and good story up till the end really. Isn’t any text so pictures tell the story and let me tell you these fairies better be thankful they are magically capable of taking any size cause there isn’t a penetration in this game that wouldn’t kill a human being in seconds flat. Although granted being raped and living isn’t fun either so its really a curse all around. I’ve never been good at these kinda games so for me it was impossible to get through the game without the cheats. Fight number 18 is almost unwinnable. The boss has impossible reach on all abilities and he heals when he lands his specials which leave you stunned for what seems like hours while he has plenty of time to perform you guessed it another special. Not to mention the reach on his special takes up like a fourth of the map and goes through any of your attacks even your specials and locks you down. Oh and his specials regenerate his energy too so he can use his specials indefinably if he so desired. So yeah nearly unwinnable. I won by locking him in a corner and spamming one of my specials at him. I don’t think i could pull that off again though. Other negatives the game ends badly for your mc but she manages to save the other fairies on the up side. Also trying to win the last two stages is confusing. The one before the final stage actually requires you to be trapped and fucked to win which is the opposite of the goal of the game so there’s that. The final stage would have been harder but i positioned myself nicely behind the final boss and spammed down + hard punch. Which is a special if you have enough energy to pull one off. Again i was cheating so i had unlimited energy. You really cant get hit by the final boss cause he will end the fight instantly so it would definitely have been the hardest fight if not for the cheats. With the cheats its easily stage 18 that takes hardest fight. There is only one other negative. As far as i could find there is no gallery after you beat the game. Meaning you have to be fighting to see any goodies. This is unusual for this kind of game and leaves you with no real reward for winning. Other than that whoever made this game did a great job with the animations. They aren’t realistic but for its style i think it works nicely. Also don’t read further if you don’t like spoilers.!

    If anyone gets a good ending or finds out there is a gallery please leave a comment to let me know. The language barrier leaves me with little to go on in the game for a gallery and I gotta say I didn’t like how your heroine saves all the other fairies but gets stuck in the gates of hell as a fuck dummy for abominations. As far as I know there is no other ending but it would be nice to know there is a better ending if maybe I did something wrong. Again with the lack of instructions and a language barrier I’m stuck thinking this was the official ending and it ways heavy on my sensitive heart lol.

    1. According to the listing, this game has two endings, so second ending is likely the good one and probably has some secondary criteria besides beating the bosses.

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