Demon Slayer Valkyrie Shion v0.036

Demo version:No
Last update: 2020-09-03

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Demon Slayer Valkyrie Shion is a Dungeon crawling RPG with turn based combat. You explore a multi floored dungeon killing monsters and trying not to get raped horribly.​

Last update: 2020-09-02
Released: 2019-12-14
Creator (developer): Heroine’s Nightmare – – – –
Censored: No
Version: v0.036
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese

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Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):


The Curse of Succubus
I tried to make it so that a lewd sign is given at orgasm when the MP reaches 0. It will give her debuff effects, such as reduced hit and evasion.
Appearance of a strong enemy
Enemies that are stronger than normal now appear in the dungeon. The red symbol will be it. At the moment, it’s a little stronger than normal enemies, so I’d like to strengthen it a little more.
Other modifications
Fixed a wall break in the initial area of the nursery area.Fixed a setting error that prevented escape from the nursery area.


New Area “Monster nest”
Currently, you can get in when you lose a battle or with a shortcut at the start.
Not yet implemented, but I would like to prepare for entry from the pitfall trap.
The cocoon blocking the road can be destroyed with the enter button.Items come out from the inside, but be careful because they may match the demon’s surprise.
Escape from Monster House was at a certain probability before going up the stairs
It is possible to return to the area. (30% as of v0.035)
I would also like to prepare various types of “Goblin training room”
New Capture state “Spider web”
NPC Rescue

In the dungeon, an exorcist who has been defeated by a demon and insulted has fallen. The rescued exorcist can be rewarded with a high reward when handed over to a merchant!
Other updates
Pop-up production of training experience valueAdd saveable area
A saveable area was added as requested.
It can be used when the start point and the area after 10 layers are switched.
Merchants are also waiting, so dispose of unnecessary items and buy more supplies.Changed damage calculation formula for skill “Astor”
Changed from “Attack” to “Attack + Agility”.
Damage is now significantly reduced on conditions that reduce agility.


New Area “Underground waterway” & New State “Mucus bind”
The underground waterway can enter from the 11th floor after passing through the cave area. Added “Red slime” as a new enemy. Be careful as you will be releasing a counter skill against melee attacks! And a new “Mucus bind” has been added as a new capture state.
Clear time recording
You can now record clear time. The count starts when you enter the dungeon entrance, and when you reach the goal on the 15th basement floor It will be recorded on the status screen as shown in the image below.
It is also recorded when you lose and the game is over.
In that case, the icon is a heart symbol.

Change capture specifications

Until now, the capture effect was entered at the moment when Shion’s HP became 0, but now you can grace only one turn. However, the enemies will use their capture skills from the next turn, so hitting them will render you incapable of acting as long as before.
Surprise by contact from behind enemy symbol
Battles now take place at a disadvantage when enemy symbols are behind you.
Changed effect of “Thief’s Dagger”
“Danger detection” skill has been abolished. Newly changed to “Evasion rate greatly increases only on the first turn when a surprised battle occurs.”
Add opening event
Opening events can now be seen. However, the translation into English has not been fulld yet. You can see it by talking to Kirika who is on the right of the starting point. After finishing, return to the title screen.


Intial Release

Win: – – –
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Demon Slayer Valkyrie Shion

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 48

Demon Slayer Valkyrie Shion: screenshots

Demon Slayer Valkyrie Shion screenshot 0Demon Slayer Valkyrie Shion screenshot 1Demon Slayer Valkyrie Shion screenshot 2Demon Slayer Valkyrie Shion screenshot 3Demon Slayer Valkyrie Shion screenshot 4Demon Slayer Valkyrie Shion screenshot 5

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