Demitransference v0.0.5a

Demo version:No
Last update: 2020-10-16

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Demitransference v0.0.5a

You are a bisexual male college student who has been cruelly tormented by your classmates, spearheaded by one female and two male students. One night you have a dream where a mysterious entity informs you that you are his descendant and a demigod. He imbues you with power that you can use to take revenge on your tormentors. You can “steal” from them the physical and mental attributes that they value most. Now you have the opportunity to change your fate and punish those that have wronged you. What could go wrong?​

Last update: 2020-10-16
Released: 2020-10-16
Creator (developer): Unruly DogBoy
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.5a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Real porn, Male protagonist, Gay, Bdsm, Transformation

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Change log:

Version 0.0.5 Release Schedule
a) 10/12/2020 – Fratboy in Trouble – Part 3
b) 10/19/2020 – Tiffany Transformation #1
c) 10/26/2020 – Last new companion event
d) 11/02/2020 – Tiffany Transformations #2 and #3
004c – (still listed as 004b but the DL file will say 004c) fixed typos, some formatting, and the Bro Down loop (event with Mateo and Jake keeps coming up as available even when it is fulld) – FIXED. No new content.
0.0.4b – Addressed suggestion by players that an additional path was needed in the lockerroom with Jake, you, and Vadim. You now have the option to take control instead of giving it over to Vadim. Additionally, you can now view Jake’s training progress (morning, afternoon, evening, and night) if you are in control or just evening if Vadim is running the show. This added some significant changes to the Jake path.
0.0.4a – FIXED game-ending error that could happen after the Team Building Ropes Course scene.
You don’t have to be a whore! There are choices available to not have sex. NOTE: The current side stories are designed to be sexual encounters so if you: go to Victor’s house or join the married couple in their bedroom or go to the fratboy’s dorm room; you might have sex.”Back end” changes in how story events are triggered and sequencedNew MC messaging system. Changes how messages from characters to player look and in future will allow interactions with characters through text messagesDaily loop interface improved so the player is told how choice relate to ongoing storiesCannot select activities that are not available (classes on weekend)New “cheat” feature MultiPath Page View that should dramatically reduce the need to grind through replays if you want to see all the possible story content.NEW CONTENTJake’s 2nd and 3rd transformationsTwins!Deshawn collects on the raincheckTalking with MateoUnderwear saves the day


0.0.3b – This update is not very different from 0.0.3a. Here are the differences:
Added two missing scenes from the Victor birthday event. See the walkthrough for the decisions that will reveal these scenesVictor is now added as a future “hookup” when you finish his event (of course “hookups” is not implemented yet)Deshawn’s divine underwear now has an image (based on a conversation in the game discussion thread)Many typo’s corrected, especially in the Victor eventsGallery added for Victor (note: there are two missing images in the Victor gallery, you didn’t miss anything, I just haven’t used them yet)0.0.3a
1. Jake linear introduction. Like the Trent introduction, this is the sequence of events that happen if you decide to transform Jake first. I have tried to ensure that the introductions feel different from one another, so expect your transformations of Jake to be different from the cock/muscles/dominance you experienced with Trent.
2. Jake and Trent “if not selected first” (Very minor changes) If you select Jake as the first person you transform, you can still transform Trent later. So there is a version of the Trent and Jake transformations for when they are not first. This is mostly a rewrite changing any text that implies the MC is ignorant of what they are doing. So not an exciting new addition to the story, but necessary.
3. New Random Events. In this update, there are two new random events, (1) Fratboy in Trouble and (2) Weekend at Victor’s
4. Galleries are a bit more stable. If you save/load the galleries will save and load. However, if you refresher you browser, the galleries are cleared.
Known 0.0.3a issues:
1. The Jake stats do not update correctly. It is a quick fix that I will include in 0.0.3b in a few days.
2. There are typo’s. This update needs more proofreading but I already missed my deadline twice.
3. Some interactions have caused the TIME (morning, afternoon, etc) in the caption to disagree with the time in the main window. I patched the problem but I never figured out what caused it so, let me know you experience the error.
0.0.2 Every good demigod needs hero companions, you get to know two potential companions (Coach Joel and Drew)
Additional rounds of Trent transformations – You are reminded why everyone hates Trent and why transforming him feels so good.Special AM swim practice with Coach Joel – Maybe you can arrange some private training.Meet Drew – Sexy goofball or new best friend with benefits?One random event – The Mismatched Couple (MMF) (3 encounters each with 3 variations based on your choices)Q&A at night with Horcliff – If you can keep it in your pants long enough, you can ask HC some questions about strange events.As before, all story encounters change based on your past decisions. So each new story addition (if available to you) has different variations and different potential outcomes.
Photo galleries – kinda pointless since you can open the image folder, but if you like to be sure that you have explored all of the different paths in the game, the galleries are very helpfulAnd a bunch of stuff you cannot see but is behind the scenes
Even with this update, I am keeping the label “concept” on this game. This update makes the story wider but I don’t think it gets much deeper. That may disappoint some people but I have worked out many of the kinks with Trent, so the Jake and Tiffany paths will be easier to produce and then I can advance the plot.
I appreciate people who have given the game likes, you are too kind. The game embarrassingly rough and I welcome all feedback.

Developer Notes:


: Tips

What you can currently do in the game
Main Plotline:
Meet HorcliffTransformation: TrentSecond night with HCAM Practice – get to know AndrewAM Practice – get to know JoelSecond Transformation of TrentThird Transformation of TrentTransformation: JakeTalk with MateoSpecial Team BondingAn Outing with DeshawnMateo vs. JakeSide StoryLines
Mismatched CoupleFratboy In TroubleSunday’s with VictorGeneral Tips
Try to avoid refreshing your browser, it will clear the galleries (which is harmless but…)Trent and Jake are the active introduction choicesIn the morning, attend the “Special AM Practice.” until you are told there is no more content for Joel AND for DrewThe second time you practice with Victor, he will invite you to a picnic on Sunday afternoon. Because you might not want to click through an entire week to get to Sundays, a cheat link will appear in the caption when the Sunday events with Victor are available.Heads Up
The Side Stories and the main plot are different based on your choices, replay, and select different choices to get different experiences (for example, The Sunday Victor encounters have a total of 14 possible scenes based on your choices).You may need to have performed certain transformations (have certain stats) to full the different events or to see certain choices encounters, That can be difficult to do in this short release. In the story caption, you can turn on “cheat mode,” and you will automatically pass any stat checks in the game.Certain transformations do not impress Drew, be sure to visit him after different transformations for a different encounter.There is a new Multipath Page Views cheat in the story captions. If you set it to TRUE, on certain pages, you will be able to view alternate versions of the passage based on different decisions you could have made on previous pages. Try it out. I am still working on improving the interface to make it more intuitive. There are only a few pages that use this feature so you may play for some time before you see the feature.
Win: – – –

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 94

Demitransference: screenshots

Demitransference screenshot 0

Welcome to the adult world of meetings with your secret wishes. Get this from MEGA or other file hostings, unpack, easy install and play this interactive game.

Be a good man and take what you really want. And it will be you next second life, there will be a lot of interesting persons that you will met.​ Will you find love and happiness? Will you be a good hero? Will you abuse your power and authority? Start now!

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