Camp Game Hotfix v0.2.0

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Last update: 2019-11-11

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In (unnamed) Camp game you take the role of the leader of a mercenary camp. Your job is to manage the camp by sending your mercenaries into missions to do all kinds of jobs. Every job has its own challenges that are represented in the form of “traits” sending the right team to the job improves the chance of it being a success.
Successful missions bring money, information and maybe captured characters that can be trained, recruited or sold.
Failure can mean the end of a mercenary.​

Last update: : 2019-11-18
Released: : 2019-11-18
Creator (developer): : FMC – – –
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.0 hotfix
OS: Windows
Language: English

Text based, Management, Monster Girl, Fantasy, Trainer, Slave, Transformation,Futa/Trans

Install instructions: :

1. Extract and run “Camp game.exe”.

Whats new (last changes):

Version 0.2.0 Hotfix

– Now characters and prisoners are properly removed.
– Fixed bug where prisoners could be duplicated.
– Scout missions appear at the top of the mission list at start of game.
– Enabled windows resize.
– Added aim to rewards on missions and training.
– Added Race Change reward
– Reworked Mission success odds
– Reworked Mission traits/modifiers.(Now missions have slots and every slot can have their own set of good/bad traits/modifiers)
– Added race modifier to missions
– Added gender modifier to missions
– Reworked Mission UI.(Still needs a long way to go, I need feedback there)
– Daily notifications now keep the oldest day at the top
– Some rebalancing to missions cost and rewards
– Readjusted Size of Notification description
– Added new Missions.
– Added new Arts.

Version 0.1.9

– Bugfix: white background image in notifications.
– Added experience system
– Added leveling system
– Added leveling menu.
– Characters ready to level have a * in their name
– Added some mission description and images
– Change: Background images from reward now keep their normal aspect with a black background. I need to improve that even more and expand, but the solution is temporary.

Version 0.1.8

– Fixed bug where sometimes characters and missions cards would change order.
– Flavor text now works with $she, $her and automatically change to he/his when needed.
– Added Basic resources usage.
– Added gold cost to mission
– Added Game Over system
– Implemented Cheat menu
– Added Cheat button to add 1000 gold
– Added Cheat button to remove 1000 gold

Version 0.1.7

– Fixed bug when character had gender swapped.
– Added pronouns to description. Now it will dynamically change how it refers to a character based in his gender
– Added chance ability to lose characters in Mission
– Added cult investigation, temporarily, as permanent mission. (For testing purposes)
– Added 2 different rewards for the cult investigation mission.(yes losing a character is a reward)
– Added Descriptions to all outcomes of Cult investigation.
– Added placeholder images to all outcomes of cult investigation.

Version 0.1.6

– Main menu
– Discord/Patreon/Trello link
– Reward groups
– Image for rewards
– More missions
– Menus beautification pass.(At the moment is images from the web, in the future i will make/buy proper custom made.)

Developer Notes:

I am FMC a software developer that have been playing adult games for a long time. Since the very beginning i have been modding these games, albeit only to change what i wanted and only i saw the light of these versions, and for a long time i have been wanting to make an adult game.
Recently i discovered the game No Haven and while it’s a excellent game it’s made in RAGs a game engine that isn’t created for that kinda of game. And while the dev makes miracle in that engine the game still very, very, very clunky. And it managed to piss me off so much, the engine not the game or dev, that i decided that I will make a game inspired by it but less buggy, clunky and limited. Here is where this project was born.
So my goal is to make a game inspired by No Haven, Breeding Season and Strive for Power.
Because I am not exactly an artist or a writer I decided to make the game highly moddable so people can use the images and stories they want instead of my lame stories and stick figures.
The game still in a VERY early stage, but I decided to make people able to get into contact with it so if they can help me giving feedback in what and how things need to be made to make the game easier to mod.
Latest devblog entry:

I found a writer!
Everyone I would like to present Hameleona. The Writer for Unnamed camp game!
He already wrote some missions, please check out and say what you think. Your feedback is valuable for us! (And yes, I know, we will focus on spicing things up in the near future)
As for the game, now the missions have separated slots where traits work separately. So only the leader of a group needs to be smart while the grunts need to be strong. I didn’t have the time to use it widely but it’s applications can already be seen in some missions!
The system also works for modding, but sadly the training system still not use it. (It’s the goal for the next update)
I changed how the mission chance is calculated. The new system needs a lot of polish but it’s a step towards the feedback people gave. Expect improvements of it in the near future.
I enabled the window size controls. Keep in mind that the game is made with the 1280×720 as base, others ratios might cause issues.
Some rough rebalance in the mission rewards were done, I think now it should be easier to stay afloat in the game. And I added a couple of missions for free in the start of the game.
Sorry for the late release. A couple of bugs appeared at last minute. And if you find any bug or have any suggestion, as always, feel free to contact me here or in the discord.
Consider joining the discord to discuss the game and get early access to beta builds, not sure why you would want that they are all bugged but I appreciate early feedback.
In addition, if you like the game consider supporting us at the Patreon.
(We are still looking for an artist)
PS: Also if you find typos, grammatical errors and other wring problems – come and shout at me in Discord.


You can send your characters in missions by clicking in “Missions” then the zone you want and the mission you want.
In the mission menu you can see what traits are beneficial and what traits are a burden in the mission, clicking in the characters to the right automatically shows the odds of result of the mission.
Clicking in “End Day” advances time. At the moment all missions take 3 days to full.
All characters are paid daily, sending them into missions has a cost. If you don’t have enough money you cannot send them into missions.(it will change in the future)
If you reach -1000 of gold you get a game over.
Levels and traits
surviving a mission earn the character experience, after he has accumulated enough experience, at the moment 30, he can level up in the “characters” screen. There you can pick an extra trait for your character. All characters can adquire up to 2 traits by leveling up.(It’s possible to get traits in some missions)
You can sell or train your prisoners in the “dungeon” menu. At the moment you can only train prisoners to be recruited and all prisoners sells for the same price, but it will be changed in the future.
The general idea of this game is to be a “pokemon” game, where your goal is to make your dream team, with the races, traits and genders you want. Also you have to survive until them. In the future there will be “important” missions but at the moment these aren’t in place.


Look at the gifs below, they are a bit old but it will give you an idea of how it works.
Copy a mission/race/trait and edit as your liking, if you have any doubts hit me up on discord.(Right now things are always changing so i didn’t have time to make a proper documentation)
I recommend you to copy the “Cult investigation” mission.(It has most of the allowed functions for modding)
Added Races



Zone and missions

Camp Game Hotfix

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 29

Camp Game Hotfix: screenshots

Camp Game  Hotfix screenshot 0Camp Game  Hotfix screenshot 1Camp Game  Hotfix screenshot 2Camp Game  Hotfix screenshot 3Camp Game  Hotfix screenshot 4Camp Game  Hotfix screenshot 5Camp Game  Hotfix screenshot 6Camp Game  Hotfix screenshot 7Camp Game  Hotfix screenshot 8Camp Game  Hotfix screenshot 9Camp Game  Hotfix screenshot 10Camp Game  Hotfix screenshot 11

Enter an virtual world with your secret wishes. Free download from MEGA or other file hostings right now, unpack, easy install in a couple of minutes and play this adult game.

Be a good man and take what you really want. It will be not just simple robots, there will be a lot of familiar characters that you will met.​ What will you do? Will you be a good hero? Will you abuse your power and authority? Start now!

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