Blue Dreams v0.1

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Last update: 2021-05-27

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You’ve recently joined a new college far away from home due to a unsavory home life at the behest of your best friend and potential love interest Avanna “Blue”. 3 Months have passed since you’ve joined this new school, but you find your social life is lacking for the most part. However, that all changes one day when your “maybe girlfriend” starts becoming obsessed with the thoughts of traveling to new worlds and starts hanging out with a certain girl name Nilith…

: Gameplay

Blue Dreams is, (at the moment) a linear story focused game with dating sim elements. You will start off in your school and interact and get to know the various girls in it. You can date, hangout, talk and enjoy a few lewder moments here and there. For each girl you get to know, Nilith (the resident medium) will unlock a world for you to explore! And within those worlds will be new gameplay mechanics and situations you have to keep in mind in order to progress.
You will meet a ton of girls within your world hopping adventures, but in your normal daily life you will meet:
Avanna “Blue”
Your childhood friend and inspiration to pick up your life and move away to college. Shes a tad over hyper, loves to meme with every other breath, and is overall a really good friend. But recently, she seems interested in taking your relationship to the next level for some reason…
The foul mouthed easily annoyed reason for Blue’s sudden interest in alternate realities. Easily one of the raunchiest people you’ve ever met but has asked for yours and Blue’s help with traveling to different worlds.
The sausage meister of the school. Justine loves to tease and joke about sausages first and foremost and hates being teased and withheld sausages last and lattermost.
The Athletic girl with a bit of a inferiority complex. Nanaya is a fairly straight forward person and dislikes those who have agendas. Shes also the first target for Nilith’s “Travel to another Universe” plan. Due to certain recent events, shes extra weary of those around her…
The resident loli of the school who is convinced every guy who approaches her is trying to date her. Also swore to receive vengeance against Justine for a series of pranks pulled against her.
The Student Council President of the school that takes her work very seriously. Due to a understaffed council, decides (for you) that you will occasionally assist her. Is running a active investigation into the mysteries of the school…
The lewd secretary to Elaine. Although shes just as busy as Elaine with work, she always seems like her mind is off somewhere else…
The self proclaimed shop keeper of the school. Known by many students for her ability to obtain hard to get information with ease for some reason, she’s recently taken a interest in opening a school store, and decided YOU will be her best customer.

Last update: 2021-05-27
Released: 2021-05-12
Creator (developer): Lotusklu –
Censored: No
Version: 0.1
OS: Win, Linux
Language: English

2d game, adventure, dating sim, handjob,, harem male protagonist, masturbation, oral sex, school setting, vaginal sex,

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):


Developer Notes:

Blue Dreams is VERY EARLY IN DEVELOPMENT and has a few mechanics that need to be tweaked to ease gameplay flow. As of writing this, only one world has been implemented and has a modicum of content for it at the moment.
However in the future i will be expanding on various themes, kinks, and new worlds. As of now for every new update i will be adding content for each world which includes every character within the worlds.
At the moment, this is a passion project and with or without support I WILL BE COMPLETEING THE MAIN STORY, but if you wish for this game to grow beyond that, see additional worlds and even a few other ideas i have in mind implemented, feel free to support the project.
With this early a build, i am looking for feed back on story flow, and gameplay progression!
Win/Linux: – – –
Blue Dreams

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 35

Blue Dreams: screenshots

Blue Dreams screenshot 0Blue Dreams screenshot 1Blue Dreams screenshot 2Blue Dreams screenshot 3Blue Dreams screenshot 4Blue Dreams screenshot 5Blue Dreams screenshot 6

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