Bitch Medicenter v1 Complete

Version:1 Complete
Demo version:No
Last update: 2020-10-13

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In a near future where body and mind alteration are the latest fad, customers of Bitch Medicenter often have very specific needs. Liz the physician and you, a nameless technician are here to fulfill those needs in the most depraved way possible. Through puzzles! And also through a machines capable of molding the human body like putty.​

Last update: 2020-10-13
Released: 2020-10-12
Creator (developer): NoodleJacuzzi – – – –
Censored: Partial
Version: v1 Complete
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

2DCG, Censored, Real Porn, Text Based, Anal Sex, BDSM, Big Ass, Big Tits, Cheating, Corruption, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Female Domination, Futa/Trans, Group Sex, Humiliation, Incest, Lesbian, Male Domination, Masturbation, Milf, Sex Toys, Sissification, Transformation, Trap, Urination, Puzzle, Monster Girl

Install instructions:

1. Extract from .rar file.
2. Run the included Bitch Medicenter.html file with your browser, preferably firefox/chrome.
OR (to download & play on android)
1. Extract from the .rar file
2. Move the entire game’s folder onto your phone
3. Using a file browser, navigate to to the game’s folder.
4. Run the included Bitch Medicenter Mobile.html file with your browser, preferably firefox/chrome.
OR (online play)
1. Use the online link
2. Play

Whats new (last changes):

v1 Release
– Game Added & Complete

Developer Notes:

Salutations, my name is NoodleJacuzzi. I’m the author of quite a few games now, such as Human Alteration App and Rainy DayZ, and today I present to you:
Bitch Medicenter!
Ranging from a frigid housewife to a prospective streamer, play a short series of puzzles and get some delicious lewds! Be sure to go into the “console settings” menu, where you can enable some hidden text-only scenes dealing with scenarios too specific for me to find images for. You can also remove dialogue thumbnails or even auto-skip the actual gameplay for those who don’t enjoy it. I hope you’ll enjoy a game that will respect your time.
This game uses primarily uses real porn images and gifs, and it covers a very wide variety of fetishes. Only a few censored images were used for the puzzles dealing with content that no real porn exists for, one for instance in the Dakota case involving a woman being modified into a male centaur, in addition to cameo scene references to other games which are already censored. Please note that every case has it’s own niche and fetishes, and those are disclaimed before every case. Do not feel like you need to play all of it, just play what you feel like playing, and I’d appreciate it if you could leave a review after. Whether you enjoy the game or not, thank you for playing!
You can play the game online or download it, it’s quite short too. Apologies if a scene you like is shorter than others, the length of each scene varies wildly. Doing a standalone release while developing other works is quite tough to manage, but hopefully you enjoy what you play.
For any scene involving 2d images (Jen, etc), the artists who drew them are the image names themselves. You can right click and view image, or go into the game’s files directly.
The game should be considered full, but please feel free to give feedback as you please. You can post here, leave a review, message me on discord, or leave a fullly anonymous suggestion here: (I respond to these every month on my free-to-view patreon)
Case ideas I didn’t have a chance to do will be saved for a sequel. The only exception will be if I’m commissioned to do another scene, as I may update the online version to house it until I do the sequel. If you’d like to write a case or a commercial for that by the way, please let me know!
If you do enjoy the game, you can find everything else I’ve ever made here on my master index here:
On one last note, this is a standalone release. Aside from typos and bugfixes this game is full. Partially because I think there should be more self-contained games in the porn world, and also because I’m already juggling multiple other ongoing games.

List of tags/fetishes per case:

Adirana Treatment A – Sensitivity Increase, Slutification, Mind Break
Adriana Treatment B – Bimbofication, Cheating Housewife, Gangbang (MMM on F)
Kylie Treatment A – Female Dick Growth, F to Dickgirl/Shemale, M to Sissy, Prostate Growth, Role Reversal
Kylie Treatment B – Female Domination, Strap-on, Chastity, Feminization
John Treatment A – Feminization, Male-to-Femboi, Rimming
John Treatment B – Genderswap/Male-to-Female, Solo F, Dildo
Danny Treatment A – Watersports, Piss-Drinking, Pheromones, Male Domination (implied)
Danny Treatment B – Watersports, Sissification, Anal Stimulation, Dildo
Lisa Treatment – Male Domination, Masculinity Enhancement, Pheromones, Milf, Mother-Son Incest
Marie Treatment – Fitness, Lesbian Sex, Lezdom
Mandy Treatment – Camgirl, Exhibitionism, Squirting, Solo F
Jen Treatment A – Dickgirl/Shemale, Horsecock, Excessive Cum
Jen Treatment B – Dickgirl/Shemale, Prostate Enhancement/Growth, Large Insertions, Anal Stimulation, Dildo
Jen Treatment C – Dickgirl/Shemale, CBT, Ball Growth, Masochism, Paddlin’
Jen Treatment D – Dickgirl/Shemale, Spontaneous Orgasm, Addictive Cum, Public, Condom Play
Dakota Treatment – Dickgirl/Shemale, F-to-M, Human-to-Centaur, Horsecock, HuStallion?
Daisy Treatment A – Catgirl, Shortstack, All-the-way-through, Anal, Large insertion, Threesome (MFF)
Daisy Treatment B – Catgirl, Aural Sex, Ear-fuck, Temporary Brain Drain


Q. How do I full stage X of [case]?
A. I actually don’t keep a solution to each case, though I have tested all of them. If you’re stuck and just want to full the case, the settings menu has a function that allows you to bypass any case.
Q. What are the cheat codes?
A. The names of my other games. Also “pool noodle” which unlocks two PSAs (although they are also unlocked by completing certain cases)
Q. Why are some scenes so short, while others are so long?
A. The text only cases are reposted from my Hentai Foundry account, and were written in an attempt to get some feedback on my writing style. Others are because I ran out of time or lacked inspiration. The wildfires near my home certainly also affected my ability to write too.
Q. Will there be more?
A. Not for this game. Maybe a commissioned scene or two, but due to the very clunky engine and all my other responsibilities I won’t come back to this aside from errors. A sequel is absolutely possible, although I think I’ve exhausted every way for a patient to wake up on the table.
Q. Can you include [fetish]?
A. In the sequel, probably. Some fetishes are quite hard for me to get into the right headspace though. I tried to do a nipple penetration scene, but just couldn’t figure out how to make it read well.
Q. How do I play?
A. You’ll need to extract the game first, then click the .html file to open it in a browser of your choice. To play the puzzle part, use the arrow keys or swipe to fuse blocks together. It’s basically a puzzle version of 2048, your goal is to get the highest score you can on each board.
Q. Wow, this is great! Have you written anything else?
A. Nobody would ask this, I know that’s you, me! But have the link to my master index anyways:
This contains an always-updated list of all my work. I specifically recommend Human Alteration App, as it overlaps thematically with this game.
Q. Something is broken!
A. Oh no! Please let me know immediately. I’m quite prone to making technical mistakes, sorry for any inconvenience!
Win: – – – –
Others: –
Bitch Medicenter

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 87

Bitch Medicenter: screenshots

Bitch Medicenter screenshot 0Bitch Medicenter screenshot 1Bitch Medicenter screenshot 2

Welcome to the adult world of meetings with your wishes. Get this from MEGA or other file hostings, unzip, easy install and play this adult game.

Try to be a good man and take what you want. And it will be not just simple robots, there will be a lot of familiar characters that you will met.​ Will you find love and happiness? Will you be a good hero? Will you user your power and authority? Try now!

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