Bending The Rules

Demo version:No
Last update: 2021-01-15

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Life is just started for you, you want to work hard to be able to put your hands on anything/anyone you want. With this kind of determination your pocket/bed will never be empty. With so many option what/who do you want to do first?​

Last update: 2021-01-13
Released: 2021-01-13
Creator (developer): AlmightySpoon
Censored: No
Version: Feature Showcase Version
OS: Windows
Language: English

Incest, Humor, Sandbox, Simulator, 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.


iwantincest – unlocks incest characters
cringe – ??? (works only after starting a new game for the first time)

Whats new (last changes):

Feature Showcase Version:

-Mom added as a test character, but to see her incest option needs to be unlocked with code.
-Mom can be found in the living room between 6:00 – 24:00.
-Holding ctrl will start skipping the dialogues.
-Pressing the middle mouse button hides the dialogues, needs to be cliked agen to continue.
-If you stay in her room when she goes to sleep you will be kicked out.
-Toilet peeking scene between 6:00 – 24:00, 70% chance to trigger. Frames changes while peeking and you can get caught if you stay too long.
-Getting caught while peeking lowers and talking with her ones per day increases her affection, affection have no usage at the moment.
-Working save system (if everything goes the way i want the save files will be compatible with the new versions).
-You can spend time on your phone.
-Traveling between locations takes time, it can be anything but 1 minute is the default right now.
-Background changes depending on the time.
-Event backgrounds affected by the time.
-5 easter egg added (or hidden feature? i dont yet know if they can be called easter eggs.)
-Right panel is for seeing characters around you, clicking on their picture starts interaction, it background’s color changes depending on the game background.
-Main Menu background hidden feature.
-Notifications appears in the top left corner whenever you gain/lose stat or gain item in the future updates.

Developer Notes:

Greetings F95ZONE! With a new game on a show, we have a lot to talk about! WARNING: Sometimes broken english and badly placed commas!
By only showing a feature showcase version its only fair from me, if i talk about the whole project, my plans and i answer some question.
So fasten your seatbellt and enjoy the ride!
Who are you?

Im a programmer who learnt Java in school then C#. I love coding, i love coding challanges and i want to be able to make anything with codes. Im learning unity for a year now and i think im finally ready to start developing a game. Im kind of a maximalist and i believe the quality is in the details. I really enjoy to make easter eggs and unique features. English is not my first language, but you will see that im using it pretty well…….most of the time. Talking is not much of a difficulty for me, but writing is different, that i still need to get use to.

Why starting with feature showcase version?

I have a few reason, but maybe most important one is that i want to give the community a chance to be able to affect the development from the very beginning. I see lot of games that end up abandoned and i dont want the same fate for my game. As a beginner developer i need to be realistic, i will make mistakes, but if i listen to the feedbacks and work together with this awesome community i believe i can accomplish something really amazing.

Little details on tags.

As stated in the rules i tried to only add tags that is already in the game, tell me if i missed any. Right now only one easter egg contains animation and its only a low frame rate one, but thats not a standart animation in the game, the adult ones will contains much more frame like a video. At the moment im writing this im still thinking about the perspective i want to work with, its possible i will only use first person view, but i dont want to affect the animations negativly with that. We will see.

What motivates you?

Im big fan of the game called Undertale (maybe too big) and Hentai High School+, i want to fill my game with unique features, hidden easter eggs (If you think there could be something there, most likely there is or there will be) and lot of complex(maybe only from coding side) game mechanics.

What is your goal?

To make the greatest sandbox experience possible. I want the player to be able to play the game the way they want. No paywall, everything will be free, you will get access to porn content early on in the game and even if you are a player who only play for the porn then the cheat menu that i will add later on will help you get easly what you want. If possible i would make a gameplay heavy game because im not really experienced with story writing, but this project strongly depends on player feedbacks and even if i already have lot of plan, if the community want to drive the development diferent way then i will accomplish their wish.

Why arent you using 3d background like in most games with koikatsu assets?

The game would look so much better im sure, but the sandbox experience would be more limited too. In some point of the development i want to think about using random generation as an option for players when starting a new game and thats only possible with this kind of backgrounds.

Why are you using Unity?

Building up a dialogue system in unity is harder and everything, but it gives me a chance to make anything i want, Ren’Py in other hand would only hold me back. I want to get use to unity as much as possible to be able to make 3D games in the future.

What’s coming next? (spoiler)

I want to rework the whole npc system and give them proper AI also want to make the buildings be able to handle their presence, like they are in the same building as you so now you can peek on them on the toilet. If everything goes well i will be able to give the player the chance to change their routine in the later updates. It wont be too much gameplay added in the next update, but for me there will be a lot of coding (that i love ). Few thing needs to be implemented together with the AI, like a map to see their position and a diary to see their routines. Thats a very important part of the game that will work together with lot of other system so i need to plan ahead a lot. Oh and anything can be changed if requested, even the title (ofc i will make pole for that later on if that will happen), also mom will get a proper name.

What feature 100% will be in the game? (bigger spoiler)

Dont worry there are lot of things that im not talking about, so rest assured im not spoiling everything.
I want you to be able to upgrade your living space like buying new house, and what’s big house without a maid :3.
There will be travelling time when you use the fast traver in later versions and will be different depending on the distance between your position and your destination. Also want somekind of taxi system that calculates the cost of travel depending on distance.

Some undecided idea. (spoiler?)

When a game will be in a playable state we will need to decide if we want to add difficulty to the game, like doing too much negative thing can get you in truble or adding the worst thing you can think about……….taxes. Maybe some training element? Anyway its too early to talk about that, just wanted to show some possibilities.

What’s that wont be in the game?

No gay, Futa/Trans or trap content, i dont have problem with them, but wouldnt feel comfortable working with that. Ntr only if requested, will be optional tho.

When will the next update coming?

No idea. Im only using my free time to develop this game and as i said earlier im maximalist and quality is important to me.

Idea for next game?

Am i insane for thinking about my next game before finishing this one?…….maybe…..but i like to plan ahead, it would be cool to develop games for vr, and as maximalist as i am, im sure i would make it compatible for not vr users from the very beginning. Only reason im thinking about the next game is that i want to put this freedom in my game im currently working on into a 3D world.

Some thought on the current version.

As you can see im not really a designer and for that reason im not too satisfied with the menu design, so that will change later. The other thing i have problem is the character image quality. The images are high resulation but still pixelated on different monitor, so im sure its a unity setting i need to change, but im still figuring it out. The incest setting might be get an update in the future, like setting up your relation with your family yourself, that way i can dodge a patreon ban and dont need to hide content.

Bending The Rules

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 79

Bending The Rules: screenshots

Bending The Rules screenshot 0Bending The Rules screenshot 1Bending The Rules screenshot 2

Enter an virtual world with your wishes. Get this from MEGA or other file hostings right now, unpack, easy install in a couple of minutes and play this adult game.

Be a smart man and take what you want. And it will be not just simple robots, there will be a lot of familiar characters that you’re totally gonna like.​ What will you do? Will you be a good hero? Will you user your power and authority? Start now!

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